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   Chapter 51 Had Lunch Together

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Jackson raised his eyes slowly and met with Emily's dark eyes.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Emily immediately looked away and didn't look at him anymore. What if he misunderstood that she was as crazy as those fangirls? She would lose face.

She picked up a pen and drew on the draft paper on the table to ease her embarrassment.

After the class ended at noon, Justin dragged Emily to the student canteen for lunch.

Lisa enthusiastically came over and wanted to invite Oliver to lunch, but she was afraid of being refused by him, so she had to drag Emily with her.

"Shirl, let's have lunch together. It's more lively. What do you think, Oliver?" Lisa held Emily's hand and looked at them.

"Well, I want to eat with my Emi." Justin was a little unhappy. He didn't want Emi to waste her time with others.

"Well, I don't want to eat with you, either" Lisa was also annoyed by Justin.

"That's good. Mr. Oliver, please take this girl away. I'm going to have lunch with my Emi." With a strong sense of possessiveness, Justin left the two superfluous people behind.

Emily was a little confused. Wasn't it lively and interesting for them to have lunch together?

"Jay, let them join us. Let's go. I'm starving to death." Emily pushed the three of them forward.

Charles stood up and pointed at the sleeping James.

"Sister-in-law, don't you wake Jim up to have lunch with you? How can you leave him and go with others? "

"I'm sorry. Let that pig sleep. If I wake him up, he might eat me." Emily stuck out her tongue helplessly and left.

Charles shook his head and said, "Jim, I have to feel sorry for you. Your fiancée is going to run away with others, but you are still sleeping here."

"Brother Charles, do you want to have lunch? Let me treat you to lunch. " Connie came over at the right time and invited him warmly.

"Connie, you can eat first. I have to wait for Jim." Charles refused politely with a bright smile.

"What's wrong with His Highness? Is he still sleeping? Do you want to wake him up? " Connie approached James and observed his flawless face carefully, revealing a happy expression.

In fact, Connie was very obsessed with Prince James at the beginning, but she couldn't get close to James. Although the children of the four political giants and James of the royal family had the same age and grown up together, she still couldn't get close to him. Therefore, she decisively gave up chasing after the impossible Prince James, and chose the approachable, gentle and humorous Charles.

"Well, you know what? If someone interrupts his sleep halfway, the person will die miserably."

"Sure enough, His Highness has always been like this. We are used to it. By the way, what do you want to eat, Charles? Do you need me to bring you anything back?"

"No, thanks. I'll go by myself later. Connie, good girl. You can go to eat first. Bye." Charles waved his hand.

Connie nodded disappointedly, turned around and

ce! " Lisa came over to mediate the dispute. Oliver and Justin stood aside and didn't say anything. The four figures on the Mr. Holy Sakura list gathered here at the same time, which caused a lot of attention in the restaurant.

"Lisa, girl, since when you have such a good relationship with my sister-in-law, Mr. Oliver and Mr. Justin?" Charles smiled curiously. His frivolous tone did not seem to be questioning.

"Shirl and I have known each other for a long time. Besides, we are classmates. Isn't it normal for us to get close?"

"That's right. We are friends in the same class. How about the six of us go together next time?"

"Of course you can. Welcome." Lisa agreed happily, but the two speakers didn't realize that the atmosphere had come to the freezing point.

Without saying a word, James looked at Emily. His sharp eyes was like a knife, stabbing into the middle of Emily's eyebrows.

"Well, since you are full, let's go. Don't block here." Seeing that everyone was getting more and more embarrassed, Charles simply picked up a topic and brought them out of the restaurant.

He really wanted to see Prince James being jealous, but to everyone's disappointment, James didn't say a word all the time except taking one more look at Emily.

After lunch, James and Charles arrived at the luxury apartment of the school. There were four rooms in the apartment, which were specially provided for the four young masters of Holy Sakura. Now the four rooms were still there to provide a good rest environment for the four most distinguished young masters of the school.

After entering the room, Murphy was already waiting there. Sitting on the cozy white sofa, James was playing with a pen in his hand.

"Murphy, help me check this brat, Justin."

"Yes, young master. I'll do it right away." As soon as Murphy received the order, he went out. James touched the corner of his mouth and smiled.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

There was a knock on the door.

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