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   Chapter 267 Visit In The Hospital

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Chang Du Characters: 9105

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"The air is so fresh." Eva opened the window and took a deep breath of fresh air.

Although Santosh didn't make any response to her, the smile at the corners of his mouth showed his current happy mood.

Although there were so many mistakes at work, he really didn't expect that Eva would say "I love you" today.

Santosh was very happy now, but at the same time, he was not so happy when he got close to the hospital.

The car finally stopped in the parking lot of the hospital. Santosh and Eva came to the outside of the emergency room.

"Doctor, how is the man named Bob now?"

"Are you talking about the man who was sent in today? He is in ward 662 now. You can go and have a look."

As soon as the doctor finished his words, Santosh and Eva rushed to the ward in a hurry.

Eva and Santosh asked about Bob's condition. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong at all. Bob was in a coma because of the collision.

Hearing this, Santosh breathed a sigh of relief.

"That's good. I'm relieved." Santosh said slowly. Anyone could tell how he felt from his words.

"Let's go upstairs and have a look." Santosh said slowly to Eva and she nodded her head in agreement.

When they arrived at the ward, they looked at Bob who was still unconscious now. Santosh came to his side and saw his wife there.

"Who are you?" His wife was an honest person at first glance. When she saw the two people who wore the luxurious clothes, she stood up unconsciously.

"Well, I'm his boss. My name is Santosh."

"Oh, you are Santosh who is mentioned on TV." The woman said excitedly when she heard what Santosh said.

"Thank you. Is it you who have paid for my husband's medical fee?"

The woman said excitedly.

"It's my fault. I'm sorry to you." Hearing her words, Santosh felt very guilty. He didn't know what was going on.

"No, you are really a good person. You know, many bosses don't pay the medical fees after hearing that the employees have an accident. Our neighbor's arm was broken in the construction site a few days ago. His boss didn't even pay a visit to him."

The woman seemed to have a lot to say and said to Santosh in a hurry.

"I didn't expect you would be so young and handsome. Is this lady your wife?"

The woman asked.

Santosh nodded his head.

"She is so beautiful."

After hearing the woman's words, Eva felt that her face became ruddy. It was probably the first time that she had been praised like this.

"When will he wake up?" After the greetings, Santosh asked the thing he cared most.

"Well, I have no idea about it. He should be asleep now. The doctor said that there was nothing serious. My husband is always careless."

Before Santosh could say anything, t

e was very clear that this tax evasion was not groundless.

With a livid face, Santosh stood in front of a group of department directors, managers and people in charge.

He threw a thick stack of paper on their faces handsomely.

Santosh said in a bad tone, "Look at them! What are they? "

His eyes were as sharp as eagles, and he could tell at a glance that Bill Wang was playing tricks in the dark.

Bill lowered his head and his body was trembling uncontrollably, especially when Santosh walked up to him. He seemed to have done something wrong.

Santosh ordered Bill in a low and cold voice, "Bill, stand out!"

Santosh stared at Bill with his beautiful eyes.

Bill widened his eyes. He couldn't believe what Santosh said, so he had to come out of the crowd.

In the blazing eyes of a group of people, he was still holding his head high, but his feet were a little trembling.

He tried his best to calm himself down and asked Santosh, "What can I do for you, Mr. Santosh?"

He raised his head and peeked at Santosh with his small eyes.

He couldn't see the expression in Santosh's eyes. The black vortex inside the eyes seemed to suck him in the next second.

It was so frightening.

Santosh didn't say anything and just kept looking at him. He kept staring at him until Bill couldn't hold on any longer.

"Mr. Santosh..." Bill couldn't stand Santosh's sharp eyes anymore.

No matter how beautiful Santosh's eyes were, he didn't want to look at him.

Seeing Bill like this, Santosh slowly took out a small pistol from the third drawer of his desk, and the muzzle of the pistol was facing Bill who walked out of the crowd.

It was a big deal. This was the first thing in Bill's mind.

"Mr. Santosh, I... ……” Bill didn't know what to say when looking at the muzzle of the gun.

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