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   Chapter 50 Mr. Jackson Came Back To Holy Sakura

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10232

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When she dragged him downstairs, the bell of the third class rang.

When they approached the classroom, they were shocked by the strangely lively atmosphere in the classroom. There were some bold people at the door of the classroom, who were unwilling to go back to their classes. Although this happened every day, why were there so many people today?

Emily and Justin arrived at the door of the classroom. Someone immediately stepped aside and made way for her. As the fiancée of His Highness, she was treated differently. No matter how unhappy they were, they couldn't block her way.

When she walked in, she was really frightened by the young man standing on the platform.

'Isn't this Jackson whom I just met last night?'

"Welcome back, Mr. Jackson!" The girls shouted at the same time.

Hearing the discussion of the people next to her, Emily could vaguely understand that Mr. Jackson had studied in the United States for two years since he was a second grade junior high student. He just came back at this time.

Jackson, who hadn't shown up for two years, was even more enchanting. His soft features and pale skin made him look like a vampire in the dark night, but his evil look were surprisingly beautiful.

Seeing that Emily just came in, Jackson went straight to her.

The crowd burst into an uproar. How could Mr. Jackson know Prince James' fiancée? Moreover, he didn't attend the engagement ceremony two days ago. Perhaps he hadn't come back yet.

"We meet again, my friend!" Jackson reached out his slender and good-looking hand to Emily as a friendly declaration.

"Jackson, are you coming to Class A, too?" This was the first sentence that came out of Emily's mouth.

"Of course, am I not qualified to come here?" Jackson smiled.

"Of course not. Welcome." Emily hurriedly reached out her hand and held his hand tightly, but she felt bad in her heart.

Was Class A going to be a hot topic? All the handsome men gathered here.

As Jackson came back to school, the latest Mr. Holy Sakura list refreshed again.

Jackson and Charles were both ranked second. This was the first time that such a situation had happened.

Lisa ran over cheerfully and said, "Brother Jackson, you're back. That's great! "

"Lisa, girl, you've grown taller." Jackson gently touched her head.

"Ha ha, it's been two years. Why don't you say that I'm more beautiful?" Lisa puckered her lips with dissatisfaction.

"Ha ha, of course you are more beautiful." Jackson was not a talkative or active man, but he was not as cold as an iceberg like Henry. Lisa liked him very much.

"By the way, my brother Jackson, where are you going to sit?" Lisa looked around the classroom and found that it was almost full.

Lowering his eyes, Jackson looked around the classroom carefully and found that there was still a large space in the last row on the left of the classroom.

He was very satisfied with this own space.

"I'll sit here." After saying that, two strong men came in with a new set of table and chair.

After he settled down, he s

James, I like you. Are you willing to be my boyfriend?"

"Do you think it possible?" James' cold refusal made Alison seriously ill in the rain that day.

Jackson begged James to take a look at her, but he refused coldly. At last, Jackson found that Alison had a rare disease that could not be cured at all, and the power controlled by the Ou Family could definitely save Alison.

But Jackson had begged His Majesty and James all the time, and none of them was willing to save Alison.

"James, will you save Alison or not?" Jackson grabbed James' collar in the rain and asked.

"It's not that I don't want to save her, but that I can't. There is a magic spell on this girl that can kill people. If it is removed, it will be a disaster to the world."

"No way! She is just a little girl. She is so kind and cute, but you! I see through you, James. "

At that time, the power of Jackson was limited, and he couldn't control the condition of Alison at all. He asked Charles and Henry to help him persuade James, but he got refused.

At last, Alison had to go abroad for treatment.

Jackson followed her, only to see the doctor covered her with a white cloth. After Alison's death, his secret first love was buried in the grave.

After that, Jackson left Sakura Kingdom for no reason. He just made an excuse to study abroad, and only a few of them knew the truth.

No one knew what Jackson had experienced in the past two years. After he came back, he seemed to be more melancholy and quiet than before, but he deliberately made people feel that he had not changed much.

After the story, Emily couldn't help but look at the boy at her age. She didn't expect that he had experienced so much. She actually felt pity for him.

"Sister-in-law, in fact, we really wanted to help him save her at that time, but that girl really couldn't be saved." Charles sighed helplessly.

"Well, you guys can solve your own problems by yourselves. I believe you can deal with him, ha ha." Emily patted on Charles's shoulder confidently.

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