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   Chapter 11 Drew A Panda On His Face

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10696

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The spacious classroom suddenly became empty, leaving only the two of them.

All of a sudden, a bad idea came to Emily's mind. It must be fun to wake him up and run away as soon as possible. At that time, he didn't know who did it. Ha ha, how could she be so smart. She praise herself in the bottom of her heart.

Then she took out a black oil pen from her schoolbag and started to draw black circles around his long eyelashes, one on the left and one on the right. Then she pointed a few freckles on his delicate and white face.

In the process of her action, she moved very gently, fearing that he would wake up in the middle of the way and give her a few slaps. But he did seem to be very tired. He just frowned and pursed his lips, and then stopped moving.

"Ha ha, God helps me." Emily picked up her phone and took pictures of her perfect masterpiece. She couldn't help covering her mouth with her hand and snickered. Then she left the classroom. She ran faster than flying. She was afraid that he would wake up immediately, grabbed her and hang her up to beat her up. That wouldn't be fun.

Looking at the photo in the camera, she found that handsome and enchanting face look like a giant panda now, or an ugly monster with freckles.

She really couldn't wait to see him to waking up and walking out of the classroom. The consequences of being seen by those girls who loved him would be hilarious. After all, this guy was so arrogant. There was a devil's heart hidden under the angel's face that could explode at any time.

Not long after Emily left, James was waken up by an euphonious phone ring. He picked it up. The man on the other side of the phone said, "Hello, young master, something is wrong! The people of our organization were beaten up and I don't think they can attend your engagement party, so your plan may..."

"Murphy, no matter what, the plan must be completed on time. I don't care who wants to stop me." James' cold face darkened again. The situation was getting worse and worse. He began to lose control of it. Firstly, he didn't expect the engagement to be advanced again and again. Secondly, his plan had been blocked by those inexplicable people and things before it started and couldn't be carried out.

"Yes, young master." Murphy had no choice but to agree. 'Well, in order not to get engaged to Miss. Shirley, the boss has gone all out. By the way, Miss. Shirley is beautiful and lovely. Why doesn't the young master like her? Is he still waiting for that girl? Fiona?'

"Hey, buddy, what are you thinking about? Come and pick me up."

"Oh, okay. I'll be right there. Wait for me for two minutes. I'll reach the highest speed. I won't let you wait too long."

After hanging up the phone angrily, the screen of the phone was locked. James' face flashed on the shiny screen. Was his face so miserable?

"Who the hell did this?"

The blazing roar shook the whole teaching building, but no one replied him in the empty teaching building, which made him very depressed. What happened? Who dared to offend the crown prince?

He looked at the watch on his wrist and found that it was half past six. Then he looked out of the window and found that the sunset was slowly disappearing in the West.

'Oh, God! How long had I slept?

However, if I catch the person who did this to me, the person will die. Don't forget that every classroom in the school is equipped with surveillance cameras. Humph, I can see who it was immediately.'

James strode to the bathroom to wash his face first. Then he went to the monitoring room.

"Prince James, you are here. What can I do for you? " The monitor asked respectfully. No one dared not to bow to such a noble Highness.

"Help me get the surveillance video of today's class A of the first grade." Sitting on the chair lazily, James looked at what happened today slowly.

During the time he was sleeping, no one had come close to him, except Shirley who had been talking happily with Oliver next to her for most of the time.

James watched these roughly. Afterwards, it started to play the footage after school. After everyone had left, the fox tail gradually revealed.

The girl in the video smirked and drew two black eyes with her oil pen on the face of the holy Prince James. As well as freckles all over his face.

The monitor widened his eyes in surprise and looked at the bold girl in the video. It seemed that she was the fiancée of Prince James announced in the newspaper? How could she do such a thing to His Highness? His holy face could not be tainted with any flaws. But look at what she had done?

But it seemed that James wasn't surprised at who he saw. He had expected all this. Who else could it be except her? Moreover, he had already had the evidence, and he was going to deal with it for the next step. This girl must didn't want to live anymore. She was still making trouble for him when he was busy with a lot of things.

"Copy this video and give it to me."

"Got it, Your Highness. I'll copy it right away. Wait for me for a few minutes."

When James stepped out of the monitoring office, the evil smile at the corners of his mouth was hardly noticed by anyone.

When he arrived at the school gate, Murphy's car had already arrived. It took him twenty minutes to arrive, not two minutes as he said.

"What about the two minutes we agreed on?" James got in the car unhurriedly.

Murphy nervously looked at James in the back seat of the car and pretended to be aggrieved, "Young master, please don't give me a hard time. There was a traffic jam on the road. It's rush hour."

"Who dares to block you in my car?" James continued to push him.

"Young master, I'm really sorry. I didn't tell you the truth. In fact, I had a fight with those people kilometers away, and then they came to me again. In order not to make you worry, I didn't dare to tell you."

"Forget it. Take me there first."


Swoosh --

The car left Holy Sakura Noble School in a flash. It was already completely dark.

The car ran fast on the highway and soon arrived at the scene of the fight. From a distance, they heard a large group of people from the gang gathering together, holding sticks and swaggering.

They were in a stalemate with the people on his side. It was obvious that they were not willing to resolve the dispute. This group of people seemed to be the real murderer who had hurt their people, but it was obvious that someone behind the scene had paid them to cover up. The people of the Imperial Night Organization would attract these inexplicable people to stir up trouble for no reason.

A few years ago, the Imperial Night Organization was formed by the royal family with a different identity. The members of the organization did not know that the young master of the Imperial Night was His Highness. They only knew that this young master, who was only a teenager with the same age as them, was called Jim. He usually wore a black mask when he met people at night. He never showed his real face in front of people.

"Look, it's the young master." Seeing the signature black, silvery embellished Maybach, they knew who was coming.

Who else could have such a magnificent car and such a powerful aura? It could only be their valiant and mighty young master.

The morale began to rise. They were looking forward to the young master's arrival. All of them looked over here. Even the leaders of those troublemakers had stopped making trouble, craned their necks to see who the young master of the frightening Imperial Night Organization in Sakura Kingdom was.

"What are you looking at? Hold your sticks tight, otherwise, I will beat you up." The man with moustache, who was the leader of the enemies, looked at his people unhappily. How could they crane their necks to see the leader of their enemies? He was furious.

"Yes, yes, boss. We won't look at him anymore. We have already held our sticks, which are specially used to beat these people."

"Turn around! Don't embarrass me!"

Soon, the car approached them but didn't seem to stop. It rushed in directly and dispersed the teams who thought they had formed a very powerful formation. Finally, it stopped in the middle of their crowd.

The door was opened. Murphy got out of the driver's seat and immediately opened the car door. The people of the Imperial Night Organization immediately stood in two rows and consciously welcomed James out.

"Welcome, young master."

With a stride of his long leg, a slender figure stood in front of everyone. He wore a black shirt, a black half mask, and looked solemn and serious. He exuded a cold and earth shaking aura, which came over to people and surrounded them. The tense ambience made people feel scared. However, although he had an aura, his age...

"Hahaha, there must be something wrong. I thought the boss of the Imperial Night would be a hero who is extremely ordinary. It turns out that he is just a young man." Obviously, the man with moustache disdained him. He looked tall and powerful, at least more than 30 years old. It was not terrible to deal with such a young boy who hadn't even grown up yet.

Although the order had made it clear that he was not allowed to hurt him and only needed to destroy his organization.

"How dare you ignore our young master?" Murphy was a little unhappy. He hated it the most when others bullied His Highness. He was the only person who knew all the secrets of James.

He knew his true identity and the secret hidden in his body. He had sworn that he would follow James for the rest of his life as his most capable subordinate and his best friend.

Although he knew that he was just a humble homeless child, he was destined to have the mission of his life after he was saved by a kind move of James when he was a child.

"Well, I don't take you seriously. You are just a young boy." The man with moustache squinted at the boy in front of him with disdain, who was a little taller but obviously not stronger than him.

"Ha ha, 'a young boy'. Remember what you said now. Later, I will make you kneel in front of me and beg for mercy."

"Young master! Young master!" The people of the Imperial Night Organization became excited. As long as the young master came, there would be nothing left unsolved. Everyone raised their fists and shouted, which immediately cheered up the morale.

"Hahaha, nowadays children don't go home to be nursed well. They go to the society all day long to act arrogant. Now I'm here to teach you. At night, you should go home to stay with your mommy obediently. Don't wander around. All the crap Imperial Night is just nominal."

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