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   Chapter 1 Prelude

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5609

Updated: 2020-05-25 00:02

The LC Garden was brightly lit. In fact, it was like a magnificent palace, wafting off its unique charm into the dark night.

From time to time, a woman's moan came out from the master bedroom located on the second floor. The sound was like knives, skewering themselves deeper into another woman's heart as she stood motionless outside of the master bedroom. Her heart was cold as tears fell down her cheeks.

It turned out the beautiful dream she once thought of was nothing more than a nightmare. The man didn't love her at all. All his sweet words turned out to be nothing but lies. Now that he had gotten her, he abandoned her for another woman.

But even if the betrayal was right on her face, she still continued to believe that his midnight escapades weren't real. He wasn't serious with them. The only person he really loved was just her, Delilah An.

A mocking smile bloomed on her lips. "You're a fool to believe that he even loved you," she snapped at herself. "Don't be fooled by his lies anymore. You can't compete with his game. You'll never win."

Although the place she lived in looked like a magnificent castle, but in her eyes, all she could see was a dungeon with high ceilings, planning to trap her in forever. He was the one who had trapped her here.

Delilah An gritted her teeth. Maybe she could live a happier life if she could escape from his treacherous claws.

However, just as she was about to turn around, a violent curse came from the master bedroom. It was soon followed by a string of profanities. "Useless shit! Get out of here right now!"

She knew who the voice belonged to. Delilah An had thought that the enchanting and sexy woman would at least lift his spirits up, but in the end, he kicked her out.

Delilah An stopped. Was there hope for her yet?

"What are you looking at? Do you think you're better than me? Aren't you also unable to win him back?" The woman who had just exited the bedroom glared at Delilah An with narrowed eyes.

Delilah's heart ached at the woman's words. Although what she said was extremely hurtful, it was the truth.

"Why are you standing here?" A cold voice came from behind Delilah. In an instant, her whole body trembled as her heart was filled with conflicting emotions. Did he really have to speak to her in this manner?

He was like a monster. Was all the softness and care he had shown her back then just an act? She didn't want to believe it, but it was right in her face. Who was she to deny the truth?

"I… The room felt stuffy, so I came out for a walk." Delilah turned around to look at the most fascinating face she had ever seen. She forced a smile into her lips.

Nathan Wan lazily leaned against the railings on the second floor as if he didn't hear her. "Lee!" he shouted.

There was no

response so he yelled out again, "Lee!"

The butler, Lee, heard that Nathan Wan had been yelling out his name like a mad man. Not knowing what had happened, he rushed up the second floor and saw that his master was leaning against the railings. He stammered, "Sir, are you looking for me?"

"The woman who served me tonight is useless. Send her away as you like. Don't let me see her again." While saying these words, Nathan Wan glanced at Delilah. It was obvious that he wanted her to hear these words.

Lee sighed in relief. It seemed that his master wasn't as angry as he had thought. He quickly bobbed his head respectfully. "Yes, sir. Right away."

Nathan Wan nodded. Seeing that Delilah still wasn't responding to his words, he gritted his teeth. He didn't know why, but he just wanted to get a reaction from her. "Remember to find me a better woman to serve me tomorrow night."

"Yes, sir," Lee said respectfully.

Nathan Wan didn't say anything more. He turned around and was about to go back to his room when he saw Delilah standing still in front of his doorway. "Why are you standing there? Are you planning to guard my door all night or do you just want to scare me to death?"

Hearing his cruel words, Delilah felt a lump rise up her throat as sadness welled up in her heart. "I'm sorry that I'm standing in your way," she apologized.

Delilah was about to go back to her room when Nathan grabbed her wrist. Without another word, he pulled her into his arms. His pleasant smell wafted into her nostrils, making her fall for him all over again.

"Since I can't find a woman tonight, then you'll do," he said casually as if he was just giving alms to the poor. Delilah gritted her teeth. He bent down, picked her up, and walked towards his bedroom. Then he closed the door behind him.

From the way he was holding her, it made her seem as if she was just another one of his subjects.

Her chest squeezed painfully that she couldn't even breathe. Her hands gripped the sheets as he lied on top of her.

"Damn it!" Seeing her so lifeless, Nathan clenched his fists. "You're lying beneath me and you're still thinking of another man!"

he roared, not giving her a chance to explain. "Who are you thinking about?"

"Nay, I didn't..." Delilah's heart was aching more than she could ever imagine. Her eyes glistened as she stared at the man who she thought she knew. His cold eyes stared down at her, making her tremble beneath him.

The way she called him struck a chord in his heart. He pinched her chin and forced her to look at him. Delilah wiggled in pain. "Nay, it hurts!"

"Hurts? Then why don't you listen to me? I've told you not to call me that again!" Nathan gritted his teeth.

Her screams broke through the night's silence, igniting his passion for her.

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