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   Chapter 38 Royal Engagement Ceremony

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9744

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"Well, I admit you win. In fact, he loves to sleep so much, because he is a pig!" Said Charles after he raised her interest. The answer he gave was actually to amuse her.

Emily was so angry that she rolled her eyes at him and ignored him.

At noon, Emily still went into the student canteen with Justin, talking and laughing. They came out together after lunch.

On the way, there were still discussions among students, but Emily didn't care.

Two days passed peacefully, and finally the engagement party of the royal family was held. This engagement party was so luxurious that no family could match it.

On the street, soldiers in red and yellow were neatly dressed and armed. They stood solemnly on both sides of the road, cheering for His Highness's engagement party.

All the people in the streets and alleys were singing and dancing for this huge banquet. It was so lively.

24 Rolls-Royce phantoms lined up in a long line to pick up the well-dressed Emily from the An Family to the royal palace.

The ceremony would be held there. The people who would attend the engagement party today were all influential figures in Sakura Kingdom. Ordinary people were not qualified to enter the palace.

Sitting in the car, Emily was uneasy, tightly clenching the white skirt corner.

Looking around, she felt that there were two ways to screw up the engagement ceremony. One was that a group of killers appeared on the way and kidnapped her, and the other was that James disappeared.

She looked around, hoping that James had used the first method, but she was too simple. The royal engagement was heavily guarded, and the soldiers standing on both sides of the road were trustworthy. They really wore real guns to fight against the terrorists who should prevent the engagement ceremony. They would make sure the ceremony completed successfully.

The speed of the car was not fast and not slow. The crowd outside wanted to see her with their own eyes, but they were all controlled by the soldiers with guns.

"Let us see our future queen."


Soon, the car passed through the city from the An Family and gradually entered the Royal Castle. The most luxurious and grand buildings in Sakura Kingdom stood in the golden sun.

On each side of the pink rose road, there was a row of knights riding high horses. Each of them was playing a kind of instruments like suona horn and flute on the big horse.

They walked towards the palace step by step, singing and dancing.

When they arrived at the banquet hall of the palace, it was almost noon. The long red carpet spread all the way to the door of the banquet hall, and then extended from outside to inside. The guests had arrived one after another, and they were ready for lunch. The banquet could not really start until their fiancée arrived.

Wearing a pure black tuxedo with a black bow knot on the white shirt, James fixed his h

he future daughter-in-law of the royal family. What do you think you should call us?" The queen reminded the dull Emily happily.

"Well, father, mother."

"That's right. That's right. Good girl. James, take the family rings we prepared for you. They are passed down from the ancestors of the Ou Family. It's said that the heir of the royal family will be happy for a lifetime with them. Come on, let us give them to you today." The queen enthusiastically picked up a delicate jewelry box from the table and put it in the James' hand.

"James, remember that you are not alone in the future. Take good care of your Shirl, okay?" The emperor said sincerely, as if teaching him at the most important intersection in his life as a father.

"Yes, father. I will do it." James nodded.

In her heart, Emily despised him for once. How could you pretend? Let's see how long you can pretend. Since you don't want to mess up the engagement, you are just a coward. It's better for her to do it herself. Anyway, everyone thinks that the engagement is only for Shirley of the An Family, and it has nothing to do with herself.

As soon as the brocade box was opened, they saw a pair of shining ruby rings.

Everyone stood up excitedly, wanting to see the style of the royal ancestral treasure. They were really beautiful.

The ring was in the shape of a sakura. The red gem, like a flower condensed from blood, was inlaid on it. The boy's was thicker and just a little masculine than the girl's.

"Wow, they are so beautiful." Everyone who saw the rings marveled at the luxury and beauty of the rings.

Only the emperor and the queen knew the story behind the rings. It was said that since the ancestors of the Ou Family founded Sakura Kingdom, in order to protect the peace and everlasting love of the whole Sakura Kingdom, the ancestors condensed their blood to make this pair of rings, which was passed down from generation to generation.

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