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   Chapter 6 Anger

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 3602

Updated: 2020-05-26 00:22

In the VIP private room of the LM Bar, a tall figure appeared. Along with him were Roy, Frank and Jim.

Nathan was sitting on the sofa alone and pouring wine into his mouth, his handsome and cold image had already disappeared, and what he was thinking about was the scene of him and Delilah.

After a while, Nathan finally put down his glass and shouted at Roy, who was sitting on the sofa, "Roy, go and call some barmaids over."

Hearing this, Roy was obviously stunned. How could his boss ask him to call some barmaids over?

Frank and Jim were surprised, too. "Is this their boss? How could he do that?

Although Roy was surprised, he did as what he was told. He raised his hand and called over the head barmaid of the LM Bar, and asked her to help find several barmaids.

After a while, several girls came in the room with their sweet laughter.

Nathan raised his head casually and looked at the barmaids standing in front of him. He reached out and pulled over the one who was nearest to him. Then he pushed the other barmaids aside and just threw them into the arms of Roy and the other two persons.

At this moment, the barmaid was sitting on the legs of Nathan and trying to attract his attention.

Then Nathan turned over and took the initiative.

"HMM... Mr. Nathan... " The barmaid made pleasant sounds from time to time, tried to stimulate Nathan. And she took advantage of the opportunity to get close to Nathan.

Suddenly, Delilah's figure flashed through Nathan's mind.

But the barmaid's mouth fell on Nathan's cheek, and she even wanted to kiss him.

Frowning in disgust, Nathan leaned back to prevent the woman from doing it. At this moment, he thought of Delilah. She was a fresh and sweet girl, and he liked her very much. But when facing other women exce

pt her, he felt that they were so dirty.

He pushed the woman in his arms to the ground, "Ouch..." The woman screamed and then raised her head. Looking at the gloomy handsome face of Nathan, she said in an aggrieved tone, "Mr. Nathan, why are you so fierce all of a sudden? It hurts! "

"Shut up!" With a roar of anger from Nathan, the whole VIP private room suddenly became silent. "How dare you touch me? Do you want to die?"

"I... I, I don't know. I just want to make you happy. I... I thought you'd like this. "The woman burst into tears.

Seeing her like this, Nathan felt even more annoyed. He didn't like the woman who always cried. It was really disgusting!

"Get out!" Nathan roared.

In an instant, those barmaids fled the VIP room as fast as they could, as if they wanted to escape from the control of a devil.

The three men, Frank, Jim and Roy, looked at each other in bewilderment. They were about to persuade Nathan, but he cast a cold glance at them and said, "You all get out of here, too!"

"Okay, okay, boss, don't be angry. We're leaving now!" Frank tried his best to appease Nathan. Then he stood up from the sofa and ran out with Jim and Roy.

In an instant, there was only Nathan left in the VIP private room. His tall and strong body fell into the sofa dejectedly, and the petite figure flashed in his mind again. He knew his own feeling for her, but for so many years, he thought that he could only stay by her side as her brother. However, why did he become more and more reluctant to let her go? And why was it more and more difficult to control his own heart?

He knew that she was drunk tonight, so she said those words. But it seemed that he was longing for something in his heart. He really hoped that he was in her heart, but was this possible?

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