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   Chapter 7 One Million Dollars Deal

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10298

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"Look who is this?" The girls who were pushed away were furious with dissatisfaction. When they turned around, they saw Emily, who was sitting next to James swaggeringly.

"Shirley, do you want to die? How dare you push us? "

"Shirley, how dare you steal the seat of Prince James?"

"Shirley, you will have to pay for what you did."

The girls complained and satirized straight at Emily, one after another.

James touched his chin and didn't say anything. He wanted to see what surprising thing this girl could do.

"I like sitting here. Is there a problem?" Emily looked like a domineering queen with her arms crossed.

"Shame on you. Your Highness, look at her. She is so lawless. Hurry up and teach this arrogant girl a lesson. She occupied this seat the whole day yesterday, and today she dares to sit here again shamelessly."

The girls grabbed his uniform sleeves and acted coquettishly. They looked at Emily with disdain and hostility, hoping that James would teach her a lesson in front of everyone.

With a light smile on her face, Emily didn't say a word. Instead, she glanced at James who was watching this chaotic from time to time.

The reason why she insisted on sitting here today was that she wanted to obey Sam and cultivate a relationship with James. In addition, she wanted to investigate if James was actually the masked boy.

"A violent dragon acts like a violent dragon. Even the way you chase me is so aggressive!" James turned his handsome face towards them. He was surrounded by fangirls and smiled.


Who wants to chase him! He is so narcissistic. Does he think the royal highness of the Sakura Kingdom is extraordinary? He is just a little more handsome, rich and noble than ordinary people!'

With a sneer, Emily showed disdain on her face.

"You are going to be my fiancé. Of course I should develop a good relationship with you. Don't you think so? As for these boring fangirls, if I was not aggressive enough, how could they know that you are mine! Ha ha! "

What Emily said was totally different from what she really thought. She was almost disgusted by herself.

She was secretly happy in her heart, and the girls beside her were so angry that their faces turned green.

A fight among the girls was about to start when the class bell rang. They had to leave angrily.

"Violent dragon, I've never said I would get engaged to you. Don't be complacent too early. You should go back to where you came from." James ruthlessly lifted up her school uniform with a flick of his hand.

Bang! She was thrown back to her own seat. It happened so fast that she was unprepared and fell.

Oh boy! Her butt was always the one got injured. Covering the painful part, she climbed up awkwardly and rolled her eyes with hatred.

'Damn it, James, just wait and see. I will find your fault and make you obedient to me. Humph. '

It seemed that he could see through her intention from her eyes.

"Violent dragon, don't look at me like that. You can't defeat me."

"I don't want to fight with you. You have to be responsible for hurting my butt."

"Well, how do you want me to take the responsibility?" The two of them sat in the same row but different groups.

Ignoring the teacher on the platform presumptuously, the two were fighting in the back.

"How about you let me give you an overarm throw too? But without your resistance." Emily covered her mouth and snickered.

"Are you sure you can throw me?" With a playful smile, James looked at her suspiciously.

"You have to let me try. By the way, I heard that you sent me home last night?" After talking so much nonsense, Emily finally got to the point.

"Yes! Some pig was sleeping in front of my car. My sympathy was overflowing. It was just like sending a stray dog home! " James shrugged and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"Wasn't I in the masked boy's car? How come I lay in front of your car? It was so strange. Have you ever seen a boy wearing a mask? " Emily murmured, tilting her head. She was getting more and more confused.

"I haven't. I don't understand what the hell you are talking about. I warn you, don't lie under my car for no reason in the future. I'm not always sympathetic. It seems that you haven't thanked me yet?" James stubbornly asked for her gratitude.

"Well, what do you mean by 'thank you'? I have never said that since I was born. " In order to make herself look more like an arrogant and rude Lady, Emily pouted her pink lips proudly.

"Good, very good. I finally remember you, violent dragon!" James' two cheeks bulged with anger. He had never seen a girl who dared to provoke him in public again and again since he was born, "Hey, Jim, you have remembered me. Should I show off?" She said provocatively and stressed the word "Jim" especially.

Her voice was soft and sweet, made him get enough goose bump to cover the whole floor. This girl was really good at pretending.

"You'd better call my name directly. I can't stand the violent dragon acting coquettish." James turned his face away and glanced at the blackboard randomly.

Emily looked up and down and stole a

glance at every move of James. She had to find out whether he was the masked boy or not. Although he denied it, she would rather find the answer by herself.

"Humph! It's your honor to see me act coquettishly. It's my first time to act coquettishly to a boy. " Emily touched her high nose and said arrogantly.

James was speechless. He thought this violent dragon was really abnormal.

Seeing that the atmosphere froze for a moment, a new idea suddenly came to Emily's mind. Since yesterday, she had been at a loss for the one million dollars.

There was a rich and handsome guy sitting next to her. How about making a deal with him.

With a whoosh, she jumped from her seat to the seat next to James and drew closer to him.

James frowned and thought, 'How could this girl be so shameless to come back after being kicked by me once?'

"Shh! Don't throw me back anymore. I have something to tell you. After that, I will sit back obediently. You don't have to throw me there. " Emily said in a low voice with some consulting tones.

The arrogant boy raised his handsome eyebrows and seemed to be interested. "Tell me."

"Hee hee... Don't you want to refuse this engagement just like me? "

"Cut the crap." The boy lifted his thin lips impatiently. He didn't want to say one more word.

"That's easy. I don't want to be engaged anyway either. I have a way to prevent the engagement from being held. Are you willing to cooperate with me?" Emily said with a cunning smile. She revealed eight of her white teeth, which was her classical and signature smile.

"Well, I'm interested in it. Tell me, what can you do to stop the engagement?"

"It's none of your business how I stop the engagement. All you need to do is promise me to give me money, a lot of money."


Hearing that, James was speechless. Was she thinking about bribing others with money? It was not possible to prevent the wedding of the royal family easily. Otherwise, he wouldn't have to sit here hopelessly.

"Little girl, you are so stupid. I don't want to cooperate with you. I have my own way."

"Hey, you're such a mean guy. You don't want to cooperate with me as soon as I mention the money. I haven't told you how much money it is. Can't you afford it?" Emily said with an evil smile.

"Don't try to goad me. I have endless money to use. But I don't want to give you money, and that's it. Besides, you are a rich Lady. How is it possible you don't have money?" James looked her up and down.

"Who said I don't have money? It's just not enough. How can I take out one million dollars at once?" Emily said dejectedly and could no longer look at this guy.

'You don't even give me one million dollars. You're a penny pincher. I won't talk to you. Humph.'

"Don't worry. I'll get this. We will prevent the engagement without you spending a penny." There was a weird smile on James's handsome face, which made her nervous.

What the hell did he want to do?

"Then I'll wait for your good news."

The two of them were chatting until the class finished. Lying on the table, James continued to sleep for the whole day.

In contrast, Emily was very sad while she was waiting! After another hard day when she was bullied for more than five times, scolded for more than ten times and glared at for countless times by those fangirls around James, she was grateful that she survived stubbornly.

For the first time, she was looking forward to the end of the class. For the first time, she was looking forward to the night.

As soon as the class bell rang, the girls gathered around like crazy people, pushing her into a mess.

'Shoot, are these girls all from the madhouse?' For these girls, it was the first time that Prince James had stayed at school for a whole day without leaving halfway. It was a miracle.

"Prince James, I have two tickets. Would you like to go with me?" A girl lowered her head shyly and handed out two tickets.

"Get out of the way. Your Highness won't go to the cinema with you. Your Highness, I have booked a table in the most luxurious western restaurant. Could you give me a chance to have dinner with you?" Another girl's eyes were shining with romantic red hearts while she was waiting for James's answer with excitement and expectation.

"Your Highness."

Once again, the scene that girls pushed each other was played in this classroom. The girls were pleasing the monster in the middle of them shyly and humbly.

"Hey! Such a scene had happened for so many times. I'm tired of watching it! You'd better leave early in case of a trampling accident. " A girl with short hair who sits in front of her blinked her big eyes naughtily and kindly reminded Emily who was standing there waiting for the opportunity to leave. She shook her head helplessly, packed up the books on the table and was about to leave.

"Ha ha, thank you for reminding me. But you came here only two days earlier than me. How do you know it so well?" Emily liked this girl somehow. Everyone knew that she was the fiancée of James and they were eager to get rid of her as soon as possible. This girl was different.

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