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   Chapter 12 Provocation

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The man with moustache rolled up his sleeves, spat on his palm and rubbed it grossly, as if he was going to have a big fight, which made everyone disgusted.

It was so dirty for His Highness to fight with such a vulgar person.

Murphy nodded at James and stepped forward to stand in front of him. "Let me deal with you alone tonight."

"Ha ha, you didn't suffer enough loss just now? Buddy, it seemed you just fought with us an hour ago. You lost miserably. Now what? You haven't been punched enough?" As soon as the man with moustache said this, he immediately exposed to the public how miserable Murphy had been when he had fought with them before.

Murphy frowned and looked embarrassed. 'Shoot, these guys not only beat me up but also exposed my embarrassment. Young master must mock me to death.'

"Well, an hour ago was an hour ago, and now is now." Murphy didn't want to lose so much face in front of the young master. This time, he had to save his face.

"Ha ha ha, how arrogant you are! Since you like to be beaten, you can come. We will deal with your blonde young master later."

Soon, a group of people began to besiege Murphy, and the people of the Imperial Night also joined the battle. Unless it was absolutely necessary, James would never make a move.

After all, before ten o'clock, all he had was the Taekwondo and karate that he had been trained and acquired. He couldn't use any special skills.

After a group of fierce battles, James tilted the corner of his mouth and shook his head. This group of people are so weak. He could easily win without using any special skills.

The people of the Imperial Night had been attacked before. And now after half an hour, they were in a fierce battle for a long time again. They were a little tired, and James knew it was time for him to make a move.

"All of you step back. I want to fight you alone." James pointed at the man with moustache who was getting more and more excited.

"It's okay as long as you don't say that I bully children as an adult." The man with moustache didn't want to waste time with these people. He naturally hoped that he could fight one against one, strong against strong.

The people on both sides retreated and took the initiative to make way for the two masters. Winning this battle meant the right to survive.

"I have told you that you will kneel down to beg for mercy."

Without further ado, James punched the man again and again at a speed as fast as the wind. The man was caught off guard and began to retreat. In the end, he leaned against a wall.

Soon, James gained the upper hand, leaving no way back for his opponent.

Of course, his opponent had been in the society for so many years and had a certain reputation. He was not a coward. He used both his fists and feet, grabbed an iron rod on the ground and smashed it at James.

The stick hit down, penetrated the whistling wind, and was about to hit on the shoulder of James.

Swoosh --

James easily dodged, moved to his side, lifted him out of the corner, and kicked him to the ground. It was so fast that he couldn't figure out how he escaped from his iron rod, and how he could be kicked out.

"Ahhh..." the arrogant man in moustache sadly fell on the ground with his face down. He lost his face in front of his people.

"Oh, you don't have to worship me. I just want you to kneel down to me. You are too polite." The man with moustache was so angry at James' evil words that he wanted to spit blood on the spot.

"You... Why are you guys still standing there? Let's fight together and teach this brat a lesson. " The man in moustache suddenly came to play tricks. It was no good to fight him alone, so they had to besiege him.

"Humph, shame on you. But I like it." There was no fear on James' face. Instead, the people that came to him aroused his killing intent. Although there was no need to kill them, the depression in his heart would probably be alleviated a lot after this battle.

"Ah -"




All kinds of painful and weird screams suddenly sounded on the ground. After they were defeated by James and fell to the ground, the people of Imperial Night quickly rushed up and subdued them.

In the end, even the boss, who had vowed solemnly, had no choice but to be pressed to the ground by Murphy and knelt down in front of James.

"Mr. Jim, please forgive me. I won't do it again." The man in moustache had completely changed his attitude. His face was swollen, and his eyes were beaten into harmonious panda eyes.

"Humph, what I said must be true. You don't believe it yourself. Tell me, who on earth let you besiege the Imperial Night?" James wondered who had the guts and motivation to hurt his people.

"I don't know either. We just take the money and do our job. We only know that he is a housekeeper. The housekeeper didn't show his face while talking to us. He just handed the cash to us personally."

"If we find out that you lied, you will be dead meat." With the command from James, Murphy let go of the man in moustache.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Jim. I won't d

o anything to hurt you next time even if they pay me."

"If there is a next time, I will throw you into the sea to feed the fish. Get out of here!" Murphy chased the group of people away angrily. The young master usually wouldn't kill people. But if he dared to come to avenge next time, it would be hard to say.

"Young master, are we really going to let them go like this?" After they went far away, Murphy asked James who was still standing there and thinking about something.

"They are already gone. Why do you still ask this question? Are you going to take them back? "

James enjoyed oppressing Murphy the most all the time. This guy had always been stupid and weird since he was young. It was also a pleasure to make fun of him.

"Well, I can't catch them. You know, my strength is less than 1/10 of yours." Murphy lowered his head and felt guilty. He was really not a capable assistant. Although he was much stronger than the people of the Imperial Night, he was still far behind compared with the young master.

"Have you made any progress? You were like this a few years ago, and now you are still like this." After saying that, James picked up his phone and walked towards a place not far away.

He found the name that frequently appeared in the contact list recently and dialed it. "Hello, kitten, where are you?

Are you reciting English words at home?" At this time, Emily was lying on the bed, under the surveillance of two servants, with a thick English book in her hand and reciting the words. She was good at English, but she was not as good as that of the An Family's real Lady Shirley. She grew up in the United States and studied in England for many years, so her English was very good.

"Come out." James gave a brief order.

"It's already eight o'clock. Why should I come out?" With her eyes wide open, Emily looked at the two servants who looked like statues and asked bitterly.

"Don't forget that you're my kitten. You should come whenever I ask you to. You've signed a contract with me."

Obviously, James was a little impatient.

"Okay, okay, I know. You are so verbose. I'll be right there." Emily was about to hang up the phone.

"Come to the Imperial Square in half an hour."

James hung up the phone arrogantly before Emily could go back on her words. It was almost impossible to arrive at the Imperial Square in the center of the city in half an hour at this time.

The poor Emily got up from the bed, walked to the wardrobe, took out her shirt and jeans, and was about to change her white rabbit pajamas.

"My Lady, where are you going? You haven't finished your English book yet. Luke has also arranged a piano lesson for you later tonight. " The servants was so unreasonable that they stopped her way.

"Do you know what I'm going to do? If I tell you, you will regret stopping me. " Emily glanced at these two girls.

"Then what are you going to do? We need to report it to Luke." The servants still didn't dare to make a decision. If something went wrong, they would lose their jobs.

The engagement was coming soon. A Lady's English, dancing and piano performance abilities were the most basic requirements. But this chick hadn't learned anything for a few days.

"James asked me to go out for a date. It was him on the phone just now. Do you think I should go?" Emily thought this was the best way for her to go out. She really couldn't stay here any longer. Her head hurt when she was reciting English words. How could she not be willing to go out?

Ignoring these annoying servants, she changed her most convenient clothes, tied up her curly hair into a high ponytail with black rubber band and blinked her big eyes in front of the mirror.

'OK, let's go.'

When she walked out of the room, one of the servants was still following her like a cat following its tail, and the other one probably went to report to Luke.

"My Lady, you can't go out."

"I don't care." Emily was not going to jump out from the window today. She had to take an ordinary path and walk out of the door blatantly.

As soon as she walked out of the room, she met Luke who was greeting her at the door.

"My Lady, if you are going to have a date with His Highness, of course we will agree. But I have to ask the driver to send you to ensure your safety." Luke said calmly.

This sentence seemed very ordinary, but in fact, it was very powerful. It was a great way to surveil her. If she didn't go to see James, she would be in trouble.

"Luke is so considerate. Well, let's go." Soon, Emily showed her innocent smile again and didn't let Luke see anything wrong. At the worst, James could show his real face without any crappy mask.

In fact, she also wanted to know what this guy meant by wearing a mask at night. She had to uncover the big mystery layer by layer.

"Hey, Luke has sent someone to monitor me and see if I'm dating with Prince James. What should I do?" In the back seat of the car, Emily sent a message to James.

James who was also in his car on the way to the Imperial Square pressed his lips and replied quickly.

"No idea."

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