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   Chapter 33 Meeting Parents To Discuss The Engagement

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9320

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"Welcome, Your Highness."

"Welcome, Lady."

At this time, they had already sat at the table. Although the emperor was younger than Sam, he sat on the main seat of the long table because of his noble identity. Sam sat on the right side of the table, and the queen sat on the left side. Everyone was wearing properly, and talking about something with decent smiles on their faces. They greeted James and Emily warmly when they saw them coming back together.

"Oh, my Shirl, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you so much. You are so beautiful today!" The queen took the initiative to leave her seat, walked over, held the hand of Emily, and took her to sit beside herself.

"Hello, auntie and uncle." Emily greeted them with a smile.

"Come on, sit on auntie's side. James, sit on grandpa, Sam's side."

After the family sat down, the servants began to serve the dishes one by one.

If Emily could enjoy the delicacies in the An Family every day, then today's meal was a feast full of delicacies.

The whole table was full of food. Staring at these delicious food, Emily couldn't help but drool.

She was totally attracted. Hairy crabs, braised shrimps, and so on.

She liked them so much.

"Your Majesty and queen, please enjoy. I'm sorry if I didn't take good care of you." The respectful and humble attitude of Sam surprised Emily. This arrogant and domineering old man didn't dare to shout in front of the emperor and the queen.

"It's already very good. It looks delicious. Don't be nervous." The emperor picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

Only when he started, people would dare to pick up their chopsticks to eat. Emily had been taught this etiquette, and she didn't dare to be presumptuous.

"Come on, Shirl. I'll get you a prawns."

"Thank you, auntie."

"And this one looks delicious too. Eat more. See how skinny you are. How can you give birth to a lot of babies for James in the future?"

"Puff..." Emily couldn't help spitting out the food that she dared to eat and coughed all the time.

"Are you okay, Shirl?" The queen immediately handed over a napkin and carefully wiped for her.

James handed her a glass of water silently.

With a grim face, Sam glared at her. She shouldn't have made a fool of herself in front of the noble emperor, the queen and His Highness. She spat out the food in her mouth. How disgusting and ill-bred she was.

Emily drank a lot of water and took a long time to recover.

"Ha ha, the queen has always been so stunning. I have to get used to you in the future." The emperor was not unhappy. Instead, he felt that this girl was very straightforward and honest.

"Yes, it's all aunt's fault. I said such words at the dinner table. We can talk about it in secret later. Now let's eat quietly."

itten these days and I will give it to you on time." James patted her head.

"That's more like it. Don't pat me on the head. I will be stupid." Emily pulled his hand away in disgust.

"Do you hate me to touch you so much?"


"What if I insist?" James obstinately approached her again, lowered his head and sucked the fragrance from her hair. A hand lightly touched her slender waist, and the corners of his mouth twitched playfully.

"You like to touch me, don't you? Then you can touch more. " With a gentle smile in her eyes, Emily looked at him, as if to melt in his gaze.

Suddenly, a foot in ten centimeter high heels stepped heavily on his shoes.

"Ouch --" It happened all of a sudden. James didn't expect that. He groaned in pain and glared at her angrily. "Damn you --"

"What? I didn't kick you in the dick, okay? Rogue!" Emily curled her lips. She was extremely happy to see him in such a pain.

"Are you a girl or not?" Enduring the pain, James bickered with her.

"Am I a girl? Don't you have eyes? Bye, I won't play with you." With a wave of her hand, Emily left arrogantly, which made James stamp his feet.

No girl dared to do this to him, except this audacious Emily.

After taking a few steps, Emily found that the dress she was wearing was too inconvenient, so she quickly went upstairs and changed into a something casual. She wore a white shirt, a pair of ultra short jeans, and a pair of canvas shoes with small floral prints. Her hair was loosened from the bun, and she wore a high ponytail, looking fresh and natural.

Getting rid of the shameless James, she felt free and happy all over her body.

"Luke, is there a bike here?" Emily asked Luke.

"Yes, My Lady. Why do you want a bike?" Luke stared at her, confused.

"Of course I want to ride a bike. I want to go for a ride. Go and get me one."

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