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   Chapter 8 Dinner Party At The Royal Palace

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10602

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"Come on. After all, I was promoted from the junior high department of Holy Sakura School. I used to be in the same class with James. He has been encountering such a situation almost every day since then. I'm used to it." The girl raised her sexy lips, stuck out her tongue naughtily and told her everything she knew.

Suddenly, an idea came to Emily's mind. It was better to dig out James' mysterious identity bit by bit than to investigate him blindly.

"Oh, I see. What's your name? I want to be friends with you. " Emily said frankly. She didn't beat around the bush. Since she didn't have a friend here at Holy Sakura, this girl should be able to make friends with her.

"Aha, aren't you afraid that I am one of the fans who will approach you and stab you in the back?" The girl squinted at Emily, but with no malice in her eyes.

"Ha ha, I'm not afraid. Besides, I think you must be different from them. As long as you don't dislike me, we are friends!"

"You are straightforward and I like you too. Let's go out and have a talk. My name is Lisa."

"My name is Emi... Shirley."

On the other side, with his cold and sharp eyes, James cut a path through the fangirls around him and proudly walked out of the crowd.

"Your Highness, where are you going? Wait for us!"

"Who dares to take one more step with me? Don't blame me for being rude." James stared at them coldly.

The girls were petrified. They had long known that His Highness had a bad temper, but today he seemed to be angrier.

When the two girls walked out of the classroom, they didn't get in Luke's car. Instead, they came to the dessert store next to the school, sat together and chatted happily.

"What did you say? James has always been mysterious and you have almost never seen him at night? " Hearing this, Emily was even happier. Didn't that mean James was the masked boy who went out at night?

A wicked smile slashed on Emily's face. Lisa was so nervous that she drank up the milk tea in the cup all of a sudden.

"Well, Shirl, I have to go home now. If I go back late, my parents will nag again." Lisa plucked up her courage to say goodbye. She wouldn't tell everything to the girl easily before she knew her well.

"Oh, I see. See you tomorrow!" Emily also wanted to end the date as soon as possible to find James.

'Damn it, James, let me see the real you tonight.

Wait, Emily, why are you so interested in the true identity of James?' Suddenly, Emily asked herself, with a series of questions in her mind.

'Oh, it's only because you want to find out the true identity of the masked boy. He treated you as a bet and a pet. It doesn't make sense that you don't revenge!'

Thinking of this, Emily's mood suddenly became much better.

She hummed a tune and was sent back to the An Family by the driver.

"Welcome back, Lady. Your training program tonight is..." Luke came over to report enthusiastically as soon as he saw Emily come back.

"Stop! Stop!" Emily covered her ears with her hands. She didn't want to hear it anymore. She didn't want to accept the poison of these damn things!

"What's wrong, my Lady?" Luke looked at her suspiciously.

"Uncle Luke, I want to have dinner with the Ou Family today. I want to develop a good relationship with James. Wasn't that what you taught me?" Holding Luke's hand, Emily blinked her pretty eyes and acted like a spoiled child.

"Well, I have to ask Mr. Sam about it. But, Lady, with all due respect, you are not the real Lady of our family after all. You'd better keep a proper distance from Prince James. If you have feelings that you shouldn't have, it will be difficult!" Luke reminded her meaningfully.

"Uncle Luke, are you sure you are not kidding? How could I fall in love with such an arrogant guy? " Emily frowned and looked straight at Luke.

"Then I'm relieved. Lady, please wait a moment. I'll ask for Mr. Sam's opinion." Luke touched her head, turned around and walked into the old man's study.

After a while, Luke came out of the study happily. "Lady, Mr. Sam agreed and informed the Ou Family. I'll prepare a car for you now."

'Oh, yeah! Finally, I got what I wanted. James, tonight, I'm going to unveil your mystery.'

In her heart, Emily was secretly pleased. But she acted very calm.

Luke led her in person. The half-hour drive brought Emily into a glorious world that she had never seen before.

After leaving the noisy street, the car slowly approached the most luxurious and unique landmark complex in Sakura Kingdom.

A long road of roses made the air filled with a faint fragrance of flowers. Emily revealed her round head out of the car window, looking at the pink and gorgeous roses all over the field surprisingly.

The dim yellow sun spread a layer of faint gold. The impeccable beauty made people intoxicated. But what made Emily shocked more was not yet coming.

The car passed through a golden carved gate, and the soldiers guarding on both sides bowed respectfully to them.

"Welcome, Miss. Shirley, to the Royal Palace." A neat and loud voice echoed in the twilight.

'Wow, so cool!'

After these people greeted her, Emily looked up and finally knew what real luxury and rich was. This was the royal family, the most prosperous and noble place in Sakura Kingdom.

The An Family she had praised before was nothing compared with this sacred Palace!

At seven o'clock in the evening, the Palace was all bright. Many European style Royal castles stood in the golden light.

The castle complex included five castles, and the one in the middle was the most special and glorious one. The Arabian top of the palace tower pierced the sky. There were four shorter castles surrounding the central castle. It was like four planets surrounding the moon.

At present, the Ou Family who had the supreme power of the entire Sakura Kingdom lived in the main castle of the Palace. The four great grandmasters who lived in the four castles around helped to manage the country, and their power was second only to the Ou Family.

The four great Families were the Su Family, the Qian Family, the Yun Family, and the Mo Family. They were the four political giants. Along with the four financial giants of Sakura Kingdom, the Qiao Family, the An Family, the Lu Family and the Mu Family, they complement each other.

But between the two groups of four giants, the four financial giants were still slightly inferior to the four political giants. After all, political circles were also in charge of power and also had a lot of wealth.

Along the way, Luke didn't forget to introduce the world of the rich to her.

Emily seemed to understand something after hearing it.

"Uncle Luke, so the An Family is one of the four financial giants, but it can't compare with the four political giants, right?"

"Yes. So it's our fortune to be engaged to the Ou Family which is on top of the four financial giants and rule the entire royal family of Sakura Kingdom!" Luke said proudly.

"Well, why didn't the Ou Family choose the girls from the four noble political giants but the An Family?" Emily became more curious.

"I don't know either! The Ou Family came to the An Family all of a sudden and made the engagement decision in a hurry. Perhaps only Mr. Sam knows the reason! "

"Okay!" Emily shook her head. She didn't want to hear any more. This marriage must have conspiracy, but it had nothing to do with her. Playing the role of Shirley the Lady, was the only thing she needed to do.

In addition, Luke had repeated what she should do, shouldn't do and should pay attention to for countless times before she arrived at the Ou Family. She couldn't make any mistake in every move or word. Otherwise, the An Family would be doomed.

The car finally stopped in front of a tall and luxurious castle. A waiter in black hurried over to park the car. The servants in white clothes with golden edge stood in two rows neatly.

"Miss. Shirley, please come in."

Emily looked around the castle curiously as she entered.

She stepped on the smooth marble floor, passed through the majestic jade pillar door, and stepped into an elegant hall.

A young middle-aged couple sat in front of the long table. The man was handsome and mature, and the woman was elegant and noble. One could tell at a glance that James inherited their appearance and temperament. It turned out that genes were really important.

Emily was so nervous and her heart beat fast. She grasped the hemline of her dress, with beads of sweat on her forehead.

It never occurred to her that she could see the leader of this country.

It was like she had been dreaming every day from the day she was kidnapped!

"Your Majesty, Queen, this is our Lady Shirley. Lady, say hello to the emperor and the queen right away. " Luke went up and bowed first.

Sakura Kingdom had extended the monarchy, but there was no special and complicated etiquette. No kneeling down was needed.

Emily felt lucky. It was already in the twenty-first Century now. Kneeling down was only needed in front of the dead, okay? She was very satisfied with the system of keeping pace with the times.

"Good evening, uncle and aunt. You can call me Shirl!" Emily greeted naturally, but the situation was at a stalemate again because of her.

Oh, God! This girl called them uncle and aunt directly. The problem was that the An Family and the Ou Family hadn't been formally married yet. Even if they were married, for the first time, she should respectfully call these two elders His Majesty and Queen!

Emily didn't realize what she did wrong. She looked at Luke who was winking at her.

"Luke, do you feel uncomfortable with your eyes?"

The emperor and the queen burst into laughter, and the servants around them also covered their mouths and snickered.

"Ha ha, this girl is so cute! I like her. I didn't choose the wrong person. Shirl, it doesn't matter. You should call us uncle and aunt. But remember to change after a week! "

The emperor said to her with a smile. He was so approachable that no one could imagine that he was the emperor of a kingdom.

"Shirl, you must want to see our James very much, right? I'll ask someone to invite him downstairs at once. Let's have dinner!" The Queen's exceedingly beautiful face was also incomparably peaceful, just like an ordinary mother, just like her own mother.

Emily breathed a sigh of relief. When they were in the car, she was so nervous that she didn't know how to face it. Now everything was fine! It was not difficult to get along with such parents!

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