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   Chapter 134 Gambling And Dancing

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With a smile on her lips, Emily stood beside Lisa. It was strange that she couldn't greet her friend.

She'd better keep her mouth shut and dare not speak easily.

But even if she didn't say anything, it didn't mean that Lisa wouldn't take the initiative to speak.

"Hello, are you Justin's girlfriend?"

"Yes. Hello." Emily pretended to be serious.

"Why don't you take off the veil? Are you afraid that we will see your face?" Lisa always felt that this girl was so familiar and strange. She really wanted to uncover her veil to see what was going on.

"It's not that I don't want to take it off. I just came back from abroad and have an allergy. The red rashes on my face are horrible. I'm afraid that they will frighten you."

"I'm not afraid. Just let me have a look." Lisa reached out her hand to touch her hat fearlessly.

'Damn it, Lisa, don't be so cruel. My plan will be ruined as soon as you uncover my veil. No way. '

"Miss Lisa, it's very impolite of you to do this. Do you want me to be angry? We don't know each other yet. Can you do this to me?" Lisa was shocked by Emily's cold face.

She didn't dare to make trouble again. If she irritated Justin's girlfriend, he would definitely eat her.

"The last one, I give up my choice."

"What?" Justin gave up, which meant that one of the five people was missing, and their chances of winning were reduced by one level.

"I want to be the last one." Connie raised her hand. It was not easy for James to refuse. After all, the Mo Family was one of the four biggest families.

Justin didn't have any objection, and finally the four girls were selected.

The competition began. The guests watched it carefully and quietly.

The servant began to mess up the whole new poker card.

Then he started dealing. The trump card was invalid. 10 represented zero, and the three cards of JQK represented one, two and three.

The two people with three cards in their hands accumulated the points. If the points were more than twenty-one, they would restart from zero. If not, the one with lower points would be the loser. If the last digit was the same as any of the four girls' points present, he would dance with this girl.

After the rules were set, everyone understood the rules of the game.

The game began.

A servant began to distribute cards, and everyone had cards in their hands.

First of all, they made it public one by one.

First of all, James showed one of his cards.

"The first card is club 6."

"Mr. Justin's first card is a diamond 7." Justin's first card was a little bigger, but he didn't need to worry about it. It depended on the cards behind it. If it was more than twenty-one points, it would restart from zero.

"Your Highness, your second card is a heart 9."

Wow, if His Highness drew another 6, it would be the biggest twenty-one. He would definitely win.

If it was smaller than six or bigger than six, it would be dangerous. Of course if it was more than six, the chances of losing were many times greater.

Pursing his lips, James didn't say anything. He believed in his luck.

your boyfriend and cursing me in your heart?" James guessed casually.

"Why do you think so?"

"Because your eyes are always on the direction of Justin."

"Whatever you think." Emily was speechless. She was looking at the other side and thinking about what would happen next.

"I haven't seen you before. How long have you been with that guy?"

"Oh? Your Highness, you also like gossip? "

"Well, it's your honor that I gossip you, Miss Emily. Since you don't want to talk about it, it doesn't matter. I will definitely win the next round."

"Why are you so sure?"

"I have an intuition,"

The dance was over.

Everyone returned to their seats, but it was a pity that Justin had achieved his goal and didn't want to play anymore.

The servant changed a new set of cards and continued the game.

This time, the perfect twenty-one points were thrown out by James, while Justin's points were only a little bit smaller than his. He lost with twenty points.

This particularly fierce competition came to an end. Everyone was looking forward to whose points would be the same as Justin's.

Fiona had 5, and Emily had 6, both of them missed the chance to dance with Justin.

Connie had 2, leaving only Lisa.

Lisa looked at the card in her hand nervously. She was looking forward to a card of 10. As long as it was 10, it would be the same as Justin's.

"Miss Lisa, you got 10 points."

Damn it! There was such a coincidence in the world. How could her points be the same with Justin's?


Everyone applauded and welcomed this strange group to dance together.

Taking a glance at Lisa, Justin asked impatiently, "Why is it you?"

"Why not me? What's wrong with me? Even if you don't want to dance with me, you have to. "

"Fine. I'm not afraid of you."

The two people awkwardly made a pose and began to dance.

The hand on Lisa's waist was a little nervous, oozing sweat.

Lisa didn't dare to move, and her beautiful dance became a little stiff.

"Watch out your feet."

"I've noticed it. I didn't step on you."

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