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   Chapter 5 Grievance

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 1920

Updated: 2020-05-26 00:12

As soon as Nathan lay down, Delilah leaned towards him and rubbed her head against his chest. After a while, she said, "Nay, you smell so good."

"Well, Lilah, go to sleep." Nathan held her petite body to stop her from moving.

However, Delilah's soft body twisted more fiercely in his arms. "No, I can't fall asleep." Delilah puckered her red lips and blushed. She looked more charming when she was drunk.

However, for Nathan, his heart beat faster. He seemed to like the feeling of being kissed by her very much, which made him want to respond to her.

Thinking of this, Nathan did this, too.

"Nay, I love you..."

Delilah's words pulled Nathan back to reality. He couldn't help blaming himself for what he was doing. How could he treat Lilah like this when she was drunk?

Besides, how could he...

Was he crazy? Why was he so uncontrollable just now that he almost did something to hurt her.

"Nay, what's wrong with you?" Delilah sat u

p and leaned on the shoulder of Nathan. She didn't understand why he suddenly stopped?

Nathan turned around and looked at Delilah, who looked innocent, and he was afraid that he would do something to hurt her again. "I'm sorry, Lilah. I just..."

What happened to him just now? He was kissing her. And she liked this very much. Why did he say "sorry"? Was it because he didn't like her?

"Nay, why? I really love you so much." Delilah threw herself into the arms of Nathan, showing her aggrieved face.

Nathan's face was taut, perhaps he wanted her, but... How could he hurt her when she was drunk!

"Lilah, I have something to deal with. You should go to bed now." Then Nathan pushed Delilah away, jumped off the bed and left without looking back.

In an instant, there was only Delilah left in the big room. Tears fell uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes. Was she really drunk? Why was her heart so painful when being refused by him?!

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