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   Chapter 262 The Auction

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Eva, who was standing in front of them, seemed to have heard Santosh's words, so she slightly raised the corners of her mouth. That was right.

"Well, I'll listen to my wife. I'm going to bed now."

"That's good."

Seeing that Eva was not angry any more, Santosh said so. Then he quickly held her in his arms and didn't let her leave him.

"I'm so lucky to have such a beauty who cares about me so much."

"Well, go to bed now." After saying this, Eva let Santosh lie on the bed.

Santosh, who didn't sleep all night, fell asleep soon.

Looking at the side face of him who had fallen asleep, Eva went to have breakfast at ease.

When Santosh got up, it was already noon. When he realized that he still had a lot of things to do, Santosh immediately stood up and then he had lunch and went to the company.

Although Eva was not satisfied with Santosh's attitude of getting up, she still let him do what he wanted to do.

"Let's continue today's meeting." As Santosh's voice sounded, everyone immediately entered a state of vigilance.

"How much do you think this land is worth?" This was the key point of this discussion. Santosh raised his head and looked at the crowd.

They took a glance at each other but they didn't know how to answer Santosh's question, so they all lowered their heads.

At this time, a voice sounded. A company's elder voiced out his opinion.

"I don't think the land itself is worth so much. Fifty million is enough, but the benefits there are endless. So I think the best price for this land should be about one hundred million."

"I think what you said makes sense, but one hundred million is too little. After all, it's in the downtown area. The land which was worth one hundred million seems to be in the suburbs."

At this moment, a voice of disagreement rose, and then more and more people agreed with this person. The sounds came one after another, as if there were endless topics to talk about.

"Well, I know this question is very controversial, but now the land has to be purchased. Of course, the lower the price, the better."

At this moment, Santosh said to the people present. Everyone nodded their head to show their agreement.

"What do you think the final price of this land is?"

The elder leader looked at Santosh's face and asked tentatively.

"Three hundred million dollars. No more or no less."

"But the Chen group..." Many people in this company knew that Tyler had looked for Santosh more than once, and this land was so important that they all wanted to purchase it.

"You don't have to worry about that. I have my own ideas." Santosh looked at everyone's face and said confidently.

Indeed, the value of this land itself was only fifty million. But now, the Chen group also wanted the land. Of course, the price couldn't be too low, but three hundred million was the highe

d to be proud at this time.

"Send the message." At this moment, Santosh asked his assistant next to him to do such a thing.

Then he observed the expression on Tyler's face.

"Three hundred and fifty million for the first time."

At this time, the people on the stage began to bid. Tyler took a look at his mobile phone, and then his face darkened.

"Three hundred and fifty million for the second time."

Seeing the unpredictable expression on Tyler's face, Santosh smiled.

"Three hundred and fifty million for the third time, okay..."

"Wait a minute! !”

At this moment, when everyone thought that the auction had come to a conclusion, Tyler suddenly stood up and put down the card in his hand. He smashed it angrily.

Then he looked at Santosh and said to Santosh angrily.

"I won't buy this land."

He gritted his teeth and left angrily.

It was obvious that no one present had any idea about what was going on just now. They just saw that Tyler left without a reason.

Was it because everyone could go back on their words?

The scene was in chaos for a few minutes, but they finally maintained order.

"Since Mr. Tyler doesn't want to buy it, let's start with Mr. Santosh's three hundred million."

The host was a little embarrassed, so he quickly maintained the order of the scene and said to everyone at present.

"Three hundred million dollars for the first time."

"Three hundred million for the second time."

"Three hundred million for the third time."

"Three hundred million. Congratulations, Mr. Santosh. This land is yours."

Except for the host's voice, the rest of the people present fell into silence. Although this land was worth more than three hundred million, no one dared to bid at all.

Moreover, everyone present knew that from now on, Tyler would not fight with Santosh. It was clear that who would win and who would lose in this game.

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