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   Chapter 265 Scheme In Secret

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Looking at Eva, Santosh felt that his nose was a little hot. He felt that if he continued looking at her like this, he would make nosebleed. So he quickly turned around and wanted to get a glass of water for Eva.

But at this time, Eva suddenly grabbed Santosh's hands and whispered, "Please, come on."

Hearing what Eva said, Santosh couldn't resist his desire any more. He picked her up and pressed her under his body.

"Damn it! She is drugged!" Thinking of this, Santosh resentfully wondered who would do this to her.

After a while, Santosh took out his phone to investigate the matter.

As expected, it was really Cathy.

When answering the phone call just now, Santosh was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

But there was no other way. Now, Eva hadn't suffered any substantial harm, and he probably couldn't find any trace of Cathy now.

He couldn't imagine what would happen if he was a little late.

Thinking of this, Santosh felt a sense of melancholy. Fortunately, he had been there as soon as possible.

"I'm thirsty." Just then, Eva's eyelashes moved slightly and then she opened her eyes.

"You are awake." Santosh said to her when he noticed that Eva woke up.

Eva nodded her head and Santosh immediately went to get a glass of water for her.

After drinking the water in a hurry, Eva looked at Santosh. She was already very thirsty just now.

"Are you feeling better?" Santosh looked at the woman beside him and asked her with concern.

Eva nodded her head and told Santosh everything she had suffered at that time.

Santosh was very angry after hearing the whole thing. He swore that he would make the Li family go bankrupt.

Of course, the Li family did not have a good ending in the end, but that was the later thing.

It was true that Santosh didn't have the ability to do that now, but Santosh had kept this account in his heart.

After all, Eva was not hurt at all. So the thing was over very soon.

As for the land that Santosh had acquired, Tyler had been quiet recently.

Santosh was about to work hard again. He had just bought this piece of land, so he quickened the construction.

He didn't want to make the things be unpredictable.

Santosh knew that he couldn't always be with Eva in such a situation, but for the sake of her safety, Santosh had to keep her by his side all the time.

Eva also knew that after what happened last time, she had to be more careful to everyone. She knew that it might be very dangerous to believe people easily in the world.

The gray sky always made people feel very unhappy. This was the feeling when Eva just got up in the morning.

Looking at the weather outside, Eva decided not to

ing. The weather outside was not good. It was raining heavily.

For the sake of safety on the construction site, Santosh had to let all the workers have a rest.

Soon it was night. Santosh and Eva had just finished their dinner and stayed together to watch the weather forecast of tomorrow.

"I wonder when the typhoon will end." Santosh heaved a sigh and said slowly.

Eva also nodded her head. Although she really hoped that Santosh could accompany her at home, for the sake of his work, he should go back to his original position.

Looking at his sad face all day long, Eva also felt very sorry for him.

The reason why she felt so distressed was, of course, that she saw Santosh's sad face.

"It's so boring." Eva sighed slightly. She felt bored playing games and she was also a little tired, so she said to Santosh in front of her.

"How about telling you a ghost story?"

Santosh looked out of the window at the weather and said slowly. Such a windy and lightning weather was really suitable for telling some ghost stories.

"I won't listen to your story." Although Eva refused such a story, she was a little interested in it when she heard what Santosh said. So she opened her eyes wide.

"Ha-ha, I know you want to hear it." After saying this, Santosh turned off the light with the sound of thunder and lightning and slowly told the deep story.

Perhaps what Santosh said was too vivid, and Eva even trembled when she heard it. She wanted Santosh to hold her, but she finally held back such an idea.

"Wait a minute. I'm a little scared." Santosh was amused by Eva's words. He didn't expect that she would be so timid.

Later, the two gradually were absorbed in the story. Although Santosh was telling a ghost story, he actually felt a little scared on his own.

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