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   Chapter 43 Lifelong Pet Contract

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10104

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"Shameless, you are shameless."

"Will you scold me for anything else?" James stood up and asked Murphy to come in from outside to give her a document.

"What's this?" Emily picked up the document suspiciously.

"You can see by yourself."

"A lifelong pet contract." Looking at these words of shame, Emily was burning with anger. This guy was endless. She had completed her obligation to him and got the one million dollars she deserved. He still wanted her to be his maid and slave for the rest of her life. What a day dream!

"Are you satisfied with the terms? Sign it if you are satisfied. "

With a whoosh, James threw a pen to Emily.

"Satisfied? I'm not satisfied, I won't sign it." With a quick glance, Emily threw the pen and document back to James.

It was absolutely impossible to make her surrender.

"It seems that I have made a deal with you before which was valid until the engagement day was over. I have given you the money, but you ran away with it. You broke the contract and should pay me two million dollars as the penalty." James smiled mischievously.

"Fuck you! Two million dollars? I won't even give you two hundred dollars!" Emily pouted and didn't compromise.

"Really? It's said that your good friend, Justin, is very rich. How about I ask him to pay for you? " Emily stood up and was about to go out when she heard this.

"Wait a minute." Emily stopped him.

"Anything else to discuss?" As expected, she stopped.

"You can't ask him for money. He is my friend. He has no right to pay for me."

"Do you have the money yourself? If it doesn't work, I can ask your grandpa for it. "

"You..." Emily was speechless. She would never live easy for the rest of her life if she owed someone money, and this guy seemed to be sure to give her a hard time. If she didn't compromise now, she would suffer more in the future.

"I will check that contract again."

Emily took the contract from Murphy. It didn't ask her to pay liquidated damages, but she had to be prepared for James' orders at any time. In the daytime, she needed to be his fiancée. In the evening, she should be his good kitten. She would get one hundred thousand dollars pocket money every month, which was the best treatment.

Humph, since he liked her serving him so much, she would let him taste what he wanted. After all, the kitten she played was not an ordinary kitten.

After signing the document, Emily cried in her heart for a while. Damn it! She shamelessly sold her freedom to the devil again.

'Emily, you are doomed.'

With a satisfied smile, James looked at her signature on the contract. In addition, he added his name beside it. His vigorous and powerful signature was very beautiful, much more graceful than her elegant handwriting. She took a glance at it accidentally.

"Don't envy my handwriting. It's more beautiful than your earthworms." James handed the document to Murphy.

"Well, who envies you? Your handwriting is like earthworms. It's so ugly. Mine is so neat and beautif

n Family. She couldn't start before everyone arrived.

She put the chopsticks back and sat on the chair, waiting for the arrogant young master to come down quickly.

James stood on the second floor and watched her for a long time. Seeing her act so lovely, he hid the smile on his face and went downstairs.

"Your Highness, please enjoy your meal." The servants waiting on both sides said in unison.

Step by step, James came over and sat opposite her and picked up the chopsticks without saying a word.

Emily took the opportunity to start and enjoy the delicious food with chopsticks.

She didn't care Prince James was sitting opposite her and all the servants standing aside were looking at her. It was none of their business whether she ate happily or not.

"Well, Murphy, please sit down and eat with us. How poor is it to stand there and watch us eat! You must be so hungry." While eating, Emily felt something was wrong. She saw the poor Murphy standing straight aside and watching them eat.

Emily had never treated Murphy as an outsider, so she thought he should be more suitable to be a friend.

"Miss Shirley, I can't have dinner with the masters at the same table." Murphy kindly reminded her.

"But you are James' friend. Look at you, James. Don't you have any humanity? You are eating happily and don't care about the life or death of Murphy. I feel that he is hungry. I seem to hear his stomach screaming." Emily was not afraid of death and revealed all the truth.

Putting down the bowl and chopsticks, Emily raised her head and looked at Murphy, "Are you hungry? Would you like to eat with us? "

"No, no. Young master, Miss Shirley, please enjoy your meal. I'm not feeling well. I need to go to the bathroom first." With an embarrassed face, Murphy fled in dejection. He was really going to be killed by Miss Shirley. There was no such rule. Even if the young master treated him differently from others, he would never have the chance to have meal with him at the same table.

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