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   Chapter 4 A Gentle And Handsome Boy Named Oliver

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 10316

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She raised her head and was too busy to care about the honey at the corner of her mouth.

"Mr. Oliver, why don't you eat? Come on, don't be so formal with me. These are really delicious. Eat more. Don't waste them." With chopsticks pointing at the dishes on the plate while talking, Emily invited Oliver to join her team hospitably.

"Well, Miss Shirley, the corners of your mouth." Oliver took out a snow-white handkerchief from the pocket of his school uniform top and handed it to her. He couldn't help wiping her mouth gently.

With her round black eyes wide open, Emily looked at this handsome and gentle boy wiping the corner of her mouth. She almost drooled.

'Oh my God! I'm going to be enchanted.'

"You'd better do it yourself." Oliver suddenly realized that he had gone too far. He quickly put the handkerchief in her hand, lowered his head, and slowly ate the food on the plate with chopsticks.

"Okay." With a smile, Emily took the handkerchief and wiped off the rest of the sauce.

"Well, Oliver, I'll return the handkerchief to you after I wash it. I've stained it." Emily had the gall to smile awkwardly.

"No, thanks. I change a handkerchief every day and never repeatedly use one. Just take it as a gift for you." Oliver said generously.

"Wow, so you have 365 handkerchiefs in 365 days?" It was the first time that Emily had realized how extravagant students in a noble school can be, which she couldn't help but marvel.

"Yes, is it strange?" Oliver thought she had asked a weird question. In Holy Sakura, most of the clothes that every student wore would not be repeated, and the clothes were far more than 365 sets.

"No, no, is everyone's eccentricity different? Like me, do you know what my eccentricity is? " Emily seized the topic and continued to chitchat with Oliver, trying to ease the embarrassment between the two of them.

"Let me guess! Is it that you go to the supermarket to squeeze instant noodles or you clean the bathrooms when you feel aggrieved? " Oliver asked jokingly.

"Ha ha, I won't do such a boring thing. I like tissues, many pieces and all kinds of tissues. Although I can't use them up, every time I go to the supermarket, I buy a stack of them and save them at home. "

"You are so weird. Why would you buy so many tissues?"

"Look, the pattern on each tissue is different. I bought tissues to find inspirations on them. Every time I can find inspirations for my design on the packages of these tissues."

Emily said seriously, with her tiny lips open and close and her eyebrows dancing. Oliver was actually attracted by her seriousness and didn't want to interrupt her.

"What do you want to design?"

"Do you know what my dream is? My dream is to defeat Jenny and become a successful jewelry designer for young girls. " Emily said firmly with her fists clenched. The confidence and persistence on her resolute face show that she will never give up.

Jenny Qian, hearing the name, Oliver was stunned. He didn't catch the chopsticks in his hand and dropped them on the china bowl. The clang brought her back from those somewhat whimsical thoughts.

Everyone who had heard what she said burst into laughter and made fun of her whimsical ideas. Oliver must be another one, he even dropped his chopsticks.

"Girl, go for it! It's not a problem to defeat her, as long as you are willing to work hard." Oliver picked up the chopsticks back into his hand calmly and encouraged her.

"Mr. Oliver, are you sure you are not making fun of me?" Emily asked in confusion. Logically speaking, there should have been a scathing mockery after she talked about her dream.

"How could it be? Why would I laugh at you? Anyone who has a dream deserves to be respected, but it's useless to only have a dream. You should take actions."

"Of course." Emily answered without hesitation, biting her lips.

When she was fifteen years old, she saw Jenny on TV. Jenny was the goddess who was directly sent to France to learn design from the Junior High School Department of Holy Sakura. She was excellent in both appearance and family background. Moreover, she was talented in design. The first jewelry she launched had become the love of countless upper class people.

With a unique bracelet, she became famous as a talented young female designer. In Holy Sakura, she became the most popular talented young girl, and in the outside world, she became the favorite of the public.

The several designs launched in the next year laid down her position as a wizard of design. Her sales had been leading both at home and abroad.

It would be enough if she could become such a person and the pride of the entire Holy Sakura. At that time, holding the unfinished sketch in her hand, Emily was sure about her dream.

She was full of passion for design, and with her efforts, she believed that one day she could make it.

To defeat Jenny and build her own first class jewelry brand.

After lunch, the two seemed to become good friends with no secrets in an instant. Walking in the school, they attracted the attention of passers-by.

"Look! Mr. Oliver is with that violent dragon?

" Classmate A pulled classmate B's hand and whispered.

"Didn't she swear that she is Prince James' fiancée? Why is she still so close with Mr. Oliver?" With jealousy, B curled her lips and complained unwillingly.

"Humph, that's what a bitch is like! Dating different men at the same time. " She said sarcastically.


Emily suddenly sneezed two times in a row while she was walking, and her slim body shivered.

'What happened?' Who on earth cursed her behind her back? She rubbed her nose, poked her head out and looked around. She found those eyes on them were dodging at the speed of light.

What? Was she so terrible?

"Miss Shirley, class begins! Why are you still standing there? " Oliver's slender fingers reached out and gently flicked her forehead, pulling back her thoughts that had wandered to the Pacific Ocean.


"It hurts! It hurts so much! Mr. Oliver, you are so cruel. Can't you be a little bit gentle?" She stroked her forehead, frowned her elegant eyebrows and complained.

"I'm already very gentle. If I don't wake you up, maybe you can stay here for the whole day." With his hands clasped behind his back, Oliver's slim tall figure gradually faded away, leaving behind a view of his elegant back.

Emily was totally attracted. Mr. Oliver is extremely handsome. Even the view of his back was damn cool.

Stop -- If she continued to be absent-minded, she would be scolded again.

"Mr. Oliver, wait for me!" Emily glared at the high heels on her feet with hatred and chased after him, enduring the pain.

It was not easy for her to get through a tough day. Fortunately, that big devil hadn't come to class since he left. She felt a little relieved.

As soon as the school bell rang, she rushed out of the classroom.

Finally, she didn't have to pretend to be someone else. She felt so comfortable. She took her schoolbag, kicked off her high heels, lay on the soft grass in the park, bathed in the faint glow of the setting sun, hummed a tune, and felt very relaxed.

"My Lady, where are you? It's time to go home! " Suddenly, she heard the most annoying voice of Luke.

'Oh, my god! How unlucky I am!' She was haunted by these bad guys. Her freedom and rights were all deprived by them.

Sure enough, it didn't take Luke much time to find her on the grass. There were also two strong bodyguards who were taller than mountains standing behind him.

"My Lady, it's time to go home!" Luke waved his hand, then each of the two bodyguards behind him used one hand to pick her up from the grass and ruthlessly threw her into the luxury car.

'Oh boy! Emily, you can't escape from this misfortune in the end! Before you return that one million dollars, just accept your fate!'

The sky was torn apart by a helpless howl, and several crows in the distance screamed excitedly.

"What? Reading?" Emily was sitting on the chair in the study. A stack of high-end books were placed in front of her like a mountain, pressing her under and squeezing the breath out of her.

"Yes, our Lady grew up in America. Her English is fluent, and her academic performance and literal temperament are excellent. You have to finish these foreign classics in the shortest time. In addition, I will arrange family teachers to teach you."

Oh, no, forcing her to read is no different from killing her. Especially English. She had severe subject bias since childhood. Her English and math were messes.

"May I refuse to read them?" Emily looked at Luke with a pitiful, harmless and kind-hearted face. Please, she just stayed for such a short time. It was better to find the real Lady back than to let her learn!

"No." Luke said seriously, killing her last hope. Although she looked like the real Lady, he would not be softhearted to her. After all, she was just a humble and ordinary girl, not the noble, elegant and lovely Lady.

"Oh shoot, I will read them, but I don't guarantee to finish or understand them!" Emily pissed off right away. She showed her true colors and cursed, then picked up a book about earthworms and covered her head with it.

"There will be other classes such as etiquette, dance, piano and tennis tomorrow. As the Lady, you must tackle all these." Luke stood aside. His words made her even more desperate.

This fast paced life made Emily so scared that she almost fainted. The Lady of a rich family was damn hard to be!

'Why I'm living such a miserable life? Evil Daddy and Mommy, humph, don't come back if you have guts. Otherwise, I will punish you for leaving such a big mess to me.'

At nine o'clock in the evening, she woke up from a beautiful dream after only a few minutes' reading. In her dream, she saw a super handsome boy. When she was about to touch his sexy chest with her soft hand, she woke up feeling freezing, with a silver thread at the corner of her mouth.

She wiped her saliva, stretched herself and opened the curtains. The whole villa was still in brightness. The luxurious court chandeliers were glowing dim yellow lights, and the huge villa was cold and quiet.

Suddenly, a bold idea occurred to her, and she quickly took actions.

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