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   Chapter 135 Peeking At Him For The Last Time

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9847

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"What if you step on me?"

"Your feet are not made of gold. It doesn't matter if I step on you."

"It hurts."

"A boy won't die if he hurts."

The two started to quarrel again and again, and they didn't notice it until the end of the dance.

The crowd looked at them strangely. Mr. Justin was so happy dancing with Miss Lisa. Wasn't he afraid that his girlfriend would be unhappy?

The engagement ceremony finally came to an end. Everyone went back to their own home.

Emily left the villa of the Qiao Family with Justin reluctantly.

She went back to her own home in the suburb. There were a lot of food materials in the fridge. She had to spend the week here.

Justin couldn't accompany her every day. He would go back by himself in the evening.

Before going back, Emily made a table of delicious food for Justin, thanking him for taking her to the engagement ceremony today.

Justin looked at her with gratefulness, "Emi, can I not go back tonight?"

"No, you can't. You just like to stay at my house and eat." Emily refused ruthlessly.

"Emi, you are so cruel. I am so sad." While eating the food in his bowl, Justin was happy, but his heart sank when he heard what Emily said.

"It's improper for a man to be intimate with a woman. We can't be like what we were when we were children anymore."

"But can I sleep in your guest room?"

"Aren't you afraid that I will call your parents?"

"Ahem, why do you have to do this to me? It's too cruel." Justin put the last piece of meat into his mouth, pouted and threw the bowl and chopsticks heavily on the table.

"Good Jay, you have to be obedient. I'll buy you some candies later."


"Whatever. I want to wash the dishes and go to bed. You should go back now."

"I will come here early tomorrow to meet you."

"Okay, I'll wait for you."

After seeing Justin off, Emily rushed into the room and changed into the most beautiful dress she thought. Then she combed her hair smoothly. The long straight hair and the floral dress were simple and fresh.

It was her style.

Then she wore a cap, a mask and sunglasses, armed to the teeth, and went out.

Where was she going?

Only she herself knew that she must succeed in tomorrow's plan, but she still missed James. She was so cheap.

She knew that this guy must be guarding the real lady of the An Family in the hospital at the moment.

She just wanted to take a risk to take a look at him secretly.

She took a taxi to the downtown hospital.

She came to the VIP ward where Shirley was, which was surrounded by a large group of bodyguards.

Emily scratched her scalp and didn't know how to get in. Oh, my god, even a fly couldn't fly in.

How could she look at James?

Even if she could take a look at him from a distance.

Why didn't these damn bodyguards leave? They even blocked the window so tightly.

Suddenly, a good idea came to her mind. Emily walked to the end of the c

rting death? What if he finds out? "

"You still have a clear estimation of yourself." Sam shut up again.

In fact, Emily had already cursed the old man's eighteen generations. He was old, unpredictable and weird.

It was the most shameless thing to threaten her with her parents.

"I'm not stupid. Don't look down upon me."

Soon, the car drove out of the city and came to a Seaview suburb, with its back against the sea and the air was good.

This was not an apartment. It was a high-end Seaview House.

Did Sam suddenly have conscience that he was so kind to her parents?

But ever since Emily walked in, she found that no matter how luxurious this place was, it was just a golden cage.

Five bodyguards with guns were standing outside the carved irony gate which was two meters high. It was not until the car entered that Emily found that this place was particularly hidden and there were many guards guarding it.

It was a different place from where Justin found. It turned out that the old man had changed the place to hide her parents.

She held her breath and looked around as much as possible, remembering something that was obvious to her. If she asked Justin to send someone to save her parents, she must make a precise plan.

The car stopped after entering the yard. Luke went to park the car. Sam took her to the living room with a crutch.

As soon as Emily entered the luxurious living room, she saw her father sitting on the sofa, reading magazines and newspapers, and her mother watching TV.

She caught up with them in three or two steps. She ran into their arms and said, "Dad, mom, I'm back. Do you miss me?"

"Emi, is it really you? Emi, am I right, old man? " Her mother asked her husband in disbelief, holding Emily in her arms excitedly.

"Mommy, it's me. You are not dreaming."

"Emi, why are you here?" Her father looked at her cautiously. Then he stood up and looked at Sam who came in slowly from behind.

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