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   Chapter 52 I Liked Kissing The Most

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9571

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James smiled faintly and said, "Come in."

Only then the person who knocked on the door dared to come in. A pink figure crawled into the arms of James and fell on him. She said to him in a soft voice, "My brother James, I miss you so much. I wanted to have lunch with you. But you were not in the classroom. And you didn't answer my phone. You are so bad."

Holding the little girl in his arms, James smoothed her curly hair lovingly and said, "Fio, I went to have lunch at that time, and my phone was muted all the time. You know that I don't like to be disturbed when I'm sleeping. Can you do it, Fio?"

"Yes, of course. I'm the best. I will always listen to you. Brother, in order to reward me, can you kiss me?" Fiona lay in his arms. Her cute face approached him, and she could feel his body temperature.

She always felt that she was the happiest person in the world. She could always be so close to her brother James, and she could also act like a spoiled child and kiss James.

"Well, Fio, since you are so obedient, I will reward you with a kiss." Without hesitation, James kissed her tender face.

Fiona touched her face and smiled happily.

"My brother James, can you kiss my lips? I think it will be sweeter." Fiona pouted and continued shamelessly.

"Well, Fio, who told you that kissing lips is sweeter?"

"Well, it seems to be written on the book, right?" Fiona thought for a while and answered.

"Fio, you're so naughty. You shouldn't read that kind of deceiving book. Kissing is not necessarily sweet. Kissing a lover is the only way. You're my dearest sister, so you can't kiss my lips. Your kiss is for your future husband." James tried his best to comfort her. Indeed, from childhood to adulthood, he would reward her with kisses, but he only kissed her forehead and face, not her lips.

"But...... My husband will be James in the future. No one else can do that. " Said Fiona stubbornly, with a touch of firmness in her big round eyes.

"I'm your brother. I can't marry you. Besides, I have a fiancée now." How could James not understand what was on her mind, but he couldn't hurt her. She was the most innocent and lovely girl, the most sweet angel in his life, and she shouldn't be touched by him.

"You are not my biological brother. It doesn't matter." Fiona said angrily.

Her tender face turned pale, and her eyes were red. Her pitiful appearance made him feel a little distressed.

"Fio, I only treat you as my sister. You are my dearest sister all my life." What James said made Fiona's mood drop to the bottom.

'Sister, sister, who wants to be your sister?' The voice of resentment was shouting in her heart, but she did not dare to vent it. She could only push all the hatred to another person.

That person was Emily.

"Brother James, it's because of Shirley, right? You like her, right?" Fiona raised

lass A.

"Hahaha, hahaha!" The loud laughter surrounded the playground.

The bookworm, who was trying to cut the tree, turned his head with embarrassment and didn't dare to look at them.

"A weirdo like you in Class A? I told you to count, not to cut. " The PE teacher was so angry that he rushed over in three steps, dragging the boy back from the tree.

"Teacher, you told me to cut off." The young man felt wronged.

"Damn you! Go to the playground and run one hundred laps before you come back. Don't be the class representative. You don't even know how to count off."

Huh? One hundred laps? There must be something wrong. Really?

With her eyes wide open, Emily looked at Lisa. Lisa shrugged and stuck out her tongue naughtily.

As expected, it was really as horrible as the legend said.

The unlucky nerd left with his head down and ran into the playground. On the second day, he left Holy Sakura. It was said that he had transferred to another school.

From then on, it became a joke among the students, and the title of the devil PE teacher spread all over the school.

"What are you guys looking at? Run ten laps. I'll pick out the best candidate from the class as the representative later."

Hearing what the teacher said, the students all sighed. They didn't want to be the class representative. They would be tortured to death.


As soon as the harsh voice came out, it was like a trainer holding a long whip and driving these little horses into the playground.

They were working hard.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, they were jogging on the red track in neat white sportswear.

The students were sweating in the hot weather.

There was no doubt that James, Charles and Jackson left the running. They stood aside, crossed their arms and watched them running on the playground leisurely.

"What a bad teacher! I don't want to run. I'm so tired."

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