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   Chapter 266 Something Happened In The Construction Site

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Just as the atmosphere was very tense, a bell suddenly rang.


The two of them were shocked, especially Eva. She suddenly screamed and looked very scared.

"Don't be afraid. It's just a ring." Santosh said slowly. Then he turned on the light and said with concern.

"Do you want to hear more?"

"No, no." Eva refused in a hurry. But when the light was turned on, she was in a better mood and was not afraid at all.

Santosh answered the phone at this time. After hearing the words from the person on the other side of the phone, he frowned tightly, as if something bad had happened.

"What's the matter?" Seeing Santosh's sad face, Eva asked with concern.

"Something happened in the construction site." Santosh said to Eva. "I have to go out now. You just stay at home."

"Wait a minute." At this moment, Eva suddenly stopped Santosh. Santosh felt confused. He turned his head and looked at Eva.

"I'm a little scared." Finally, she gave her answer.

"Ha-ha, let me take you with me." Santosh said slowly. Why did he tell him a ghost story just now? Why did he make his beautiful wife so scared?

After saying that, the two of them got on their own cars and rushed to the construction site.

"What happened?" When Santosh arrived, there were already a lot of people gathering there, so Santosh quickly asked the chief worker in front of him. He wanted to know what was going on.

"I was sleeping soundly in the dormitory of the construction site when I suddenly heard a scream. When I arrived, I found that Bob Feng was lying on the ground in the rain. So I called the ambulance in a hurry. "

At this time, the ambulance arrived. Santosh looked at Bob who was lying on the ground and felt very confused in his heart.

"Well, you'd better hurry up and carry him upstairs. I'll pay the medical expenses."

After all, he was his worker, so he should be responsible for his injury. Moreover, he didn't know what had happened, so Santosh said this to others at present.

Fortunately, Santosh said so. Everyone knew that Santosh was a good boss, so they quickly carried the person who was on the ground to the hospital.

"How could this be?" Santosh frowned. If something happened, he would be responsible for it. Santosh felt that the thing was not that simple.

Looking at the scene, Santosh quickly asked some people to check if there was anything unusual around.

"Mr. Santosh, I have found this." At this moment, a worker suddenly came to Santosh's side with a parcel.

Santosh frowned and asked someone to open the package.

"Boss, what is this?"

The worker was confused when he open

s moment, Santosh suddenly got close to Eva and whispered these three words in her ear.

At the same time, Eva suddenly felt that her heart seemed to be caught by something. She really couldn't describe what kind of feeling she had.

Such words were undoubtedly powerful in such an ambiguous atmosphere. They made Eva a little shy.

"You are so annoying."

"Do you love me?" Santosh looked into Eva's eyes.

The two people's eyes met in the air, as if something was about to gush out.

Eva didn't know what she was thinking about now. She just knew that she couldn't figure it out no matter how hard she tried.

"I..." Although Eva really wanted to say the same words to him, her face was flushed as if she could not say them at all.

"I don't want to force you. It's enough as long as I love you."

At this moment, Santosh seemed to be merciful and said such words slowly. Eva suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Why did he say that she was forced?

"No, you don't. I love you."

These words were expressed in completely different ways. The first three words were loud, but the last few words were subtle.

"Ha-ha." But Santosh also heard her words. The rain outside began to decrease now.

Such a situation was indeed suitable for everyone to start flirting with others.

"Where should we go now?" Eva asked Santosh after he had changed his clean clothes.

"We are surely going to the hospital. After all, he is my employee. I also want to know what happened today. "


At this moment, Santosh suddenly started the car.

It was said that it was dangerous in the darkness on the rainy days. It was not wrong at all. The storm disappeared gradually, as if there was something else that made people feel refreshed.

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