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   Chapter 37 Subdue His Highness

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9586

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This time, James didn't skip classes. Soon, someone from the department of property management replaced a new set of table and chair. He sat at the desk and continued to play cool. He looked at the blackboard, but didn't listen to anything.

On the contrary, Emily and Justin, who were sitting next to him, both disappeared and skipped classes.

Lisa was thrilled to see the stunned look on James' face. It was the happiest thing for her to see His Highness, who had always been flattered by others, get upset.

She immediately hid under the table, took out her cell phone and sent a message.

"Ha ha, Shirley, you are really good at making him obedient. You don't know how angry Prince James is now."

At the same time, Emily, who was tasting desserts with Justin in the dessert store, picked up the phone and read the message, then she burst out laughing.

"Hahaha, it's so funny."

"What's so funny?" Justin leaned over with great interest.

"It's just that arrogant guy was dumbfounded by us." Emily covered her mouth and kept laughing. She had never felt that dessert was so sweet like this moment.

"That guy deserves it. He bullied you all the time. You are mine. Only I can bully you." Justin declared directly that he had the right to take over Emily.

"Who says I'm yours? No one can bully me. Only I can bully others, okay?" Emily raised her little fist and showed off in front of Justin.

"I can easily wrap up your small fist."

"But you can't do anything. You can be knocked down to the ground within three moves. Are you sure you can bully me?" Obviously, Emily didn't agree with what Justin said. Although Justin was very tall, he was also very skinny, just like a bamboo pole. Such a skinny man still wanted to bully her. Every time she heard him say that, she would laugh at him.

"I'm taller and stronger than you. It's hard to say." Justin didn't get frustrated.

"Don't forget that you have been bullied by me for more than ten years. Just admit it. Don't struggle with your life." Emily reached out her hand and messed up Justin's neat and handsome hair into a big chicken nest.

"Emi, you're dead meat." Looking at his hair which had turned into a chicken nest, Justin crazily reached his long arm and put his hand on her head. If her black curly hair was messed up by him, she would definitely be laughed to death.

"Please don't. Help! Please let go of me, Jay!" The weak point of Emily was that she was not as tall as this guy. They were at the same height when she was in primary school. She didn't expect that this guy would rush to the sky aggressively as soon as she went to junior high school. She had been staying at the height of 165 cm and couldn't grow up. She was destined to be a short girl. So she had to beg for mercy as long as he gently touched her hair and pulled her hair.

"Please let you go? Well,

me your notes yet. Look at me. I've been confused these days."

"Hey, you can still remember this. I thought you didn't need it anymore. Here you are." Oliver handed her an exquisite notebook.

"Hello, Mr. Oliver. Why are you so nice to my sister-in-law?" Charles looked at Oliver with hostility.

"Don't worry, Mr. Charles. Miss Shirley and I are just good friends. We are not as impure as you think." Oliver still smiled, but his eyes automatically shifted to the book.

"That's right. Charles, don't always make trouble here, okay? You are so annoying to make things up. " Emily covered her ears and began to copy the notes she borrowed from Oliver.

"Okay, okay. Since you hate me so much, I'd better shut up." Charles closed his mouth.

Sure enough, on the other side, James began to sleep again as if no one was around.

"Hey, sister-in-law. Do you know why Jim likes to sleep so much?" Charles was so bored. He couldn't stand it anymore and started to talk to her.

"Why?" Emily suddenly became interested. Since she knew this guy, as long as he had come to the class, he would have slept most of the time on the table. He had never listened to a single class.

"I'll tell you when you treat me to lunch."

"Then I don't want to know." Emily stuck out her tongue and continued to copy the notes. Occasionally she raised her head to listen to the teacher.

"Sister-in-law, why are you so mean? You don't even want to buy me a meal." Charles complained in disappointment.

"It's not a matter of buying a meal. It depends on who I buy it for." The arrogant guy was almost driven mad by Emily's sharp answer.

"What's wrong with me? Why don't you buy a meal for such a handsome man like me? " Charles was so angry that he tried to save his image in her heart. It seemed that his sister-in-law had always disliked him.

"I don't care. And I'm not interested." Emily said arrogantly.

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