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   Chapter 268 There Is A Spy In The Company

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He knew that no matter what he explained now, Santosh would take it as a bargaining chip and Santosh would thought that he wanted to escape.

He felt sorry for the company and Santosh, but he didn't do such a terrible thing, did he?

Bill's nervousness was totally different from Santosh's calmness.

Santosh just held the big gun without any expression.

He didn't shake his hand when he pointed the muzzle of the gun at Bill. Now, he seemed to be a cold killer.

"Bill, as a senior executive of the company and the director of the financial department, you are responsible for the company's tax every year. Then why is the company exposed by others in this way?" Santosh threw a pile of newspapers in front of him.

There were various titles on it, saying that Santosh was a villain. They were trying their best to discredit his company.

As a businessman, he knew that if he didn't explain this thing, not only the company's image would be affected, but also the police court would come to him.

At that time, he would be directly sentenced.

It was hard to tell what Bill was thinking about. Why did he betray Santosh instead of being the top manager of the company?

Santosh clenched his fists and tried not to shoot the gun.

He didn't want to kill people here for the time being, but Bill didn't know his ideas. He just saw that the muzzle of Santosh's gun was aimed at him. He was so scared now.

Besides, he was so frightened that he immediately told the truth to him since he heard what Santosh said just now.

He didn't dare to hide anything from him at all.

He had to tell him everything he had done, "Mr. Santosh, I didn't do it... ……”

It turned out that Bill was greedy and he was urgent to use the money, so he agreed to the hooligan who had been wandering outside the company recently.

He exchanged well-known gossip in the company with the gangster in order to get the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Bill had thought that this matter would be over. After all, no one dared to make trouble with the Qiu family.

However, he had never thought that there was still someone in the world who was not afraid of death.

Bill was embarrassed and he apologized to Santosh, "I'm sorry, Mr. Santosh. I shouldn't have done such a thing. I'll give you all the money."

However, even if he apologized to Santosh, Santosh would not let him go so easily.

Santosh just lowered his head slightly and looked at Bill with an extremely strange look and smile. It made him scared.

"You just spread the news?" Santosh had never known that his company would have such a phenomenon of tax evasion.

He had never heard of it from any subordinate.

However, things had happened, and he had no choice but to deal with it.

The only thing he could do was to find out the traitor who had done this to his company.

However, it was obvious that Bill knew nothing about the thing and he was so scared that he even wanted to pee.

"Mr. Santosh, I swear that I have never done anything harmful to the company."

Bill had only spread the half-true and half-false new

at the expressions of the shareholders in front of him, Santosh began to smile in his heart. His sexy thin lips showed his seriousness.

He smiled at the shareholders with the remote control which was handed over by the bodyguard.

"Now, I'll show you why I caught them all."

Santosh held the remote control and looked at the white wall indifferently.

He smiled evilly and looked at a white wall.

It was a white wall without any stain, like a flawless pearl.

However, the moment Santosh pressed the remote control, the wall began to change.

It gradually became clear. It was like the glass behind the rain, with a layer of mist inside, which was invisible.

But there seemed to be something in it.

Seeing this, all the shareholders had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, "Ah!" A scream slowly came through the sound.

"Uncle, help me!" There was a vague shadow in the wall, which made the originally quiet room a little gloomy.

Hearing the young man's words, the old man who wore a pair of golden glasses looked embarrassed. His face turned pale at once.

He looked at Santosh, who was standing aside and watching coldly, and felt a little angry.

Before he asked Santosh to let him go, Santosh said something.

"It's Jose Li. He is the manager of the public relations department of our company. I have found out that he is the person who helps the company to cheat on tax." Hearing Santosh's words, the old man stopped talking.

"I have caught them today because they are all sinners. All of them have taken part in this thing." Santosh said confidently.

The wall finally became clear and it made people feel frightened.

The inner world was completely another world.

There were all kinds of large and small implements of punishment inside, which were really frightening.

Jose was still making trouble inside.

Jose's request made the old man with golden glasses scared. And those shareholders obviously knew the inside story. Jose was his man. Everyone knew that!

But Santosh pretended not to know the truth at the beginning.

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