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   Chapter 269 Love You

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Santosh sat on the chair and looked inside leisurely.

He said slowly, "Well, now I want to find out the mole and clear up the nepotism. Who is his uncle? Stand out!"

Although Santosh had said so, no one dared to make a sound.

Jose's voice became louder and louder and the man with golden glasses was so scared now.

Santosh saw with his own eyes that Jose was knocked out and he also looked at the old man with a pair of golden glasses.

Santosh only gave the order to the bodyguards to start beating the next one.

Looking at Jose, the people inside were scared and began to introduce themselves.

"My uncle is the vice manager."

"My aunt is a shareholder of your company!"

"I..." Those people were afraid that they would be treated like Jose. They just wanted to save themselves, but they didn't think about how their backers could deal with the thing.

Looking at this, Santosh kept thinking about Eva's soft face.

He had cleared up all the spies in the company and then he had to take good care of the company. So he still couldn't see Eva.

On the other side, when Eva came out of her friend's house, she felt that her mood was suddenly enlightened. All the hesitation was gone, and she couldn't wait to make a call to Santosh. A familiar sound came from the phone, "Finally you want to make the call to me. I thought you were going to disappear."

"What are you talking about? Nothing serious!" Eva tried to retort him, "How about you? How are you doing recently?"

"I'm really busy these days. You can come back to see me when you are free. However, although I hate Cathy very much, she has come back recently and she has distracted the old people's attention. This made me feel much more relaxed."

Santosh sounded relaxed. It seemed that he had a good life without her.

All of a sudden, she felt a little sour in her heart. She wanted to say something to him, but she didn't know what to say. After a while, she said in a low voice, "Then you really have to thank her!"

Although Eva didn't realize that her words were full of jealousy, Santosh could feel that she was jealous of her.

Eva was a person who seldom revealed her emotions. It was rare for him to see her emotional feelings after being together for such a long time. So when she was deeply moved on the day of the proposal, Santosh was really proud for a long time.

But today when he heard her talking on the phone, he didn't feel unhappy, but felt happy in his heart.

Santosh was so busy that he forgot to speak. Eva didn't hear his voice and she also didn't know what to say.

As a result, both of them were silent.

Just as Eva was about to hang up the phone, a voice suddenly came from the other end of the phone.

"Eva, I love you! I miss you so much!"

These simple words immediately dispelled the haze in Eva's heart.

She held the phone and smiled happily. Then, she replied in a low voice

ground in a low voice, "What's wrong? Why don't you want to have piano class?"

Jason didn't say anything. Eva asked anxiously, "Jason, is there anything wrong?"

"Karl Deng always makes fun of me. He took away my pen yesterday and put a bug on my piano the day before yesterday, and he also..."

Jason said with grievance in his eyes.

Eva shook her head slightly and said, "Jason, you can't avoid someone just because he is not good to you. He bullies you because he is jealous of you and he is jealous that you are better than him. Therefore, the more you avoid him, the more complacent he will feel that you are afraid of him. He will think that you always try to avoid him.

If you really avoid him, he will benefit a lot. So you have to remember that you have to be strong. The more someone bullies you, the stronger you have to be. You have to be strong and do better. You have to tell that person with your own excellence that he once bullied you just because he is a coward. He can only use small tricks instead of beating someone seriously. Do you understand? "

Jason thought for a while and answered, "It seems that I know something but to some extent, I don't understand either."

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand. Just remember to be strong. You should be brave enough to go to class and face Karl bravely."

"Okay, I know." Jason nodded his head heavily. Eva touched her head with a smile. Jason asked her, "Mommy, when will daddy come back?"

"Dad has something else to do, but he will be back in two days. Does Jason miss your father? "


"Okay, we're going to school."

She asked the nanny to send Jason to school, and she felt relaxed.

In the afternoon, the phone rang.

"Where are you?"

"Me?" Eva closed the book with one hand and threw it on the tea table beside. She changed a comfortable posture and said to Santosh on the other end of the phone, "I'm reading a book at home."

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