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   Chapter 39 The Return Of The Princess

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10144

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What was more amazing about this pair of rings was that they had the alien spirit. Once a boy or a girl wore the ring, the ring would automatically adjust according to the size of the fingers and could not be removed or thrown away. Only when the girl gave birth to the new successor of the royal family, the ring would automatically fall off, and then the queen would keep it. When it came to her son's engagement ceremony or wedding ceremony, she would take it out and hand it over to the next queen.

The emperor and the queen had held back the secret of the ring. They hadn't told them yet. As long as they wore it, they couldn't take it off. They would tell them when the time came.

In a daze, Emily's left ring finger was stuffed into the ring. When she was about to react, it was too late. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't pull it out. She didn't believe that her hand would be so fat, but she failed with all the efforts.

"My fiancée, isn't it your turn to wear it for me?" James held the other ring in front of her.

"Okay." Under great pressure, Emily completed this simple but not simple engagement ceremony. In the witness of all the people in the country, their engagement was successful.

"Ha ha, I think everyone must be hungry. Let's toast for the success of the engagement ceremony." The emperor walked over and held up a glass of wine, inviting all the people present to raise their glasses to celebrate this exciting moment.

"Well, let's have lunch. The ball will be held after lunch. Everyone can move to the banquet hall. We have prepared a place for guests to rest and dance. Hope you have a good time today." The queen walked down gracefully, dragging her long dress, holding a glass of wine and chatting with the ministers.

At the same time, at the Capital International Airport of Sakura Kingdom, a woman in high heels, a light yellow princess dress and a sunhat rushed out of the exit, followed by a pair of bodyguards in black.

The girl was less than 1.6 meter tall. She was petite and slim, with a porcelain doll like cute face. She ran so fast that she was almost out of breath.

Seeing that those people were about to catch up, she took off her high heels, stepped on the floor and ran wildly on the road.

"Help! Help! Bad guys are chasing after me! Stop them!"

The girl shouted and ran to the exit with a smile. She was excited. It was hard to tell whether she was happy or nervous.

She hailed a taxi and told the driver quickly, "Sir, hurry up. Go to the royal sacred palace."

"What?" The driver was frightened. Today was the engagement ceremony, and not everyone could go in casually. Today it was heavily guarded. The driver lowered his head and took a good look at the cute girl. When he looked carefully, he was startled and immediately started the car.

Oh boy, he was so lucky today that even the little princess got in his car. He had to show off in the future and let more people take his car, because his car had even been taken by the Royal Princess, Fio

irst time that everyone had seen such a gentle James. It turned out that His Highness had such a side. If they could be the girl who was wiped tears by him, they would have no regrets in their lives.

Emily sat aside and watched the drama with a faint smile. It turned out that James' another weakness was his beloved little princess, Fiona.

After crying, he still comforted her for a long time, as if the little princess was the real protagonist of the whole engagement ceremony. After a long time, Fiona poked her head out of the arms of James and looked at Emily in the white dress.

"Are you the girl who is engaged to James?" Fiona's soft voice came from the other side.

Emily nodded and showed a polite smile. Anyway, she would be his fiancée only for today. After today, she would not exist and it didn't matter if they misunderstood her.

"Oh!" The little girl only replied with an "oh" and then stopped asking. Maybe she was not suitable to ask anything in such an occasion.

Later, the emperor and the queen took her to a special place for lunch in the Royal Palace, and they also took her to talk about her experience abroad.

Then Emily followed James to sit down at Lisa's table and ate something casually.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the engagement party began.

The guests who attended the engagement ceremony rushed into the banquet hall in high spirits.

Red and pink roses were arranged in circles, which served the banquet hall. In the middle of the hall, there was a champagne tower like a small mountain. On the left long table, there were all kinds of cakes and desserts, fruits, etc. No wonder it was a royal banquet, which was extraordinary. Servants and waiters carried trays to provide wine and food for the guests at any time.

The banquet hall was located in the west of the old castle, which was much larger than expected. Feeling a little annoyed, Emily dragged Justin directly to the side of the fence, where she could enjoy the unique Royal scenery with the wind.

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