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   Chapter 3 Entering Holy Sakura Noble School

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'What's the big deal? We're all daughters from prestigious financial groups and political tycoons.'

One of the girls rolled her eyes subtly, casting a scornful look at Emily.

"Where's my seat, Sir?" Emily looked around, frowning when she saw that there was no empty seats in the classroom.

"Miss Shirley, please sit next to His Highness for the time being. After class, I will inform the Property Management Department to prepare a new desk for you."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you." Emily beamed at the teacher. She quickly walked to the seat where the evil prince was asleep. She could put up with this for one class. It was no big deal.

"Let's continue our class. Miss Shirley, we usually begin a new term earlier than ordinary schools. You can ask a teacher or the class leader next to you to make up for all the classes you've missed in the past two days."

"I will." Emily tried her best to look prim and proper in front of all her classmates.

She walked slowly to the seat beside James. His thick eyelashes framed his eyes so perfectly, and his jawline was well-defined.

Honestly, if the boy was sleeping, he wasn't that annoying. His attitude was the only thing that broke his entire allure.

Curling her lips in displeasure, Emily sat on the chair and listened to the class quietly.

"She's so pretentious!" A coquettish girl rolled her eyes and crossed her arms at the sight of the newcomer.

"How dare she sit beside His Highness? She's doomed for sure." Some of the girls even snickered at her misfortune.

Although Emily heard everything, she simply lowered her head. There was no way she would embarrass herself again. To better establish herself in this school, she had to endure all of this.

She looked inside her backpack and resisted the urge to groan when she couldn't find any of her books. 'How am I going to study, Luke?'

"I can lend my book to you. There are notes written all over it. If you have the time, you can study all the previous contents." A gentle voice sounded beside her, and a neat book was placed on her desk. The handwriting scribbled on the pages were neat and unique.

"Thank you." When she turned, Emily found herself mesmerized by another handsome face in the campus.

The boy's white uniform was tidy. Strands of his dark hair fell around the sides of his ears, framing his warm face. A pair of dimples appeared on each side of his cheeks. They deepened when he smiled.

The boy in front of her was far different from the one sleeping beside her.

Emily resisted the urge to swoon. There were definitely perks in attending the Holy Sakura Noble School. Not only was she pushed into a world of jewelries and richest, but she was also introduced to handsome men.

"You're welcome. It's my pleasure." He then turned to share his desk mate's book.

"Our beloved class leader also helped her! Is she really that charming?" The girls in the front row gritted their teeth in annoyance.

Emily turned to the front page. There was a boy's name written at the corner of the page.

Oliver Qiao. What a pleasant name.

As the class droned on, the person next to Emily moved. He finally woke up.

"Violent dragon, why are you here?" His scarlet eyes squinted at her.

'This girl's so bold that she actually had the nerve to sit beside me!'

"Can't I sit here?" Emily rolled her eyes. It wasn't as if the classroom was his.

"Do you know whose seat you're sitting on now?" He motioned to her chair.

"Well, it's not yours." Not wanting to get into another argument, Emily turned her page and listened in on the lecture.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Emily still hadn't moved and James became even more irritated at the sight of her. Suddenly, he stood up from his chair, grabbed her collar, and shoved her onto the ground. Emily grunted.

"Your Highness, you're so cool!" The girls cheered. Seeing their competitor lying on the ground, they couldn't help but be ecstatic.

"Everything in this school is mine. You'd better not provoke me, or you won't be able to stay here. Remember the slap you've given me? One day, I'll pay you back." James sneered.

After saying those words, he kicked the chair that she had just sat on and left the classroom.

That was what she got for tolerating the damned devil over and over again! Emily gritted her teeth.

"Oh my God! His Highness is getting even more handsom

e every day!"

"Please, he was already the most handsome guy since junior high." Emily couldn't stand the gossip that reverberated across the classroom.

Rolling her eyes,

she struggled to stand up only to fall right back down on the ground.

"Ugh," she groaned out.

'It's the first day, and I already made a fool of myself!

Mother Earth, if you love me enough, could you not torture me so much already?'

As if Mother Earth had heard her cries, a warm hand reached out while his other arm wrapped around her slender waist. Oliver Qiao pulled her up.

"Are you okay?" His smile was blinding.

"I don't know how to thank you." Emily bowed her head, scratching the back of her neck awkwardly. Her face was flushed after what had happened.

"Then invite me to lunch," Oliver Qiao offered bluntly.

Emily raised her head and grinned widely. Of course! How could she not have thought of this before. "That's a great idea!"

"It's really nice to meet you, Shirley. My name is Oliver Qiao, the class leader. You can ask me any questions about your studies in the future," he greeted her formally.

"I may have already read your name from the book you borrowed me. You have incredible handwriting," she complimented, reaching out to shake his hand.

"Shirley, has anyone ever told you that you look adorable when you smile?" he whispered in her ear.

Emily froze for a millisecond.

It felt as if she was floating in her own dreamscape!

All the humiliation she felt was gone. Thinking of having lunch with the handsome boy in front of her, she smiled.

The two of them walked to the student canteen as they talked and laughed.

The cafeteria was far different from any of those in ordinary schools. It was arranged neatly and elegantly, displaying the amount of money invested into such a place.

The two of them found a table by the window and sat down. On the table, there were two electronic tablets. They could order any food or dishes they liked by sliding the food onto the shopping cart. They would then take out a student card and swiped it in the menu. After hearing two beeps, the payment would be successful. Five minutes later, a waiter would be pushing the dining cart over that held all of their orders.

All these high-end ways of ordering were unknown to Emily. In her world, all she did was point at the dish she wanted and a canteen worker would put a spoonful on her stainless tray.

Sure enough, this school was truly different.

When she saw that Oliver Qiao finished ordering, she was actually at a loss of what to do.

"Didn't you invite me to lunch? Shouldn't you be the one to swipe your card?" he teased lightly.

"Yes! That's exactly what I'm about to do." After thinking for a while, Emily suddenly remembered the golden card that Luke had given her before he left.

She took out the card and glanced at the engraved words that said 'Campus Card'. That was the one.

She handed it to him.

"Are you really okay with me swiping it?" His eyes glinted.

"Do it. Money's not a problem." Acting like a rich aristocrat, Emily waved her hand dismissively.

She stared at the way he swiped the card. Facing upward, the card was placed into the payment box. In two beeps, the payment was successful.

'That's so easy!'

In order not to embarrass herself, Emily imitated Oliver step by step.

'I'm a genius!' she thought after ordering successfully. She placed the card in her pocket and waited for her lunch.

Before long, a waitress had arrived with her cart. She placed their trays on the table with a sweet smile.

The aroma itself was tempting, and the colors were bright. The food looked incredibly appetizing. Emily swallowed and picked up her chopsticks. She was like a hungry wolf about to ravage her prey.

Bacon with green pepper, eggplant with meat, sweet and sour spareribs, crispy chicken legs... Her mouth watered.

She took a small careful bite. It was incredibly delicious. Back then, in her own school, the food in the cafeteria was a nightmare. In here, the food could even rival those in the restaurants!

Emily wolfed down the entire thing as if no one was around. She even forgot that there was a handsome boy sitting opposite her. He was staring at her with chopsticks as an awkward smile weaved into his surprised expression.

Emily reddened. She had forgotten that she was dining with someone else.

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