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   Chapter 63 You Should Be Punished If You Didn't Behave Well

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9855

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"You bastard!" Emily was not worried about herself, but about getting the Lu Family involved. Since the first day she was kidnapped by the An Family, she was destined to be entangled with this boy. She couldn't escape.

Since she couldn't escape, then she wouldn't. Anyway, she was not afraid of anything. Why would she be afraid of James?

"Are you leaving with me or not?" James repeated it for the last time.

"I'm leaving. Jay, you must come to school tomorrow. It's a deal. You can go back now. Bye." Emily waved at Justin.

Standing still, Justin felt that he was particularly useless. He lost the courage to resist because of a threat from James.

James threw Emily into the car rudely. Then the car rushed to the Imperial Capital Square.

Murphy parked the car in the underground parking lot of the Emperor Building. Then, James dragged Emily into the elevator and went to the 88th floor.

"Aren't you going back to the Royal Palace today?" Emily didn't understand why he brought her here.

"It doesn't matter. Kitten, it's pet time now. Please be professional and be a good pet."

"Well, not a problem. Meow, meow." Emily imitated the real cat in a naughty way.

Her voice made James soft and limp. He found that this girl really had the potential to be a pet.

"Good girl, my kitten. Come with me. " James led her into the 88th floor apartment.

After James walked past, the door opened automatically.

"Kitten, go and get me a cup of coffee."

"Yes, master." After casting a disgruntled glance at him, Emily dragged her steps to the coffee machine to prepare coffee for him.

'Wait a minute. What kind of flavor does he like to drink? Sugar or milk?

Emily professionally took out the pet law, and there was one rule, "The master doesn't like spicy food or sweet food."

'Haha, that's great. If that's the case, then I have to make something he doesn't like.'

After grinding the coffee beans, a cup of strong coffee came out. With a snicker, Emily picked up the spoon and added at least 10 spoons of white sugar into the coffee.

"Wow, it's so sweet." With a cup of fragrant and delicious coffee in her hand, Emily kept praising.

She walked to the sofa in the living room and found that James was looking at something on the iPad.

"Master, here's your coffee."

Taking the coffee and taking a sip, James frowned.

Emily had slipped into the toilet like a gust of wind. She didn't want to be sprayed to the Pacific Ocean by this devil's roar.

"Shirley, get out!" James walked to the bathroom and kicked the door hard.

Emily covered her ears and shouted, "I'm using the toilet. What are you doing?"

"I'm counting to three. Get out right now."

"I can't come out. I'm pooping." Emily roared.

She couldn't lose her momentum in front of him.

"If you don't come out, I will directly kick the door and come in. I believe I have the ability." James had lifted one of his feet.


f liquid medicine in his hand, Murphy came over and applied medicine to her wound.

"It doesn't matter. You can apply it. I'm not afraid of pain." Emily looked at him calmly.

James was a little surprised. This girl was really different from those delicate Ladies. She was scalded, but she said it didn't hurt. She really had a personality.

When the medicine was applied to the scalded blisters, her heart ached, like thousands of ants biting her nerves.

How could it hurt so much? Emily frowned and turned her face away. She bit her lips hard.

James held her in his arms and comforted her, "It won't hurt anymore soon. Hold on, kitten."

Lying in his strong chest, Emily felt warm and comfortable. A faint fragrance spread into her nose, which was so comfortable and so fragrant.

Emily suddenly didn't want to leave his arms.

After a long time, she was still enjoying the embrace and greedy for the good smell of his body. She didn't know that the medicine had already been applied. After the bandage was wrapped, Murphy had left.

Looking at the kitten lying quietly in his arms and not wanting to leave, James raised his sexy thin lips and said nothing.

Finally, Emily came to her senses and poked her head out of his arms. "What? Is it done? "

"It's done long ago, you careless girl." James let go of her and stretched his sore arms. As a Royal Highness, it was the first time that he had suffered so much. His muscles were sore after holding on for so long. Should he let the kitten massage his shoulders and arms now?

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that her dress was dirty and hadn't been changed yet.

"I've told you I'm not a careless girl." Emily stamped her feet in anger and repeated it again.

"It doesn't matter if you are or not. I like to call you that. Come with me." Then James dragged her into his room.

James took out a beautiful and exquisite box from the table and handed it to her.

"What's this?"

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