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   Chapter 261 Well Planned

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She had never thought that she would become so humble one day.

She couldn't get a man's love directly, but the man she fell in love with at first sight fell in love with someone else.

Cathy always felt that it was not her life.

In the past, it was she who refused others.

She didn't expect that she would lose to Santosh without reservation.

However, the western education she received told her that she had to be brave to pursue the things she wanted.

True love came from pursuit.

Moreover, it could be said that good things were not something that could be possessed casually.

Cathy poured a full glass of wine and drank it up in one gulp.

She swore in her heart that she must get Santosh, even if the means were immoral.

Now she couldn't care so much. There was no way to go back.

She was really confused. How could such an excellent man like Santosh fall in love with a woman like Eva?

If there was an excellent woman by Santosh's side, she would definitely not say anything, but she would never allow such a woman like Eva to appear in Santosh's life.

Cathy told herself in her heart, 'I will go back tomorrow. I want to change everything. I can't let that woman succeed.' 'People like her who come close to Santosh are all for money. They just to marry a rich man... '

Cathy sat by the window for a long time and drank a lot. She was a little drunk.

However, even if she was drunk, she still felt sad and distressed in her heart.

It was a sad thing that she couldn't get what she wanted.

Besides, she couldn't forget it at all.

Not only Cathy was a little drunk, and so was Tyler.

Tyler also drank a lot. He stayed in the bar on his own, drinking whisky one after another. Perhaps, the two of them could work together, and they were very similar to some extent.

Tyler also had something he wanted but couldn't get. That thing should have belonged to him, but now, in the eyes of others, he was more unwilling than anyone else.

However, even if he wanted to cry, he couldn't do it.

Besides, he was a man. A man shouldn't cry.

He had planned for a long time to take back the things that had belonged to him. Now, his plan began.

In addition to feeling happy, he was also full of confidence.

A man should always fight for what he wanted.

Time passed quietly. Eva and Santosh made up with each other and went back to the Qiu family.

The light in the darkness was always so bright that people felt warm in the house. But at the same time, they always made people feel so depressed.

Looking up at the light, Eva was lost in thought.

Time passed by slowly. Even Eva didn't know why time could go so fast.

Unconsciously, the sleepiness gradually came from Eva's head. She raised her head unconsciously. For a moment, she felt very cold in her heart.

It was already twelve o'clock. She had been waiting for him for a long time. W

and saw that the computer was still shining, and on the opposite side of the computer sat Santosh.

"Do you stay up all night?" Looking at Santosh sitting in front of the computer, Eva asked him with her heart filled with mixed feelings. She felt sympathy for him at the same time.

"I'm not sleepy. You have woke up. What do you want to eat?" Santosh said indifferently, but in fact, he was already exhausted.

"You..." Hearing what Santosh said, Eva understood at once.

Indeed, Santosh didn't sleep the whole night, so she quickly stood in front of the computer.

"Is the work so important?"

Santosh didn't expect that Eva who was always gentle in daily life would say such words to him at this moment, so he looked at her face.

He said to her, "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Go and have breakfast."

But when hearing these words, Eva still stood still in front of Santosh.

"So what do you want?" Looking at Eva in front of him, Santosh felt very distressed.

So she said, "I want you to go back to sleep now. You can't go to work this morning."


Santosh wanted to explain something, but when he saw the sharp eyes of Eva and thought of his tired body, he had to heave a sigh slightly.

"Well, I promise you."

Hearing Santosh's promise, Eva nodded her head with satisfaction.

"Then inform everyone that they don't need to go to work this morning."

"Eva, you should know that we have been very busy these days. I'm afraid I can't do that."

"In that case, it's up to you." When Eva knew that Santosh didn't seem to be willing to do so, her heart was full of grievances. She just wanted to care about him, but now it seemed to be useless.

Looking at Eva who seemed to be depressed in an instant, Santosh didn't feel well. So he made a call to the company in a hurry.

"Inform everyone that the meeting this morning is cancelled and we will continue the meeting in the afternoon."

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