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   Chapter 13 Rules

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"If the driver thinks that I'm dating a stranger, I won't be able to get out again. My family is very strict with me." Emily sent another message.

"That's none of my business. Anyway, you need to come whenever I ask you to."

"You are so unreasonable, James." Emily texted him the sentence along with several angry emojis, then she threw her phone aside. She didn't want to talk to this bastard anymore. Every time she talked to him, she would be pissed off.

On the other hand, James smiled particularly happily in his car. While driving, Murphy looked at the young master. The cold and cruel young master actually smiled particularly charming at a mobile phone. What was going on?

Next, he was even more shocked. He took off his mask and threw it to Murphy.

"Put on this mask. Remember, we cannot both show up with real identities." How could Murphy not understand what James said?

A few years ago, since the young master established the Imperial Night, he had stipulated that his identity must be absolutely confidential. Murphy would show his real face during the evening when James wore a mask. But Murphy had to wear the Imperial Night's exclusive mask when James resumed his identity as His Highness in class in the daytime.

This rule had been passed on for several years, and the Imperial Night became stronger and stronger. However, the young master's identity was still a huge mystery.

Murphy put on the mask obediently and drove to the Imperial Square, waiting for Miss. Shirley.

Soon, a black limo stopped and Emily in a plain T-shirt got out of it.

"Miss. Shirley, this way." Murphy waved his hand, indicating her to come over.

The driver, who was arranged by Luke, glanced at James on purpose. When he was sure that it was James, he immediately informed Luke.

Emily curled her lips and was very unhappy. The An Family was always on guard against her. Well, sure enough, she was not Sam's biological granddaughter. Her life was really miserable.

Ignoring the annoying driver, Emily walked up to James.

"Am I on time? Half an hour." Emily looked at her watch and said proudly.

"You're five minutes late. I called you at half past eight. Now it's nine five." James showed his phone to her.

"That's impossible. My watch shows it's just nine o'clock." With her eyes wide open, Emily checked her watch again.

"Well, Miss. Shirley, every time His Highness calculates time according to his mobile phone and watch, although they are usually five minutes faster than yours." Murphy stood out and explained.

"Fuck you!" Emily lowered her head and cursed in a low voice. This guy was really a freak, and there was nothing normal about him. Everyone had to obey his time. Did the world revolve around him? Shoot.

With his keen ears, James carefully listened to her rude words.

"Only this time I won't pursue it. There's no second time" After saying that, James walked to her driver and leaned against the car door.

The driver wanted to come out to salute him at once, but he pressed the door and said, "Don't talk nonsense. From now on, every night, I will expropriate her to ten o'clock. You don't have to send her in the future. I will send someone to pick her up. Do you hear me? Go back. "

"Yes, Your Highness." The driver was so frightened that he didn't dare to move. He could only nod repeatedly. At last, he stepped on the gas and disappeared in front of them.

Seeing the annoying driver run away so quickly, Emily felt happy. She patted on the shoulder of James and said, "Hey, not bad. You have solved a big problem for me so easily."

"Miss. Shirley, you can't pat His Highness on the shoulder. He hates being patted on the shoulder the most."

Murphy came out to remind her again annoyingly. During their conversation, Murphy was like a buzzing bee, constantly talking to her about the dos and don'ts.

Emily covered her ears and didn't want to listen any more.

"Alright, alright. I'll stay one meter away from him now. Is that all right?" With her mouth tilted to one side, Emily kept away from James.

"No, Miss. Shirley. You are His Highness's pet now. You must follow him and listen to his orders at any time." Murphy's annoying voice rang out for the third time.

Emily covered her ears and refused to listen.

"Why are there so many rules? Just tell me directly what you need me to do." Emily directly asked James about the main topic.

"Murphy, send the pet development law to her tomorrow."


"What? Pet development law? " A thick book with all the rules about how to become a good pet flashed in Emily's mind.

"I believe you can be a good pet." After saying that, James pulled her tow

ards a luxurious western restaurant.

"It's so late. Who would eat steak at this time?" Emily was a little confused. He took her to eat steak at this time. Is it necessary?

"Miss. Shirley, His Highness hasn't had dinner yet. You can have dinner with him."

"Really? Where have you been?" Hearing that he hadn't have dinner yet, Emily finally stopped making difficulties for him.

She sat down. In the bright light, she remembered what she had done in person after school. Why there was nothing on his face now? What about her painting? He must have found out. Was he laughed at to death? Did he know it was her who did it? Why didn't he blame her? Was this a conspiracy banquet?

Countless questions rushed into her little head. 'Oh my God! He is so smart. He must have known who drew it. There must be a lot of poison in the meal.'

She must find a way not to eat, not even a bite, and swore not to yield.

Emily raised her head and didn't want to see him order the delicious dishes. She didn't care.

"Why are you tilting your head? You don't want to order? " James looked at her curiously. It was funny to see her like this.

"Ha ha, I'm full. I don't like late dining. Enjoy yourself. I'll watch you eat." Emily frowned helplessly and smiled. She would not be so stupid to be fooled. Even if there was no poison, what if it was purgative? She would be doomed.

"I don't think it's reasonable for you to watch me eating. I'll reward you tonight." It was rare that James had a good temper. He threw the menu in front of her.

"Miss. Shirley, there is a rule in the pet law that if the master asks you to eat, you must eat. You can't have any objection." Murphy's voice showed up again.

With her eyes wide open, Emily stared at Murphy. If she had a knife in her hand now, she would definitely cut him into pieces.

"Miss, here are your knives and forks." The waiter reminded her just at the right time.

'Ha ha, I'll poke him.

I'll chop him.'

The sound of her playing with knives and forks echoed in the delicate plate. It was pleasant to hear. They were the only customers in the restaurant. Fortunately, they didn't lose too much face when she came to her senses.

Petrified, James looked at her and touched her forehead with his slender hand. "Kitten, do you have a fever? Or did you forget to take medicine? "

"No, I didn't." Emily shook off his hand awkwardly. Oh, my God, what did she do? She did something shameful.

"Then hurry up and order."

"I really can't eat any more. I have eaten a lot tonight. You can just eat. I'll watch you eat." With the insistence of Emily, she finally won the victory and avoided this conspiracy banquet which she thought was a trap. If James knew the evil thoughts in this girl's mind, he would like to stab her with a fork.

A late dinner was slowly going on in the bright western restaurant. James ate slowly and elegantly. Seeing this, Emily swallowed. She didn't know whether she was drooling for the delicious food or for the handsome boy in front of her.

"Do you want to eat this or me?" James saw her through and asked her with a chunk of steak on his fork.

"Of course I want to eat the steak." The first thing Emily wanted to do was to prove to James that she didn't feel obsessed with him, so she lied.

"You should have told me earlier. My kitten is a greedy cat. Why didn't you order just now?" James was so gentle. Was this still him?

He gracefully forked a piece of steak of medium size and put it in front of her mouth. Was he going to feed her?

"Open your mouth."

"Okay." Emily opened her mouth dully and ate the piece of delicious and soft steak. It was chewy. She began to regret that she did not order one. It was really delicious. How could she be drugged? 'What nonsense was I thinking about?'

"Don't worry. There's more..." James stopped and fed her slowly. After the meal, he gently wiped the sauce spilling over the corners of her mouth.

For a few seconds, Emily was completely lost in thought. This handsome boy always quarreled with her and bullied her. How could he be so gentle?

His soft and delicate movements were about to take her soul away. But when she was still immersed in her sweet fantasy, a devil's voice pulled her back to reality.

"Kitten, you seem to have done something wrong to me this afternoon." After wiping her mouth gently with a napkin, James asked unhurriedly.

Oh boy --

Emily was so nervous that she accidentally dropped the knife and fork prepared for her on the soft and expensive carpet.

"What? What are you talking about? I didn't do anything. " Emily tried her best to cover up her lie and make herself look less guilty.

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