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   Chapter 9 Get Out Of Here

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"Thank you, auntie."

"Shirl, I heard that our boy didn't allow you to sit next to him at school?" The emperor asked with great care.

'Oh my god! His Majesty even knows about this. He has to care about the national affairs and take care of the children. It's not easy for him.' Her affection for the couple has risen again.

"Yes, uncle, I just wanted to develop a good relationship with him, but he kicked me away from him. I still feel pain in my butt!" Emily quickly pretended to be aggrieved and told the couple her grievance.

Luke was stunned by her words. 'Does the Lady always changes her face so fast?' He wondered. 'How many times has she done this?'

"It doesn't matter. Don't cry. Shirl, you are going to be my daughter-in-law. I will teach him a lesson for you. And I will let you sit back next to him tomorrow. I will keep my words." The queen patted her slim shoulder kindly to calm her down.

"Thank you, auntie. You are the best, MUA!" Emily kissed her loudly. Such a cute auntie, such a beautiful auntie, a kiss was necessary!

The queen, who had been kissed, burst into laughter. She was satisfied with her daughter-in-law to be.

Looking at the stable development of the situation, Luke was relieved. This marriage will definitely be held smoothly.

Soon, the servant who was sent upstairs to invite James downstairs for dinner came down and said in a panic, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, no matter how I persuaded him, His Highness said he didn't want to come downstairs and didn't want to have dinner."

"How dare him! This guy is getting more and more arrogant." The emperor was so angry that he threw a punch at the table. The crystal clear porcelain bowl was shaken off the table and fell back to where it was.

'Wow, the force was so strong.'

Emily couldn't imagine how powerful his punch would be.

"I'd better go there myself, honey. Don't be angry. Look at me." The queen volunteered to leave and was about to ask James to have dinner.

"Auntie, may I have a try?" Emily grinned and asked.

"Shirl, are you sure?" "The emperor knew his son best. No one could change his decision.

"Yes, uncle. I'm sure. Give me ten minutes. I promise to complete the task. " Emily said confidently. Her eyes were shining.

"Alright, I'm confident in your sincerity. I believe that you can definitely complete the task. Ha ha, hurry up! He is in the main bedroom in the middle of the second floor. "

"Hey, wait for me. I'll be back soon."

With a whoosh, she rushed up to the second floor.

The couple sat quietly in their seats, hoping that this girl could bring a miracle. If she could really persuade their son, they would be more relieved to let her take care of James.

After stepping on the spiral staircase, Emily arrived at the door of James' room and knocked three times.

"Didn't I say that I won't eat? I don't want to eat with the violent dragon! Get out! "

If this was not from that guy, who else could it be?

"James, I'm the violent dragon you mentioned. Open the door." Emily leaned against the door and waited for him to open it.

Hearing the voice of Emily, the young man lying on the bed suddenly opened his bloodshot eyes.

Finally, this girl came!

With a click, the lock was turned and door was opened

A slender hand reached out and grabbed her into the room.

"Hey, James, what do you want? Let go of me." The handsome James pressed her against the soft bed with his lips compressed.

"Tell me, why did you come to my house for dinner tonight?" His cold words were full of irresistible authority.

"Come downstairs and have dinner with me. Then I'll tell you."

"You bad girl, you have no right to bargain with me!" Letting go of her, James stood up and sat on the white sofa beside.

"You are such a freak, James! Your kitten is standing right in front of you. Shouldn't you be nicer to her? "

Kitten --

What happened last night was still vivid in his mind. Yes, he adopted a kitten whose name was Shirley.

"How did you know?" James frowned and stared at her. He denied it once, but he couldn't deny the second time that he was indeed the masked boy last night.

"Ha ha, even a fool knows it, okay? When you sent me back to the An Family, you were already exposed. Do you really think I would believe that I took the initiative to sleep under your car? " Emily explained with her mouth tilted to one side.

"My kitten is smart, but it's all your guess. If I don't admit it, you can do nothing to me. Since I admit it, it means it doesn't matter for you to know. Tonight, you have to play the role of my kitten well." James stood up and touched her soft long hair, which was completely different from the violent and arrogant James before.

Now, the James right next to her had a mysterious and dangerous temperament, which was hard to guess.

"Get your hands off me. I haven't settled accounts with you yet. You kidnapped me yesterday and took me as the prize of your gamblin

g game. The real purpose I came to your house today is to tell you that I'm not interested in being your pet. Don't think that the Young Master of a rich family like you can do whatever you want. I'm not that kind of fangirl who follows you everywhere!" Emily announced to James seriously. Her big round eyes were full of disdain.

"I have told you that if I win the game, you are my exclusive pet and you must listen to me in everything. You were so unlucky to meet me that night." James looked at her firmly.

"You're so unreasonable. I'm a human, not a kitten or a dog. If you want me to be your pet, you need to give me one million dollars. Just give me this amount of money. I'll reluctantly follow your orders." With her arms crossed, Emily shook one of her fingers in front of him.

"I have told you that I will solve the engagement. Why are you still so interested in the one million dollars?" It was getting more and more difficult for James to see through the girl in front of him.

"Well, there's no need for me to tell you. Just tell me do you agree or not?" Emily had held a great hope before she mentioned it for the second time. If this guy was still unwilling, it meant that he was a miser.

The one million dollars could give back her freedom, and she didn't have to play the role of this tiring Lady. She was longing for it.

"It's not easy to be my pet. I'll ask Murphy to give you a book about the pet forming law. In addition, for the one million dollars, I'll give you two hundred thousand dollars a month. What do you think?"

"No, you must give it to me at once." Emily had a small plan. She would get the one million dollar after five months if he gave her two hundred thousand dollars a month. By that time, the Lady of the An Family would come back. Why did she need the one million then?

"It doesn't make sense. Forget it. I'll give it to you on the engagement day." James believed that he could stop the engagement. At that time, the pet might not be needed.

"Deal." In the bottom of her heart, Emily praised her own negotiation ability. She was a genius.

"Aren't we going to have dinner? Let's go." They reached an agreement. In a good mood, James took her downstairs for dinner.

"Honey, look, Shirl really brought James down. That's great!" The queen patted His Majesty on the shoulder excitedly.

"Yes, I saw it. This girl is really different."

"Uncle, aunt, I've invited James downstairs. We can have dinner!" Emily returned to her seat. James was wearing a casual shirt and his hands were in the pockets. He casually sat down in his exclusive seat.

"James, you are getting more and more unreasonable. Shirl even needed to invite you in person." The queen said in a reproachful and spoiled tone.

"I'm her fiancé. Shouldn't she do such a small thing?" Asked James.

Emily glared at him and thought, 'This guy is really good at being rude.'

"Alright, alright. The dishes have been changed already. Let's eat while they are still hot!" The queen said awkwardly.

"Shirl, eat more. What do you like to eat? Just tell the servant." The Emperor didn't even look at his son. Instead, he was kind to her.

It seemed that she was their baby daughter in this family, but James was nothing. What he didn't know was that this was the strict education method of the Ou Family. He must be strict with James who was going to be his successor.

"Thank you, uncle. There are enough dishes. I'm not a picky eater. There's no need to add more dishes!" Emily expressed her gratefulness again. The rich people were terrible. The dinner on this table could cover her food for three days, but they still said these were not enough.

James looked up at her, disdaining her affectation.

'Damn it! You are really good at pretending.'

'Just so so. I'm just a little weaker than you!'

The eye contact between the two of them was spreading around the table, and they were fighting secretly like lightning.

After dinner, the queen left the room for James and Emily on purpose.

Watching everyone leave, Emily took a deep breath. It was so comfortable to take off her disguise.

James didn't have to aim at Emily anymore as well. In fact, he didn't hate this special girl. It seemed that he had a different feeling for her and wanted to be good to her. But in front of outsiders, his arrogant character and the rebellious mood of just stepping into puberty made him have to go against her everywhere. He wanted to kick this fiancée arranged by his family out of the game thoroughly. He didn't allow his life to be manipulated by his parents. He wanted to live the life he wanted.

"I found another secret of yours. You would only scold and bully me in front of outsiders, but you wouldn't do that when there are only the two of us." The smart Emily realized that James is double faced. He really had two personalities.

"Who told you I won't do that when there are only the two of us?" James knocked hard on her forehead.

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