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   Chapter 132 Attending The Engagement Ceremony

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"Your Highness, this represents that Miss Shirley's condition has improved. It may take some time for her to wake up." The doctor answered in a trembling voice.

With a punch on the soft quilt, James hated his incompetence.

"Young master, the wounds on your body also need to be properly treated." Murphy kindly reminded him.

But James didn't respond. Anger had been welling up in the ward, and the people inside didn't dare to breathe.

Two days later, the engagement ceremony of Oliver and Jenny was held, which was the second big news after the car accident of His Highness' fiancee.

The Qian Family was one of the four political giants and a famous family. The marriage with the rising financial giant, the Qiao Family, had attracted great attention.

Guests gathered. The garden behind the villa of the Qiao Family was very lively. The engagement ceremony was arranged outside. It was a sunny day. There was an arched pink rose door and a long red carpet in the garden.

On both sides were the seats wrapped in white lace. There was a champagne tower in the middle.

Guests kept swarming in.

Charles was dressed in a red suit, with his hair combed in a high and enchanting way. Behind him was Henry in a beige suit and Lisa in a black dress. The three arrived early.

"Hey! Do you think the Qiao Family looks down on us? The villa is so high. Why should we climb such high stairs? " Charles complained.

"You are complaining. We are already upstairs." Henry walked up with his head down.

"Ha ha, my brother Charles, are you getting old and can't climb anymore?" Lisa made fun of him and climbed up with light steps.

"Yes! I'm old now. Can you hold my hand? "

"No way! Take your time. I'll go in with my brother. "

Then the two of them from the Yun Family turned around and entered the garden.

"Hey, wait for me. How dare you bully me because I'm weak?" Charles tried his best to catch up with them.

The soothing music started, and the guests had arrived one after another. Jenny's white tassel dress was shining brightly, and her curly hair was rolled up to one side. She looked like a proud white swan.

On her neck, ears and hands, there were pieces of heart-shaped diamond jewelry designed by her recently. They were dazzling, novel and unique, which stole the limelight.

She held Oliver's arm tightly. Wearing a white suit, Oliver looked like a gentle prince charming with a faint smile on his face. No one could guess the hidden disappointment in his heart.

Knowing that Emily had a car accident and hadn't woken up yet, he almost rushed to see her on impulse and wanted to blurt out his true feelings.

However, he couldn't get rid of Jenny. If he went there, Jenny would be his enemy for the rest of her life and would never let Shirley wake up from the bed.

So today, he was still standing here. To finish the engagement.

Wearing a silver suit, Jackson appeared and sat on the family seat expressionlessly. The wounds on his face had disappeared, and he looked cold


Suddenly, a hand stopped her way. She was like a little elf lost in the forest.

"Pretty girl, you look cute. What's your relationship with His Highness?" Several arrogant and domineering girls stopped her. They were wearing sexy and enchanting clothes.

They were pretty, but they were just tacky women covered in rouge and powder. They could enter the rich and powerful family depending on their families' status and wealth.

"No, I'm not. I'm just a friend of my brother Jim."

"When did His Highness have a friend like you? I suspect that you have something to do with the accident of his fiancee. Do you want to replace her? Don't you see what you look like? Do you think you can cover up the dirt on your body by dressing like this? " The girl pushed her hard.

The imposing manner coming closer and closer made her unable to say a word.

"No, sister-in-law is my good friend. She is very kind to me. How can I hurt her?" Rita didn't expect that there would be such a vicious person in this luxurious world. It was so horrible.

"Hahaha, do you think we will believe it? Now His Highness has brought you everywhere and given you enough face, doesn't it mean that you have succeeded in getting the position? "

The girls' words were getting more and more unpleasant to hear.

Rita's self-esteem once challenged the lowest line.

"Oh, my god! You are going to cry. Don't pretend to be innocent. I have seen a lot of such tricks. I despise girls like you the most, bitch." The girl was completely ready to risk everything. Anyway, no one paid attention to them from this point of view.

No matter what happened, they were not involved. The girl in the lead held her arms and winked at the girl behind her.

Then, a girl swaggered over with a glass of red wine in her hand. When she walked up to Rita, she pretended to sprain her ankle by accident.


A glass of wine was spilled on Rita's white dress.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I sprained my ankle. It hurts."

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