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   Chapter 263 Fighting Behind

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Looking at the atmosphere at the scene, Eva suddenly felt very embarrassed. She clapped her little hands gently and rhythmically.

Then, everyone seemed to wake up from the dream and they clapped their hands following the rhythm.

The smile on Santosh's face didn't fade away.

In this way, Santosh won the land.

Eva felt as if nothing had happened. She looked at Santosh in surprise. At this time, Santosh also turned his head and looked at her.

He gently patted on Eva's cheek and said to her.

"I know what you want to say. I will talk to you about the thing when we go home." Of course, at this moment, Santosh's voice was so deep, especially the words "go home first", which sounded very tempting.

"Okay." Eva nodded her head. The auction was over soon.

The highlight of the auction was the matter about Santosh, and it had become a topic of great interest.

Santosh knew that he had ignored Eva these days, so he felt very guilty to her.

"Congratulations, Mr. Santosh." After the auction, such voices came one after another, which really made Eva feel annoyed.

But obviously, Santosh had the same feeling for this kind of polite words. He quickly adapted to this atmosphere.

After returning home, the two of them fell asleep very soon since they had been nervous for a whole day.

After getting up in the morning, Eva instinctively touched the place beside her, but what made her feel cold was that the place beside her was cold.

Eva felt confused and then she opened her eyes and looked at the place beside her.

The coldness in this position had proved that he left a long time ago. Suddenly, a sense of loss came to Eva's heart, but before she could get over that feeling, her phone rang.

Then Eva got up in a daze and went to look for her cell phone beside her. She searched for a long time, but she still couldn't find it. Fortunately, the phone kept ringing. Following the sound of the phone, she finally found her own cell phone.

"Hello?" After answering the phone, Eva heard a familiar voice.

"There is a celebration party today. It will be held at twelve o'clock at Caesar Hotel at noon. I'll pick you up later. Remember to dress up."

As soon as Eva answered the phone, she received such a message. When she saw the time on the phone again, she became anxious.

Maybe she was too tired yesterday. She didn't expect that it would be already ten o'clock in the morning. No wonder he had already left.

There was still an hour left. Thinking of this, Eva quickly went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

When she just finished cleaning herself up, there came a familiar knock on the door.

"You... So soon."

"It's already half past eleven. Do you get up too late, lazy girl?"

Looking at the woman in front of him, Santosh felt that his heart was full of happiness. So he said in a low voice, as if it was filled with the lo

began soon. As the most important person of the party, Santosh naturally had a lot of social engagements, so Santosh was busy, and then he gradually ignored Eva.

"You are Eva, right? I have something to tell you. Do you have any time?"

Just then, a coquettish woman came to the side of Eva and said to her.

"What's the matter?"

Eva was very confused. She didn't know this woman at all.

"Why don't you save my face?"

"Let's talk about it here."

"Well, I'll give you a drink."

"I don't drink the alcohol."

When the two of them talked about this, Eva knew that the coquettish woman was well prepared when she came to find her. Looking at the appearance of Eva, the woman was a little impatient.

"Just take it if I give it to you."

Looking at the unreasonable woman in front of her, Eva was also very angry. She pushed the glass in front of her away with her hand, but the enchanting woman shook her hand and poured the wine on it. The whole white dress was stained and it had the smell of red wine.


Eva was too angry to say a word. It was not a big deal for her in daily life, but the white dress today was sent by Santosh.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." It was unusual that the enchanting woman changed her attitude immediately when she heard Eva's word.

It seemed that the woman in front of her had never existed before. Although Eva was very unhappy in her heart, she could not lose her temper when looking at the woman in front of her.

"Who the hell are you? What the hell are you doing? " Eva asked.

"I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to do that. How about this? There is a place nearby for you to change your clothes. Let me take you there, okay?"

The enchanting woman looked very sincere, but Eva didn't know whether it was her illusion or something else.

"Well, that's all I can do."

Eva could only accept it. What else could she do to ease the embarrassment?

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