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   Chapter 10 His Kitten Was So Interesting

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9852

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"Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! James, what else can you do except for bullying me?" With a sad face, Emily rubbed her head. What if she became stupid because of him?

"I can also flirt with you. Don't forget that you are my pet now. You'd better be obedient to me. " With an evil smile, James reached out a hand and approached her.

"Bastard, what do you want to do?" All of a sudden, she covered her chest with her hands. 'Damn it! Was he going to attack my chest?'

"My pet is so interesting." Looking at her extremely defensive expression, James suddenly withdrew his hand in the air and showed a rare smile.

"Hey, do you want me to be your pet twenty-four hours a day?" Emily's scalp tingled. She was tortured, bullied and flirted by him all day long. Who could bear it? Her life was so miserable.

"No need. Your pet time is only at night. We will keep it the same during the day."

"Okay." Hearing this, Emily breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately.

"Remember to transfer the one million dollars to my grandfather's account on the engagement day." Emily was afraid that she couldn't get the money, so she reminded James in a hurry.

"Okay." James answered lightly and looked down at an expensive Ruby watch on his wrist. It was almost ten o'clock in the evening.

The feeling in his body became more and more obvious, and a hot flame was burning.

"It's late. Let Luke drive you home! I'm going to bed. "

James turned around coldly and asked her to leave. Then he rushed back to the villa and went upstairs to the second floor.

'Humph, there must be a reason that he chase me away in such a hurry. Yesterday he even competed with someone on the street, but today he goes to bed so early. No one would believe him.'

When she was about to catch up with him, she heard Luke's nightmare like voice behind her. "My Lady, it's late. We should go home."

"Okay." She curled her lips helplessly and had to give up. She still had time. She could definitely find out his secret.

On the next day, Emily got out of the driver's car, staring at her damn high heels. When she walked in the campus, she found strange gazes from all directions.

With admiration, jealousy and sarcasm, the gazes were like darts, whooshed at her.

'What happened to them? Am I already this famous on the third day I came to Holy Sakura?'

After entering the classroom, she saw the students gather around and talk about something. As soon as they saw her, they immediately looked at her with burning eyes.

'Was there anything on my face?' She wiped her left face then right face with her little hands.

Nothing! ! !

"Congratulations, Shirley. You will be engaged to our Prince James soon." The fangirls said to her ironically, and then a huge newspaper covered her head.

She pulled down the newspaper from her head and saw the big news covering the whole front. She immediately realized that this morning, the students in the school, including the students in their class, were abnormal.

"Thank you. Remember to come to my engagement ceremony. Don't be jealous and faint then." Emily threw the newspaper back to them, leaving behind a cruel sentence that pissed them off.

"You, you, Shirley, don't be too proud. Prince James doesn't like you. So what is the difference although you are engaged? You will break up anyway, ha ha." The fangirls' strong psychological resistance shocked her.

"It doesn't matter. At least I have been engaged to him. Unlike you, he doesn't want to talk to you at all." Emily retorted sharply. These girls were really annoying. If she didn't teach them a lesson, they would climb on her head and set fire on her.

"She is really a shameless bitch. Humph, when Fiona comes back, she will be dead. Ha ha."

"That's right. I think if Fiona comes back, she won't have the chance to get engaged to His Highness."

The girls talked about a girl called Fiona. From their words, Emily could tell that she was a very popular girl. Otherwise, how could these fangirls be sincerely convinced of her.

Forget it. It's none of her business. She didn't like James and didn't want to get engaged. She just listened to the old man's order before she paid the money. She was not interested in Fiona.

When she returned to her seat, she found that the seat specially set for her yesterday disappeared again overnight.

'Where is my seat? Where has it gone?'

The teacher entered the classroom and saw only Emily standing there alone.

"Miss Shirley, I'm sorry. The emperor called me today specifically and asked you to sit with Mr. Ou, so I removed your seat. Don't worry. Just sit down. Mr. Ou has also agreed." The teacher said to her gently.

She turned her head and looked at James' seat. Class had already begun, but this guy hadn't come yet. Since the teacher had said that, it must be the uncle who said he would solve the problem of the seat yesterday. So today, she

could sit next to him justifiably.

'Why am I so happy to sit with James?'

After Emily sat down, she knocked her head to get rid of her messy thoughts and prepared for the class.

"Hi, Miss Shirley." A gentle and elegant voice came from the left side of her seat.

Emily suddenly raised her head and turned around.

"Good morning, Mr. Oliver. I'm sitting back here alone today." Her seat was originally on the right of James' seat, and now she was sitting on James seat. On the left was Oliver's desk. Thinking of the book he handed over in the first class, she still felt warm in her heart.

"I wanted to say hello to you yesterday, but you sat over there." Oliver smiled lightly, with shallow dimples on his handsome face.

"I'm back today, aren't you happy? When James comes later, I'll ask him to sit on the right, so that we can be desk mates." Emily said with a smile. She liked this gentle and elegant commissary in charge of studies somehow.

"Ha ha, Miss Shirley, you are so funny. I'm glad to be your desk mate, too. " Oliver covered the corner of his mouth and almost laughed out loud. This girl was really special and cute.

"Why are you laughing all the time? Am I funny?" Emily pursed her lips. She didn't know why. She just wanted to sit next to him. Was that so funny?

"No, I just think you are forthright and cute."

"Really? Thank you for your praise, but don't keep praising me. I'll blush if I'm shy. " Emily lowered her head and didn't dare to look into his eyes.

"Then show me your face. I want to see the red apple." Oliver continued to tease her.

"It's very easy to see an apple. Here, this is it." In a second, she took out a big red apple from her pocket like a magic. Fortunately, she grabbed one on the table this morning. Otherwise, how could she have such a good prop?

"LOL..." Oliver almost delirious with laughter and lifted the table. He wanted to see her face, but this girl took out a red apple directly. He made a trap for himself to jump.

This girl was even funnier than before.

"Here you are. Since you like apples so much." Emily threw the apple directly into his arms.

Taking the apple, the smile at the corners of Oliver's mouth had not faded away. He put the apple into the drawer like a treasure. Then the two began to listen to the class seriously.

Halfway through the class, Emily felt a huge breath approaching her, which made her breathless.

As expected, as soon as she turned her face, she met with the extremely cold and scarlet eyes of James, which were shooting at her with sparkles of fire.

'Oh, my God! He is so angry as soon as he arrives. It's going to burn me to death.

I just sat in his seat. Does he need to kill me with such a murderous look?'

"You, you are here. Well, I'm sorry. I sit back here. How about you sit on the right and I sit on the left with a seat between us? There are three seats anyway. " Emily pleaded with a trembling voice. She indeed did the wrong thing, so she could only be obedient with her head down.


He didn't get furious as she had expected. He just said a word coldly. Then he looked straight ahead, thinking about something with his arms crossed.

What a freak. A super strange freak.

But she was happy that there was no war today. Sometimes, she turned around to chat with Oliver. Sometimes, she listened carefully to the class. She completely ignored the big statue beside her.

But somehow, she couldn't help peeping at him to see his mood change.

After her smart brain identification, this guy was very angry today, so she had to be careful.

For the rest of the time, when Emily occasionally turned her head, she could see that handsome sleeping face. He was so quiet and sleeping soundly at his table that he couldn't even hear the class bell ring.

After the last class, everyone was packing and ready to go home. Oliver, who sat next to her, packed up his notes and greeted her with his schoolbag on his shoulder, "Miss Shirley, I'm going to the library. Are you going home now?"

"Oh, Mr. Oliver, I'll go home soon. Bye!" Emily waved goodbye to Oliver with a bright smile on her face.

"Okay, I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow." Oliver, in a white uniform shirt, disappeared at the other end of the classroom.

Emily looked at the figure for a long time and felt obsessed a little bit. Even the shadow of the gentle and elegant Mr. Oliver was so handsome. How could she not be obsessed?

When she came to her senses, she looked at James who was still sleeping soundly on the seat.

'Ah! This guy is really a pig. He has slept from sunrise to sunset. Did he work secretly at night?

Maybe yes? Maybe he went out to fight with someone with a mask like that night. It makes sense.'

Seeing that James' fiancée hadn't left yet, the fangirls could only roll their eyes at Emily and then leave with their schoolbags unhappily.

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