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   Chapter 2 Becoming Rich In A Second

Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap By Su Banqing Characters: 9823

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A sapphire Rolls Royce sports car passed by Emily, blowing up the hemline of her rose-red school dress. In fact, it almost even revealed her cartoon underpants.

Emily shrieked, hurriedly trying to protect her dress.

She stomped over to the car.

"Hey! How the hell do you even drive?" she yelled at the person in the car as her fist slammed against the window.

All of a sudden, the door opened and a tall man got off the car. His perfectly shaped eyebrows were raised and his scarlet eyes were blazing with anger. There was something about his features that seemed regal, and he exuded nothing but arrogance and dexterity.

She had never seen such a handsome man in her lifetime!

Emily found herself drawn to his eyes.

"Don't fall in love with me, Ugly, or you'll get yourself into trouble." The man leaned over and approached her. His handsome face was less than five centimeters away from hers.

Suddenly, she snapped back into reality.

"Who the hell are you calling ugly?" Emily's nails dug into her palm as she straightened her back, ready to give him a lesson.

"Who else would it be?" The man sneered. Then he turned and was about to leave.

"I'll show you real ugly!" Emily was already level 8 in her Taekwondo, and today, the boy would have a taste of her punches.

She grabbed the collar of his purple shirt and wanted to reel him over.

But before she could do so, he grabbed her arm and threw her up into the air. Her grip loosened around his collar as she flailed around in mid-air.

'Crap! I can't make a fool of myself!' Emily scanned the pavements for a safe place to land. She quickly found her balance and landed steadily. Without missing a beat, she stretched out one of her legs; she was aiming to kick him out of balance.

The fight had drawn a lot of attention in the campus. The moment they heard of the fight, they all rushed out to see what was happening.

'It's Prince James! We can finally see him now.' The girls stood in the hallway as they tried to get a better look of their crush. Swooning, they leaned against the wall.

"His Highness is really good at fighting!" "He's perfect!" The girls gazed at him as if they were drunk. Some of them even rushed out of their classrooms to wave at him crazily.

"You can do it!" they cheered. Their screams echoed across the field.

It had never occurred to James Ou that the girl he was faced with was good at fighting. In fact, if he hadn't received all kinds of professional training, he would've already lost.

In a few moves, he was finally able to press her against the car. Her face was flushed, and she panted.

"I shouldn't have called you ugly. I should've just called you a violent dragon. Well? Are you done?" James Ou sneered, gazing at the girl's humiliating posture with interest.

"You think I'm afraid of you?" Emily spat out. "Let go of me!"

"If I let you go now, then what's the fun?"

"Bastard!" Emily tried to stomp her heels against his lower legs, but he had already predicted her movements.

He pulled her hard, making her fall into his arms. Before she could struggle against him, he kissed her hard on the lips.

His lips sent an electric shock over her entire system. It felt as if all her nerve endings were singing in celebration. His warm lips was enough for her to relax under his grip.

Her heart started to beat even more violently that she was afraid that it could jump out at any moment.

"Who the hell is that girl? How could she kiss our prince?" All of the girls glared at Emily with jealousy encroaching on their hearts.

Suddenly, blood rushed up Emily's face as she hurriedly shoved him away. Without giving him the time to say anything, she raised her hand and slapped him. Everyone gasped.

"How dare you?" James Ou roared, trying his best to restrain his anger. This girl was doomed for all eternity!

"You think one slap is enough? You deserve a thousand slaps for what you've done. That was my first kiss!" Emily wanted to slap him again. She had saved her first kiss for her future boyfriend, but it seemed she wouldn't be saving anything at this point because of the devil in front of her!

James Ou grabbed her wrist. He wanted to drag her to the headmaster's office. Not only was she late for class, but she even also mustered up the courage to slap him like this. How dare her!

"Let's see if your attitude would change once I drag you to the headmaster's office," he snapped.

Luke just came out of the headmaster's office. He had already gone through all the enrollment procedures, so Emily was now free to take her class. However, when he came to look for her, he was met with another situation.

"Your Highness, please show mercy," he murmured, bowing his head.

"Who are you?" James Ou glared at the ordinary man in front of him.

"Your Highness, I'm Luke, the butler of the An Family. The An Family will

soon be your in-laws by marriage. The person you're holding is none other than your fiancee, Miss Shirley." Luke thought that the prince didn't even take a good look at the young lady when he was arranged to marry her. It was also said that the man was very reluctant to marry her.

"What? Her? Are you kidding me? Do you think she's good enough for me?" James Ou sneered, looking at Emily up and down.

She was nothing but average, and to top it all off, she even had a bad temper. There was no way that the girl in front of her would be his fiancee!

"Crap, she's Shirley An? She just came back from abroad, and she's going to be His Highness's fiancee!" The crowd gaped at the duo in front of them.

"Your Highness, I wouldn't dare lie."

"Luke, you're saying that this man is engaged to me?" Emily didn't expect that the man who would be marrying her would be so rude!

"Yes, Miss Shirley."

"I will never get engaged," the two of them said in unison. Without another word, they turned and walked separate ways, leaving Luke alone.

Luke furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what had just happened. All he did was file some papers, and now he returned to see that the marriage had failed! His master would surely murder him for this.

He had to rebuild James's impression of Emily. It would benefit the An Family if she was to marry the Prince of Sakura Kingdom.

"Miss Shirley, wait for me," Luke yelled, pushing through the crowd.

"I will never be engaged to such a boy!" Emily gritted her teeth.

"Well, can you give me a million now?" Luke pulled out his only trump card. He didn't believe that such a poor girl from the countryside would have that much money.

"I don't have that much money now. How about you give me a week to raise it?" she suggested. She didn't even have ten dollars with her, let alone a million!

"How about this? If you get to pay back the money, you can stop standing in for Miss Shirley. Of course, before that, you must cooperate with my arrangements."

The corners of his mouth inched up. Luke was sure that she wouldn't be able to give so much money. By the time she made so much, they would've already found Shirley. There was no need for Emily to stand in for her by then.

"You'd better keep your promise," Emily warned.

"Of course I will. I'm the most well-respected butler in the An Family. Why would I lie to you?"

"Pinkie swear!" Emily stretched out her pinkie and motioned him to do the same.

Luke burst into laughter. Although they looked the same, Emily was far too optimistic and kind-hearted. She was nothing like the cold and arrogant Shirley.

"Well?" Emily pouted in displeasure, afraid that he wouldn't keep to the end of his bargain.

"Let's do it." Luke stretched out his pinkie and swore to her.

"Luke, can I not wear heels in the future? My feet hurt." Emily held up her heels before stepping her bare feet onto the marble floor.

"But Miss Shirley likes wearing high heels the most."

"Your Miss has never been to this school, right? I don't think it's that big of a deal if I won't wear heels."

"That's right, but..."

"I'm going to class. See you after school." Emily rushed to the classroom with her heels in hand as she waved goodbye to Luke.

"Pay attention to your manners, Miss. You imp!" Luke groaned, patting his thigh helplessly.

Given that Emily came from the countryside, she didn't have the same manners or upbringing as Shirley. Transforming her would be incredibly difficult.

Looking at her admission card, Emily finally found her class.

'Class A, Grade One. That's it!'

She stopped at the door of the classroom and wore her heels. After tidying herself up, she pushed the door.


A sweet voice interrupted the teacher's lecture. Everyone turned their heads to see who it was.

'Isn't she the girl who fought with His Highness just then? She even kissed him and slapped him on the face! It's said that she's also his fiancee!'

'Why is she here? Is she part of our class?'

Some of the girls turned to look at James who was sitting in the last row. He bent over his desk and slept soundly.

He didn't even notice the ruckus happening in the classroom.

They didn't dare wake him up.

The teacher knew exactly who she was. The headmaster had just reported to him in person that the girl was an extremely important student in the school. She was Shirley, the daughter of the An Family, owner of one of the four top financial groups in Sakura Kingdom.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Shirley. Do come in."

The teacher shot her a flattering smile. Emily was not used to the way her teacher nodded and bowed at her. In the past, she wouldn't even dare breathe in front of them. Now, she was treated like a VIP.

"This is Shirley, the daughter of the An Financial Group. You are all part of the same class from now on, so take care of each other, okay?"

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