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   Chapter 264 Having Danger When Changing Clothes

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 9004

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Looking at her snow-white dress with red wine, Eva felt unhappy. Her heart was broken. She didn't expect that she had to say goodbye to this dress after such a short time.

"I'm sorry."

Seeing that the enchanting woman kept apologizing to her, Eva didn't feel better at all. After all, it was her fault.

However, in a corner where Eva could not see her, the enchanting woman picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to a familiar number. She said, "It's done."

If Eva saw this, she would definitely know the person who the woman sent the message to, but unfortunately, she did not see it at all.

Eva didn't know where to change her clothes in the hotel, so she had to follow the woman.

There were a lot of people present, so many people looked at Eva. Eva looked back at her clothes and felt very ashamed, so she had to speed up her pace and then said.

"How long will we arrive?"

"Very soon." The woman said.

So soon, Eva came to the place where she could change her clothes and the woman handed her a bottle of water.

"If you don't drink wine, you should drink some water. I really want you to apologize to you. "

The woman said to her. Although Eva was a little skeptical, she was really thirsty. And she also saw on her own that the woman opened this bottle of water just now, so she relaxed herself and took it.

"Okay, thank you."

"You are welcome. I have made so much trouble for you."

The woman said slowly, but in an instant, Eva felt a little dizzy.

But the situation was not so serious, so Eva didn't take it seriously.

"What's your name? Which family are you from?"

Eva asked out of curiosity. "It doesn't matter who I am."

But at this moment, Eva suddenly felt something wrong. Looking at the woman in front of her, Eva felt dizzy. Her expression had become very blurred. She wanted to open her eyes, but she felt that she could not open them anymore.

At this time, Eva suddenly realized that there was really medicine in the bottle of water.

When she looked at the woman again, the expression on the woman's face had become very ferocious. She looked very terrible.

"You don't have to know who I am now. Go to sleep." The woman said slowly, and then Eva had lost her last consciousness.

At this moment, the woman immediately took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Miss Cathy, everything is done. She is in the fitting room now."

"Good." Cathy said with satisfaction when hearing that.

"Now send her to room 210. Remember, don't let anyone see her."

"Yes, my lady." The enchanting woman nodded here head and made a promise to Cathy.

When Eva woke up, she felt as if a fire was burning on her body a

but I really didn't expect that it was your woman. I'm sorry. I'm really wrong."

"Then get out of here at once." Santosh's face was full of anger, but on second thought, he knew that there must be a plot.

Just as the obscene man was about to leave, Santosh said something to him.

"Wait a minute. You know the woman's appearance and phone number, right? Give it to me."

The obscene man gave his phone to Santosh without hesitation and ran away.

At this time, Santosh looked at the woman in front of him. The woman's face was red. She seemed to have been drugged.

He gently came to the side of Eva. Eva opened her sleepy eyes and looked at Santosh in front of her, and said weakly.

"You are finally here! You are finally here, Santosh!"

At this time, the woman sighed slightly, as if her whole body had been tense and then relaxed.

Santosh took Eva home from the hotel. They didn't even attend the celebration party. Everyone anxiously looked for the two people, but they couldn't find them.

Santosh quickly ran to the back door of the car with Eva in his arms. He put her in the back seat and turned around to walk to the driver's seat.

The car galloped at full speed all the way. The scenery on the roadside was completely blurry when the people in the car looked out of the window. He drove the car quickly to home. Santosh quickly ran to the bedroom with Eva in his arms and put her on the bed.

At this time, Eva's face turned red and she seemed to be murmuring something.

Just then, Eva whispered, "Hot, I'm so hot."

As she spoke, she began to pull down her clothes, revealing her snow-white skin.

Seeing this, Santosh swallowed unconsciously.

He fixed his eyes on the movements of Eva's hands and he looked at the large area of her skin outside.

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