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   Chapter 136 Planned To Rob

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Damn it! How long did this old man want to harm the Jiang clan? What did they do wrong?

They had to go through such a disaster for no reason. Their happy family had turned into a family that could not be reunited.

"Mr. Sam, what do you want?" Emily's father was very aggressive to see Sam. He couldn't see him even if he wanted to. When he saw him today, he must argue with such an inhuman guy.

"I just want to achieve my goal. As long as your daughter can help me achieve my goal, I will not treat you unfairly."

"Don't you have a granddaughter yourself?"

"The problem is that my granddaughter was hurt badly. She can't complete this task at all. I will definitely find out the person who hurt her behind her back and dismember him into pieces. Who wants to fight against the An Family is really biting off more than he can chew."

Sam said angrily. The wrinkles on his face looked particularly ugly.

Emily threw herself into her mother's arms and felt inexplicably warm. There was nothing more important than seeing her family.

"I don't care about you. At the beginning, I thought you just asked my daughter to complete the abnormal engagement on behalf of the An Family, and we didn't have the ability to send her to a noble school, so it was not bad for us to seize this opportunity. In the meantime, we took a sum of money from your family and enjoyed a luxurious life. But now I understand that even if our family doesn't have money, I can't do this for you to sell my daughter. "

Emily's father's words sounded particularly powerful. With tears in her eyes, Emily looked at her father, thinking that he was the most handsome man in the world.

Even James couldn't compare with her father.

"That's right. We don't want to be separated from my daughter. As for the money we owe you, we will try to pay it back. So please let us go." Emily's mother held Emily and pleaded.

"Ha ha, your family is so simple. There is no such a simple thing in the world. Now no matter you want or not, you have to do as I say, because the lives of the three of you are all in my hands."

"Damn it!" After hearing what Sam said, Emily's father was very angry and wanted to punch him on the head.

But there were so many bodyguards carrying guns outside that he couldn't defeat them at all.

"You want to beat me up, don't you? Then come on. I'll be with you at any time. " Sam pointed at himself on the head and asked.

"Dad, calm down. It's okay. I'll hold on. Maybe his granddaughter will wake up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow." Emily comforted herself in this way, also comforting her parents' impetuous hearts.

She had made a preliminary plan with Justin. Whether it would work or not, she would try her best.

"But we have already felt sorry for you. It's our fault. Emi, we didn't give you a good material life, an

th your phone?"

"Because my phone is not with me."

"Then who is it with?"

"It's with my mommy. I saw them last night. The old man took me to see them last night, and then I left my phone with her."

"Aren't you afraid of being discovered?"

"No, I won't. I'm very careful. I'm an idiot on directions and I don't remember how to go there. As long as my phone is still with mommy, wherever mommy goes, we can locate her position."

"Well, not bad. You are not that stupid." Justin nodded at her. But he was worried that she might be monitored by Sam.

"I'm not stupid, okay? Are your men ready? Can we take action today? "

"Almost done. I also applied for a helicopter from my father. At that time, I will ask the helicopter to send you abroad directly. I will never let this guy find you again."

"That's great. I hope we can succeed today."

Emily was so excited that she could get rid of this nightmare and start a new life today.

Justin didn't tell her the danger of this matter, as long as she knew it was hopeful.

He didn't want his cold water to extinguish all her hopes.

He could bear the worst consequences.

"Okay, let's work together." Justin stretched out his slender hand to give her a high five.

It took Emily a long time to realize what he was going to do.

"What do you mean?"

"Emily, I find that you are still as stupid as before."

Justin took his hand back and began to eat breakfast with his head down.

"You should eat more. This one is delicious, and so is that one."

"The food you cooked is delicious. I can help myself. I like it very much."

"Well, then help yourself." It was obvious that Emily was trying to please Justin.

If he failed, would she be so sad?

The delicious food in his mouth began to become bitter and boring.

The plan of robbing people was arranged at late night tonight, when they were most tired.

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