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   Chapter 34 An Accident While Riding

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9386

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"Oh, okay. Please don't ride too far, My Lady." Luke asked the servant to take out a small pink bike from the garage. It seemed that it was specially designed for her. It was small, convenient and cute.

"Wow, what a lovely bike! It must be comfortable to ride it." Emily easily got on the bike and rushed out.

She used to go to school by bike every day in junior high school. Now she hadn't ridden for a long time. It felt good to ride fast and freely.

"Wow, it's so cool!" Emily opened her arms. The cool and natural breeze blew into her sleeves. The ivy climbs on both sides of the road were exuberant, and there was a long and narrow green path.

Every time she went home by car, she couldn't have a good look at this road. It was so beautiful. Why didn't she know it before?

Emily closed her eyes and opened her arms to welcome the cool breeze.

"Plump --"

"Brake --"

Emily fell to the ground with her bike. Just 30 centimeters away from her, a silver Lamborghini stopped in time to prevent the accident from happening.

"Ouch! My butt." Emily just fell on the green grass nearby. Fortunately, her arms and knees were not grazed. Otherwise, on the engagement day, if she showed up with wounds, she would definitely be laughed to death.

Someone got off the car immediately. It was a driver.

"Miss, are you okay?" The driver was very modest, not as domineering as a real rich man.

"I'm fine." Emily glanced at the car curiously and found a young man in white shirt sitting on the back seat. His dazzling silver hair was slightly long and comfortably stuck to his head. His bangs were well trimmed and just reached his eyebrows, and his thick curly eyelashes were fluttering. He had fair skin, handsome features and elegant temperament.

He pursed his red thin lips tightly, lowered his eyes and read carefully, not affected by the sudden brake just now.

The most special thing was that there was a lachrymal mole at the corner of his left eye, which was not too big or too small. The mole was just right dotted there, making him look feminine and melancholy.

"Miss, miss..." The driver called her several times before she came back to her senses.

"Miss, if you are alright, we'll leave. Please don't close your eyes and don't let go of the handle bar when you ride in the future, okay?" The driver was a middle-aged man about thirty or forty years old. He kindly and sincerely persuaded her.

Hearing this, she felt a little guilty and embarrassed. Just now, she wanted to break out into curses. "Who the hell is this reckless boy? How dare he make me fall?"

Now, seeing their attitude, could she still speak it out?

"Oh, I see. Bye. " Emily picked up her bike and started to ride again. The exquisite luxury car passed by her side. The young man with a lachryma

y, my brother is Henry, I don't know if you know him. Charles of the Su Family and Connie of the Mo Family are also studying in Holy Sakura. Don't you know that? " Lisa looked at her curiously. It was impossible. Everyone in Holy Sakura knew such big shots. She was the Lady of the An Family, how could she not know?

"I didn't know. But from now on I do. Your brother is Henry? I saw him yesterday. Is he a cold handsome man?" Asked Emily.

"Ha ha, yes, I think my brother and I are not like each other at all. He is perfect in everything, good at study and handsome, but his personality is too cold and hard to approach. I am not good at study and everything, but my personality is good. Look at me, it's easy to get along with me, right?" Lisa praised her personality happily, which amused Emily. She covered her mouth and snickered. This girl's analysis was really right.

"Miss Lisa, you can be more narcissistic. I don't mind. " Emily said jokingly.

"Hey, it's not narcissism. It's the truth. By the way, as the Lady of the An Family, do you know who the four financial giants are? "

"Qiao, An, Lu, Mu."

"Oh, not bad. You know that. Do you know who the inheritors of the four financial giants are in our school?" Lisa added.

Emily didn't refuse. It was good for her to know more.

"Does Oliver count?"

"Of course, I want to tell you a secret, which I didn't tell anyone. I have been in love with Oliver for a long time. I fell in love with him since he appeared in our class, but he doesn't seem to have any feelings for me. Maybe he doesn't like a tomboy like me." Speaking of this, Lisa felt a little sad and disappointed.

Emily stopped the bike and found a huge lawn. The two people lay on it and began to chat.

"If you like him, be brave to pursue him. Don't give up. You will succeed one day." Emily held her hand and encouraged her.

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