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   Chapter 260 The Best Partner

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There were many pursuers of her. No matter who he was, he would admire her excellence.

Her appearance, education background and ability were all very good. She was the best.

She fell in love with Santosh at first sight. At first, she didn't believe in love, but because of Santosh, she felt that love did exist.

But now, she had to get this love through her own ability.

The moment when Cathy saw Tyler, she vaguely felt that her chance had come.

Cathy knew that Tyler was Santosh's brother. But their relationship was a little complicated. It was not that simple.

The moment Tyler walked in the cafe from the outside, Cathy knew that everything was not that simple.

There was a trace of depression in Tyler's eyes.

And how could he enter this cafe so accurately?

Cathy also knew something about Tyler. Tyler was the son of the chairman of the Chen group. In such a big family, he had shouldered a heavy responsibility.

The humbler a person was, the more he would want to go up, and they would do whatever they could to achieve their goals. Tyler must be such a person.

Perhaps, deep in Tyler's heart, he was eager to have something. So, he would try every means to get it.

And the reason why Tyler came to her must be that he wanted to make use of her to fight against Santosh.

However, Cathy didn't know what Tyler really wanted. What kind of power did he want to use? And what could he bring to her?

Cathy analyzed everything logically. The coffee was almost finished. Cathy packed up her things and went to the front desk to pay the bill.

With her handbag on her hand, she walked out of the door.

Cathy was looking forward to Tyler's visit again, because she was so smart that she liked the game of wits and courage very much.

And she had never lost such a game.

In fact, Tyler also thought so.

First of all, he needed a helper. Moreover, this person couldn't be an ordinary person. And the person's intelligence and ability couldn't be a drag on Tyler.

Besides, who was the alliance of interests with him? Who would he work with so that nothing bad would happen?

It was not easy to find such a good "partner". Just then, Tyler met Cathy.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that it was her. She was the most suitable person.

Cathy liked Santosh. She would do anything for Santosh.

Women's persistence in love was irresistible.

However, Cathy was different from other ordinary girls. She was very smart, so Tyler had to cooperate with her.

Early in the morning, Cathy was taking a shower in the bathroom with her sleepy eyes. She heard her phone beeping.

Cathy ignored it and continued tidying herself up.

However, she was worried that there was something important, so she quickly dried her body and went to the living room to pick up her phone.

It was a phone from a stranger.

Cathy didn't say anything when she answered the phone. She was waiting for him to

hould we do when we go home?"

Tyler pushed the coffee on the table in front of Cathy, and then said to her, "Don't worry, Miss Cathy. Take your time. After returning home, I will contact you and we will play it by ear. You are a smart woman, and I am not stupid either. Our plan will definitely succeed."

Cathy felt comfortable when she heard what he said.

After all, she could do anything for love.

In this way, Cathy and Tyler formed an alliance.

For their own interests, they were going to fight together.

However, both Santosh and Eva in China knew nothing about it. They didn't know what they would face and what kind of thing was waiting for them.

After discussion, Cathy and Tyler decided that Cathy would go back home first.

As for Cathy, she couldn't go back rashly. She had to make a plan.

Tyler told Cathy that when she went back to the country this time, she must find a person. She had to find Santosh's mother.

Santosh's mother would be the biggest chess piece for them to complete this plan.

With her help, everything would be much easier.

So, Tyler told Cathy, "You must make good use of Santosh's mother, so that she can let go of her guard against you and hate Eva more. Only in this way can we have the chance to enter their lives."

Cathy told Tyler after knowing his ideas, "You have the same ideas as me."

Cathy was relieved. Tyler was not a fool. She believed that their plan would not fail. Besides, it's not that difficult to execute it.

Cathy thought so, so did Tyler. He was glad that his partner was not a fool. Everyone was smart.

As a result, the whole plan didn't look so ridiculous.

After returning home, Cathy packed her luggage.

She had bought the air ticket and would go back tomorrow night.

After packing up, Cathy poured herself a glass of red wine and sat on the windowsill. She looked at the city with dim lights.

While she was drinking the wine, she burst into tears.

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