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   Chapter 5 Became A Pet Of His Highness

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10424

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After a couple minutes, she finished disguising and felt satisfied looking at herself in the mirror: short hair, a pair of black thick-rimmed glasses, a monkey pattern T-shirt, a pair of worn white jeans and a pair of black simple canvas shoes.

Simple and comfortable, this was the real her! In order not to be discovered, she wore a wig on purpose. If one didn't look carefully, he would never recognize her.

All set. She blinked her big black eyes, took a small bag and walked to the big window.

In her bedroom, the window was closed to a high ground covered with grass, with bright little flowers planted there. The soil was soft. It must be totally fine to jump down from here.

Swoosh -- Landed safely.

She successfully climbed over the wall and left, avoiding the bodyguards.

Haha, she didn't expect to escape so easily. The air outside was comfortable. She was almost suffocated in that big villa.

While complaining, she walked on the street excitedly. For the whole day today, she had neither eaten the barbecue near her home, nor seen her handsome and rich male friend, Justin Lu, who was always talky and funny in front of her all day long. She missed him so much, and wondered if he would be worried since she disappeared for no reason. But finally she decided to let it go and take it one step at a time. She decided to stuff herself with food since she had come out. She licked her lips and walked faster with joy.

"Humph! Only you can be so arrogant in front of me." There were some intermittent sounds at the intersection ahead.

'Gee! Why is this voice so familiar? I think I've heard it somewhere. ' Emily walked forward step by step recklessly without knowing that her appearance had disturbed the fight between the two groups.

Her sudden appearance surprised these groups of boys of her age.

'Wow, what a grand atmosphere! I like it.'

Emily glanced at both sides. On one side, the boy standing in the middle was in a black coat with nothing in his hands. He was standing in the wind and had a powerful aura. His coldness came out from his black mask. His perfect figure like a model made her want to touch him.

What a cool boy! Although she couldn't see the face under the mask, she was sure he was handsome.

The boy glanced at her seriously with indifference. He put his hands in his pockets as if all these had nothing to do with him.

In contrast, on the other side, the red shirt looked like coquettish Mandragora blooming in the dark night.

The boy's facial features were as enchanting as those of a woman, or even more beautiful. His eyebrows were like knives and his red eyes were like the sky full of stars, which reveal a bloodthirsty smile.

What an enchanting boy! His aura was as strong as that of the masked boy.

With two men behind each of them, Emily who was standing ten meters away felt the atmosphere tensed as they approaching.

'What is happening? Am I unlucky enough to encounter the rare underworld fight?' The red team were holding the sticks. If it went on like this, the black team must be the weaker one. It would be a bloody battle!

"Well, guys, I just passed by. I won't disturb you! Bye! " Emily was so ready to escape. She was not so stupid to wait for death here!

"Wait!" The boy wearing the black mask said and sent a man to bring her to him.

"My friend, my handsome friend, I didn't see anything. Don't be disturbed by me! It's getting late. I'd better go home and sleep. I have class tomorrow! " Emily covered her face and tried her best to avoid the war.

It was really none of her business. She knew that the innocent must be hurt during the battle between the two armies, and she was the innocent who didn't want to be hurt.

"Since you are here, you cannot leave." The masked boy smiled enchantingly and his strong aura gushed.

He put his slender hand on her slim and soft waist. His breath gradually approached and surrounded her, tying her up, making her unable to move.

'Only crazy people will stay here! I'm not that stupid to stay here and be the cannon fodder. ' After thinking of these, Emily kept rolling her big eyes, trying to find an opportunity to escape.

All these little movements were seen by the masked boy.

"Wow! Jim, the ugly woman in your arms seems to be more interesting than the battle between us!" The boy in red teased with great interest. Apparently, he had no patience to wait any longer. He was eager to have a fight with him immediately.

"Of course, this girl is very interesting. How about her as the winner's prize of tonight's fight?" The masked boy raised her beautiful chin with his fingers in black gloves, and looked at her again carefully to confirm his guess.

'Damn it! How could he flirt with me? Who did he think I was? I'm not a pushover.'

"Humph, get your dirty hands off me. Don't look at me with your lustful eyes." She shook off his hand hard, which made the crowd burst into laughter.

"Haha, Jim, this girl is a little ugly, but is quite interesting. Let's bet on her tonight. She will go with the winner. Deal." The red enchanting boy's green eyes which are like peach blossoms were shining with evil starlight. The colo

r of his eyes were clear and strange, which was different from those of ordinary people.

Following the voice, Emily found the big secret. Although the masked boy did have deep black eyes, his aura was completely different from the other boy's. Besides, this was not the underworld fight. These two people apparently knew each other and had a special relationship.

'Stop -- Emily, don't be absent-minded any more. They even treat you as the prize of the gambling game. You are not a thing. This is so hateful.'

"Hey! Why should I be your gambling product? And I'm so ugly that you don't like me, do you? You guys can go on. I'm sleepy. I'm going back to sleep! " Emily yawned and pushed away the crowd and was about to leave.

If she didn't leave now, she would become the plaything of these two freaks. 'Run! Run! Don't look back.'

Seeing that she ran away as if no one was around, everyone laughed more presumptuously. Their laughter pierced the sky, as if to shake off the stars hanging in the night sky.

"You four keep an eye on her. Tonight is only the match between me and Charlie." The masked boy smiled enchantingly.

"Yes, sir." The people behind them seemed to have heard the sacred mission, so they quickly surrounded Emily.

"Girl, I'm sorry. Please wait for our young master to finish the fight." Four tall boys, two in black and two in red. It's impossible for her to escape!

A black cloth covered her eyes as she turned around. The world in front of her was suddenly all black, and her hands were tightly held by the hateful man. She couldn't even use her Taekwondo.

"Bastard! I can sue you for kidnapping. Let go of me! " Emily kept kicking with her two legs which are still free, trying to break free from these bastards.

What a bad luck! She had been kidnapped twice in a day.

The crowd ignored her struggle and loud curses. They were all staring at the tense fight over there.

Hearing the sound of the fight, Emily stopped struggling immediately and listened carefully.

But she couldn't see in the darkness how dazzling the fight between the two boys was.

Crack! Crack! Half an hour passed --

An hour passed --

With her eyes closed, Emily was sleeping soundly, with her hair bun swaying.

"Charlie, I thought we would tie tonight, but it seems that you were distracted."

The masked boy stopped and patted the man in the red shirt on the shoulder unhappily. This guy's strength was on par with his, but he was defeated by him tonight, which made him very unhappy.

"Haha, Jim, I can't stand it anymore. That girl's sleeping posture is so funny. Haha, it's hilarious. Let's stop here and fight again next time."

The boy named Charlie came over and pulled away the cloth on Emily's eyes. It was the first time for him to look at this girl at a close distance.

"Perfect facial features. Look pretty. But these clothes are too rustic. Jim, this rustic girl is yours! Let's go back. " The boy in red left with his men.

Emily was still sleeping. Her biggest hobby was sleeping. She could fall asleep even if she stood there. For her, having enough sleep is the most important thing in this world.

She didn't notice that people had left. She kept snoring --

"What a pig! You two, take her back." The masked boy shook his head and ordered helplessly.

"Yes, master."

"Let me go, let me go." Suddenly, Emily raised her head and shook off the hands of the two boys. She woke up from her dream, still suffering from shock.

'Hmm -- It turned out that it was not a dream.

Well, have they finished? The boy in red was gone, and there was only the masked boy around. Did he win?'

"Girl, you are mine now. Come home with me!" At this time, the masked boy blinked his enchanting eyes, lifted up her collar and got in a black Bentley.

"Hey, what do you mean by 'I'm yours'? I don't want to go home with you! Let me get out of the car. "

Emily's strength was actually useless in front of this boy.

"I have won the match. Of course you are the pet I won back home. From now on, if you behave well, I will spoil you very much. But if you don't, then maybe I will do some really rude things! "

The boy sat next to her. His evil and attractive breath gushed over her head. He slowly said something disgusting.

'He was definitely a freak. It was only because I bumped into their fight! I just came out for a walk in the middle of the night! Why did I become the pet of this stranger in an instant!

I had become a rich girl today, then had become a pet tonight. How could the gap be so big?'

"I don't want to talk to you anymore, freak. Do you know who I am?" In a moment of desperation, she had to use the An Family to save herself. It had been a long time, they might had realized that she had been missing and was crazy looking for her!

"Who are you? You are just my kitten, my sweetest pet. " The masked boy laughed and touched her head with one hand.

"Ewww, gross! Let me tell you. I'm Shirley, the Lady of the An Family. You'd better let me get out of the car now, or you'll be dead if they find me." Emily pursed her lips and smiled proudly.

"Ha ha, I don't know Shirley. I only know my kitten."

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