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   Chapter 42 Found By Him

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9478

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James' tall figure walked in from the outer hall to the emperor and the queen.

"Father, mother, we haven't found her yet. I heard from Lisa that she was kidnapped."

"What? Who was it? How dare he touched the royal family? " The emperor asked.

"I haven't found it out yet. I'm wondering if I should try the last method." They all understood what James meant. This ability was the power of the royal blood inheritance. The person who could control this ability could locate and track the person he was looking for.

He believed that he would soon find out the specific location of Emily.

"James, are you sure?" The queen was a little worried. If their son couldn't do it, the couple would definitely do it themselves.

"Father, mother, I'm not a child anymore. Please trust me. I'll bring her back tomorrow." James turned around confidently.

"Brother James, where are you going to find her?" Fiona asked knowingly.

"I don't know yet, but I'll know later." James explained gently.

"Could you don't find her back? Don't you like living with me?" Fiona grabbed his sleeve, her round eyes were sparkling. She was so pitiful that nobody could refuse.

"I just want to find her. I won't live with her. Don't worry, Fio." James stroked her soft hair.

"Brother James, you are the best. I love you, MUA." No one could refuse the gift of Fiona. After taking her kiss, James walked out of the palace resolutely.

After getting in Murphy's car, James returned to the 88th floor of the Emperor Building, waiting quietly for his energy to come at ten o'clock.

After ten past ten, James was using his special power. The blood red cherry blossom in his forehead above the middle of his eyebrows was shining like flames.

Closing his eyes gently, James activated his spiritual sense and opened an electronic screen like vision.

Using his perception of all kinds of behavior characteristics of Emily in his heart, his spiritual sense took him to the searching position, and the location showed.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

At the suburban resort.

The picture became clearer and clearer. That damn girl was wearing a nightgown comfortably and leaning against an open-air chair to enjoy the moonlight.

"Damn you, Shirley, I underestimated you. How could you escape to there in such a short time?" James didn't have time to care about how she escaped. Maybe this girl also had some unknown power, so she could escape from everyone's sight and went so far alone.

"Young master, should we pick up Miss Shirley tonight or tomorrow?" Murphy asked, standing aside.

"Well, let her be complacent for a night. I'll teach her a lesson tomorrow." With a rare smile on his face, James looked relieved. Then he turned around and went to bed.

As soon as he entered the room, he received a call from Charles.

"Jim, do you need

can only belong to me. Do you hear me? " Looking at her cherry mouth, James announced overbearingly.

"Well, only nuts are looking forward to kissing you. Kissing you is simply looking for trouble. Besides, I can kiss whoever I want. It's none of your business." Emily continued to contradict him fearlessly.

"How dare you?" James snapped.

"Why not? I'll find a boy and force a kiss on him one day." Although Emily blurted it out, she completely infuriated James.

He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her chattering lips again to cover her annoying mouth. Why all the other girls didn't dare to disobey him, except her?


Before she could react in a hurry, her lips were covered again. Emily wanted to cry but had no tears. This guy was really domineering and unreasonable. How could she be so unlucky to have this guy?

"If you still don't listen to me, I will keep kissing until you are obedient." In the middle of the kiss, James said.

Emily was so angry that she raised her left hand and wanted to slap him, but it was caught by his hand as soon as she raised it. So she raised her right hand, but it was also caught right away. There was no way to do it. He was like a nimble cheetah, and he could always react in advance.

"If you keep doing this, I won't stop." James enjoyed the kiss with her. He hoped the time could go on and see what kind of record they could break.

Ten minutes later, Emily was almost out of breath and her face turned red.

James finally let go of her.

"Are you an idiot? Don't you breathe when you kiss? "

"Do you think everyone is as good at kissing as you? No one can defeat you." Emily deliberately satirized him for being experienced in love for so many years.

"You... But after tasting so much flavors, I still think you are the most delicious. " James said seriously, which made Emily's face even redder.

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