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   Chapter 6 Who Is The Mysterious Masked Boy

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10256

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"You are really hopeless. Forget it. I won't argue with you anymore. Who the hell are you? Do you dare to tell me your name? " Emily calmed down and planned to deal with him in another way. She was quite interested in the face under the mask. And moreover, why didn't he let her watch their fight? What was he hiding?

"I dare to tell anybody my name. You can just call me Jim." The masked boy raised his head arrogantly and said slowly.

"What's wrong with you? That's a name? So simple and without surname. I'm really speechless. " Emily was almost shocked to death by his shocking words.

"You don't need to know my full name. You can just call me Jim. Not everyone can call me like that." The masked boy turned his head away with a proud look on his face, and a snicker flashed in his eyes. The careless Emily would never notice it.

"Well, may I have a look at your real face?" Emily reached out her hand to the boy's mask with a sly smile.

There was only one centimeter left to reach the mask when her hand was held tightly then shaken off by the big hand.

"You are not qualified to see my real face, unless you obediently be my kitten. If am satisfied and happy, maybe I will allow you to glance at my handsome face."

"Duh! Handsome? I think you must be an ugly monster. Generally, ugly monsters don't dare to let others see their ugly faces." Emily stuck her tongue out and came up with a smart idea to goad him into action.

But the boy easily saw through her trick and had no intention of jumping into her trap at all.

"You will know whether I am handsome or ugly in the future." The smile at the corners of his mouth was even wider, which made Emily feel a little nervous.

The car was speeding, but she didn't know where they were going. Would he kidnap her and sell her?

"Where are we going? It's late. I need to go home. " After a big circle, Emily returned to the starting point wondering if he would let her go.

"Don't worry, kitten. I will drive you home, but not now." The masked boy kept his poker face, moved his thin lips and said.

"When will it be?" She then asked anxiously. It was almost twelve o'clock. If she didn't go back, she would be cursed to death.

"When the time comes."

"You said something so useless. I don't want to talk to you anymore. Humph." Emily turned her head away and huddled herself up anxiously on the soft seat in the back of the car.

Gradually, she felt sleepy. This was the time when she felt sleepy the most. Even if the sky fell, she had to sleep.

The guy sitting next to her was like a stone status revealing a cold temperament. It was nearly three o'clock, and he could return to normal.

He tilted his head and looked at the girl next to him who was sleeping like a pig again. He shook his head helplessly, approached her, and took off his coat to cover her.

Looking at her slightly pouted pink lips, he couldn't help but want to get close to her.

One centimeter, zero point five centimeters, zero point zero one centimeters.

He gave her a kiss --

He gently kissed her like putting a special seal on her lips.

He shivered as if an electrical wave went through his body. It was the first time that a girl could make him feel like this. The sweet greasy taste made him linger and his heart beat faster.

"Wow!" The driver couldn't help but shout out. He felt unbelievable to see the shocking scene from the rearview mirror. For so many years, the young master had never been so close to a girl, especially an ugly stranger.

"Murphy, I remember I have taught you the rules, right?" A cold voice like Satan's at night came from behind, which made him tremble with fear. The young master hated others to be unruly the most. He had been unintentional just now.

"Young master, I'm sorry. I'll shut up and close my eyes. Please go on. I didn't see anything. " He was so frightened that he immediately closed his mouth. When he was about to close his eyes and stop looking, the anger behind him grew even stronger.

"You've already seen it. Close your eyes while you are driving? Do you want to kill me?" The masked boy almost roared. How could he have such a stupid assistant? Moreover, he was his most capable assistant and best friend.

The second morning, Emily woke up from her sleep. She had a deep sleep last night. It was really comfortable.

She stretched her body, rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked around with her eyes wide open.

Eh, wasn't this her room? Where she was sleeping on was the big and soft dreamlike luxury Simmons Princess bed in the An Family. What happened? Didn't she escape yesterday? She also met the masked boy and the boy in red. Was it a dream? But she still remembered everything clearly.

She knocked on her chaotic head and figured out what happened yesterday. She was sure that it was not a dream. She fell asleep in the car of the masked boy yesterday, and then there was nothing else.

"Knock, knock, knock..." There was a heavy knock on the door.

Before she got out of the bed, the door opened and four maids in black and white uniforms broke in.

Oh shoo

t, it turned out that the knock was a polite reminder rather than asking her open the door. It was so impolite. She was still wearing a nightgown. What if she was seen naked?

Wait, why was her pajamas so feminine? 'Who changed it? Oh, no, give my Snoopy pajamas back!'! !

A hysterical roar shocked the whole villa.

The maids were so frightened that they stood straight and didn't dare to speak.

"Why do you come in? I haven't changed my clothes yet. Go out." Emily pushed the impolite servants away, trying to send them all out. She hated impolite servants the most!

"My Lady, let us help you wash your face and brush your teeth. Breakfast is ready. We don't have much time left. If you don't hurry up, you will be late!" The maids lowered their heads and said respectfully.

"I know! You can leave now! I can do it myself. Give me five minutes. " Emily was very confident in her washing speed. Every time she overslept, she could wash as fast as she could and rush into the classroom right on time.

"Alright! My Lady, we will wait outside. " Although the maids talked politely, they looked cold and arrogant. They looked down upon Emily, who had turned from an ordinary girl to the Lady of the An Family overnight.

"Humph! She shouldn't be so arrogant. She is just like us except for looking exactly like our Lady. When the real Lady comes back, we will see how she falls from the sky to the ground." The maids gathered together and spoke ill of her as soon as they came out of the room.

Five minutes later, Emily went downstairs to have breakfast with herself all dressed up. The breakfast was on a long square table, covered with a golden tablecloth, and there were all kinds of Western food on it. She had never seen so many delicious food, which made her greedy.

She was attracted by the delicious food, but forgot that there was an old man with grey hair sitting on the main seat. He was looking at her with a serious expression of contempt.

"Look at you. You don't look like a Lady at all. Our Shirl has never been like this." Sam said angrily.

"Old man, you are here too. I'm sorry. These dishes are more attractive than you. I didn't see you. I don't look like a Lady because I'm not, let alone your Shirl. " Emily smiled awkwardly and said sarcastically.

"Lady, be respectful. He is now your grandfather." Luke, who was standing aside with his arms behind his back, was frightened and immediately rushed out to correct the girl.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was careless and forgot about it. Just have breakfast, grandpa. I'm starving to death." Emily immediately focused on the food and could never be distracted.

Sam's white beard twitched with anger. This girl was so eloquent and she didn't know any manners. He had to teach her a lesson.

"Don't start. I haven't started yet. Who gives you the right to start first?" The old man's unhappy voice came from the main seat seriously, and his angry face turned red.

"Put down the knife and fork right away." Luke grabbed the knife and fork from her hand and put them back to where they were. He had been in the An Family for so long, and he was the one who knew the most how to read people's mind.

Ahhh! She was going crazy. She was starving while they were still wasting time here. Were rich people all so tedious?

"Since you want to take the place of Shirl, you should behave like Shirl. In the future, I will send more family teachers to give you lessons and teach you manners. I should have punished you for skipping classes without permission yesterday. But since you went to see James yesterday, I don't want to pursue it anymore. But you shouldn't sneak out freely in the future." Sam said a lot but she wasn't actually listening. However, she was stunned when she heard he mentioned James.

"Grandpa, what did you say? I went to see James yesterday? "

With her big bright eyes wide open, Emily stared at Sam as if she had heard the most surprising news in the world. She wasn't that crazy to meet that self-righteous jerk.

She only met the mysterious masked boy yesterday.

"Well, he sent you back yesterday! I don't care what happened between you two, but you have to deal with your relationship with him and make sure the engagement goes smoothly. This is your task. " Sam repeated patiently.

Emily agreed perfunctorily then fell into deep thought. It was so strange. Was it possible that James was the masked boy?

No, No. How could it be possible? Their personalities were totally different.

After breakfast, Emily was sent to the Holy Sakura Noble School on time by her specific driver.

She couldn't stop thinking about the possibility that James was the masked boy. Suddenly, an idea occurred and she ran into the classroom.

Sure enough, James came to the class. He was lazily leaning against the chair and looking out of the window. There were a lot of fangirls around him.

Emily saw the new table and chair prepared for her in the classroom, but she ignored them and walked directly next to James, pushed the fangirls away and sat down. It was the same position as yesterday's.

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