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   Chapter 14 Such A Bold Girl

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"Are you sure?" With an emphasis on his tone, James reached his slender hand over the table and touched her tender face. Then he raised her chin to make her look straight at him, leaving her no gap to escape.

"Well... I'm sure." Emily puffed out her chest with courage. She didn't want to be outdone in aura, which would make her extremely weak.

"Well, I'll show you something if you insist." James looked at Murphy. Murphy took out a tablet and started to play a video footage.

The video was completely shown in front of Emily, and her whole face began to twist unnaturally.

'Damn it!' Emily cursed in her heart. She thought he just guessed that it was her who did it, but she didn't expect that he had put the evidence on the table, deliberately making her embarrassed.

"Master, please let me go. I was just being naughty for a while. Now that I know I was wrong, don't punish me." Emily knew that if she confessed, he would ease her pain. She had to bow her head and admit her mistakes as soon as possible.

"I seemed to have given you a chance to apologize, but my kitten didn't cherish it at all. But if you destroy that photo obediently, I may think about it. " Hearing what James said, Emily breathed a sigh of relief. She patted her chest and felt lucky that he didn't make a more abnormal request.

She had planned to threaten him with his ugly photo in the future. When he dared to bully her, she could spread this photo to every corner of the school, making those who were crazy about him laugh at him completely, but now...

"Here you are." With her head hanging down, Emily looked like a child who had just done something wrong. She reached out her hand with the delicate white phone in her palm.

Murphy took the phone and unlocked it. He found the photo and deleted it forever.

"I don't care if you have a backup or not. If this photo is exposed to the public in the future, you won't get a penny. And I will also make you the public enemy of Holy Sakura School." With a sexy smile on his thin lips, James looked enchanting and evil. With a bloodthirsty and cruel threat, she felt terrible.

This boy was really unfathomable. Emily couldn't afford to offend him. His temper was changeable. She couldn't figure it out at all. The last second, she was still immersed in his gentle trap, and the next second, she was going to lose her whole body after she died.

"No, no, absolutely not. My phone doesn't have a trash bin. It's impossible to restore the deleted photos.

And this photo was taken this afternoon. How could it be backed up so soon? Even if it is, I dare not take it out. I still want to live. " Emily immediately apologized like a puppy crawled in front of its master.

However, in her heart, she had already cursed all of James' ancestors.

"It's good that you know it. But since you are so bold to draw on my face, I will certainly revenge." The corners of James' mouth twitched, and there was no smile on his face. A cold and stern aura came straight to her.

Emily wanted to escape, but James was much faster than her. He easily lifted her up and threw her into the corner of the soft sofa. He squeezed in as well and controlled her body.

Murphy respectfully handed over a pen.

"What? What are you doing? Are you going to draw on me as well? James, why are you so mean? I just drew some lines on your face. Don't lower yourself to the same level as me. Besides, I've already apologized... " She said a lot, from abusing to pleading. But James didn't change his mind. Nobody could change his decision easily.

"You are right. I'm mean." On the contrary, James enjoyed teasing this girl. No girl dared to challenge his patience again and again.

"James! You bastard, you devil, I curse you to die a horrible death. You were hit by a car when you went out, and you even choked your teeth when you drank water..."

"Ha ha, let's wait and see if your curse will come true." With a poker face, James picked up the special black paint brush and began to paint on her face.

"What do you want me to draw?"

"Damn you! You bastard! You stupid pig" In a fit of anger, Emily said all the words she could use to curse. But it would be better if she didn't speak. Every time she spoke, she just gave him inspiration for creation.

"Well, it seems that pig is very suitable for you. I can draw a pig for you, but you'd better not move. You will be uglier if I draw it bad." James grabbed her two restless hands with his one hand, and pressed her feet on the sofa with his feet. She couldn't move at all.

The evil Murphy covered his mouth and snickered. At this moment, Emily really wanted to hit on the wall and pretend to be dead. She felt so humiliated.

Ten minutes later, a perfect animal picture was completed on her face. In the middle of the painting, Emily had already given up struggling. It was just a pig. At the worst, she could wash it off when she went back.

After she thought it through, her mood suddenly became relaxed, allowing James to concentrate on his work. Seeing her so quiet, James smiled more brig

htly and knew what she was thinking.

After the painting was finished, the first sentence of James completely wiped out all the rejoicing of Emily.

"Oh, I seem to have forgotten that the paint can't be washed off. It will gradually disappear as time goes by. It will take about a week."

"Oh, my god!" Emily was completely stunned. She had to live with this pig in the school for a week and be laughed at by everyone.

"James! You are so cruel!" Emily took a look at the mirror and saw the vivid image of the big pig on her face. As her expression changed, it moved vividly.

Clenching her fists, Emily really wanted to beat him to death. But she knew that she could not hurt him at all even if she tried her best.

"A little less than you." James said modestly.

"I will wash it off. Bye." The anger burst out from Emily's eyes was enough to burn a whole person. But James was not afraid. He kept the evil smile all the time.

"Bye. I will not walk you out."

"Who wants you to walk me out?" Emily covered her face and rushed out.

James looked at the time, it was almost ten o'clock, and it was inconvenient for him to go out again. He looked at Murphy and asked him to escort her back safely. Then he walked out of the western restaurant and directly pressed the elevator button to the eighty-eighth floor of the Emperor Building.

Emily rushed out of the restaurant and wanted to stop a car by the roadside, but she covered her face with her hands and only showed her eyes, which made many drivers who wanted to come over think that she was insane and dare not come over.

"Miss. Shirley, young master asked me to drive you home." Holding back his laughter, Murphy said seriously.

"I don't want you to send me home. I don't want anything from bad guys like you. I hate you, I hate you all!" Emily was still angry. Her arrogant self-esteem would not allow her to accept his charity.

'Well, James, you bastard, just wait and see. From now on, I'm at daggers drawn with you.'

After walking for a long time, she still couldn't get a taxi. Emily just as well got on a bus. Although there were many people on the bus, she didn't want to let Murphy send her back. She would definitely be laughed to death.

Seeing her leave angrily, Murphy shook his head and shrugged. He had tried his best. This girl was stubborn, and she was really suitable for the young master. Moreover, the young master seemed to be very special to her. If an ordinary girl did such a thing to the young master, she would disappear forever in Sakura Kingdom and be exiled to a poor place.

After returning to the Emperor Building, Murphy pressed the elevator button and arrived at the eighty-eighth floor.

The eighty-eighth floor of the Emperor Building was the place where the Imperial Night Organization was located, which was also the other secret place of James. The whole building belonged to him.

Entering the door, with the help of the infrared electronic scanning and the automatic recognition of human faces, Murphy easily entered the apartment.

As soon as he entered, he saw the luxurious decoration inside. The light purple crystal chandelier was glowing. His most respected young master was lying on the white leather sofa lazily.

"Young master, are you all right?" As soon as he came in, he found a red light covering the young master's whole body.

A huge energy, like a whirlpool, stirred up a real strong wind, making him unable to open his eyes. However, he had seen such a scene for many times and was used to it. He looked at the time on his watch and found that it was exactly ten o'clock.

Yes, that's right. Ten o'clock in the evening. At this time, there would be an astonishing change in James' body. He would turn into a completely different person, with all the bones in his body dislocated. So every night the young master would suffer an inhuman pain transformation.

On his handsome fair forehead, a red cherry blossom mark gradually became clear, shining with red light. A pair of scarlet eyes burst out a volcano like fire.

His whole body was red. This scene lasted for ten minutes. Murphy stood still and could do nothing. Every time he saw the young master in pain, he couldn't help but watch him suffer.

What was gratifying was that only after painfully transforming did he become truly powerful. After ten past ten, the power hidden in James' body reached a level that no one could compare with. Even the most famous and powerful pure bloodline of the four financial giants in Sakura Kingdom could not compete with him.

It was said that in the ancient times, there was a person who had the super ability to destroy the heaven and earth. When he was about to die, he passed down his special skills to different people, and the people who received the most inheritance was the leader of the entire Sakura Kingdom, the Ou Family. And the Su Family, the Qian Family, the Mo Family, and the Yun Family that were wholeheartedly supporting the Ou Family all had their own special skills. But none of them was as powerful as the Ou Family.

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