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   Chapter 133 The Red Wine Ruined The Dress

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9948

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

She knew the girl splashed the red wine on her dress on purpose, but she didn't dare to say anything more.

"Ouch, your dress is dirty. You must have returned to your original shape, the ugly duckling." The girl's sarcastic words continued to shock her fragile heart.

Tears were hovering in her eyes, but she didn't dare to cry. She was afraid that her tears would make her brother Jim worried. She had to survive in this complicated upper circle.

"Let's go. Don't mind such a bumpkin." They raised their heads arrogantly and wanted to escape after doing something bad.

"Wait!" Henry came over with a glass of wine in his hand.

He had watched the whole process with his own eyes. The reason why he didn't make a move early was that he wanted to see how the girl would react. He didn't expect her to be so weak and let them bully her.

He couldn't stand it anymore. Since she was brought here by Jim, she could be considered as his friend, he had the obligation to help.

Seeing Mr. Henry, the girls stared at him in surprise and astonishment, covering their mouths.

The cold prince charming was standing in front of them, they were so excited.

With red faces, they were waiting nervously for the icy mountain to approach them. It would be a rare luck if Henry, who had never been close to women, could take a fancy to them.

"Mr. Henry, are you calling us?" A coquettish voice came through, and the shyness on her face was completely different from the arrogant and domineering look just now.

Henry snorted, "Your dress is very beautiful."

"Really? I specially asked a French designer to design for me. Thank you for your praise, Mr. Henry. "

"But it will be more beautiful if I add a few red roses." Henry held the glass and poured the red liquid on the girl's beige dress lightly.

"Ah!" The expensive dress was ruined to a horrible extent. She stamped her feet in pain, but dared not say a word.

"Well, it seems to be more beautiful." Henry touched his chin and nodded.

The girl was rendered speechless and didn't dare to say anything more.

"Who wants to add color to her dress?"

"Well, Mr. Henry, we have something else to do, so we have to leave now." The girls ran away.

After watching them leave, Henry turned to Rita.

"Go and change your dress."

"Thank you. Are you Henry? Mr. Henry?" In the past few days, Rita had a certain understanding of the royal family and the four clans, and she had heard of this ice berg in the school.

"Well, your name is Rita?"

"Yes, you can call me Rita." With tears in her eyes, she smiled happily, and her two little canine teeth were particularly cute. Plus the shallow dimples on her cheeks.

Everyone who had seen her smile was completely attracted by her bright smile.

"Okay, come with me." Henry didn't know if he was bewitched by this innocent smile. He didn't like meddling in other people's business at all but decided to help her to the end.

He led her to the Qia

Select five girls and each of them will be given a card. Each card will have a point smaller than twenty-one. Then, each of us will be given three cards. Whoever has a relatively small number of points, he can choose one of the five people with the same point to dance. If not, skip the round and play the next round. What do you think? "

"No problem." James was confident.

His was also good at playing card games.

Their gambling soon attracted most of the guests of the ceremony, and they swarmed in to watch.

The servants moved a long white table in, which was covered with a layer of golden tablecloth. They also put a new set of cards in the middle of the table.

There were two chairs on both sides of the table. One of the two people stood on one side, and the other stood on the other side. The audiences stood at the same side with the person they support.

As for the girls who would participate in the dance, they were selected by both Justin and James.

"Let me join you!" The girls raised their hands crazily. If they were chosen, they would have the chance to dance with His Highness or Mr. Justin. What a great honor.

"Your Highness, please choose two girls to join us."

Pursing his lips, James looked around but didn't see any satisfying girl.

"My brother James, I want to join you!" Fiona raised her hand actively, and there was no reason she couldn't join.

James nodded. She was in.

He looked around again. He fixed his eyes on Rita and suddenly looked away. This girl didn't know how to dance. Maybe she would make a fool of herself. He couldn't make her embarrass.

Then he pointed at Lisa.

Lisa stood out frankly. She didn't hate to join the game.

As Oliver's fiancee today, Jenny would not participate in this game. She wanted to show her fiance her respect.

"Then I'll choose. First of all, I choose my girlfriend." Justin pushed Emily out.

The crowd burst into an uproar. How dare Mr. Justin bet with his girlfriend?

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