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   Chapter 31 Being Thrown At The Gate Of The An Family

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9821

Updated: 2020-06-20 00:02

Emily lowered her eyes innocently and won everyone's forgiveness. She probably didn't lie. If she went with her good friend, he would not leave her at the door and run away. If it was His Highness, this could happen. It must be that this girl was not elegant after getting drunk, and maybe she made him angry.

"You have to tell me in advance where you go and when you come back in the future, okay? Look at you. You just slept at the gate and disgraced the An Family. " Sam pointed at her and began to accuse her.

"What do you mean by sleeping at the gate?" Emily was confused. She looked around, trying to find the answer from the people around her.

"My Lady, we found you at the gate just now. You were lying on the ground and sleeping soundly. We didn't see who sent you back." Luke explained at once.

"Damn it! Bastard!" Hearing this, Emily shouted loudly, which scared the well-trained servants and bodyguards around.

As soon as Emily heard it, she knew who was so bad to throw her at the gate. There was a saying that "send the Buddha to the furthest of the West". He was so mean that he didn't even send her home, but threw her at the gate and made people laugh at her. She would remember this and revenge.

"Don't forget that you are the Lady of the An Family now. Can you change your habit of cursing at will?" Sam was very angry. This girl's shortcomings could go around the earth in total. He was almost pissed off by her every time. He couldn't help saying.

"Well, Grandpa, it's not that I don't want to change it, but it's difficult for me. I need time." In the face of the elders, Emily was respectful, but this old man was really annoying. If it weren't for his old age, she would have......

"We don't have time for you. The engagement ceremony will be held next Wednesday, and no mistake can be made. Tomorrow, I will personally assess all your courses. If you behave properly on the engagement day, I will consider giving you an extra one million dollars as a reward."

"Wow, really?" Emily's eyes turned bright. To be honest, she loved money. Of course she would feel very happy to see the dollar bills flying in front of her.

After saying that, Emily felt so excited. It seemed that she could make a fortune of two million dollars for an engagement.

"Have I ever lied to you? Don't forget that I'm the master of the family. Miss, please behave yourself these days. I'll tell you the details and dos and don'ts of the engagement day."

"Okay, I know. Don't you go back to sleep? It's over ten o'clock. I'm so sleepy. I have to go to bed. " With a yawn and a stretch, the group of people were ignored directly by Emily. She went upstairs and entered her bedroom.

Holding a teddy bear in her arms, she fell asleep.

At seven o'clock in the morning of the next day, the door of the room was opened. Emily, who was still sleeping soundly, was forcefully dragged up by the servants and thrown in

of nature?

"Nice to meet you, too." Emily answered casually, covering her heart.

Fortunately, she knew all these simple things and was not too embarrassed.

But it became more difficult. Her English, which she had always been proud of, failed her.

"I think……" Emily was stuck there and didn't know what to say next.

Sam's question was, "I heard that Miss. Shirley came back from America and lived there for many years. I think America must be a good place. What do you think of that country, Miss. Shirley?"

She understood what he meant, but she didn't know how to answer him. She had never been to America, so she didn't know how to describe the country.

"You failed in the examination." Sam said seriously.

Emily wiped the sweat on her forehead and felt as if she had just experienced a fierce battle for a century.

Shouldn't it be expected that she didn't pass the examination?

However, she seemed to see one million dollars fly away. Her one million dollars! What a pity!

"Forget it. In the next few days, you should learn the basic etiquette and dance first. For those not qualified, you should act according to the circumstances. Besides, I will ask Luke to give you the whole list of names of the An Family. You must remember them firmly these days and don't mistake them."

"Oh, it's so difficult." Emily frowned. She felt that the closer she got to this damn engagement, the more pressure she was under. It was like a mountain, which made her unable to breathe at all.

"Miss, since you have chosen this path, you must be serious about it. I can see that you are a stubborn and persistent girl. Just take it as a test for yourself. If you succeed, the An Family will be very grateful to you." It was the first time that Sam had spoken to her equally and calmly. He was no longer arrogant and supercilious. Such a conversation made her feel very comfortable. Her heart was full of softness and no longer so nervous.

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