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   Chapter 132 Suspended From The President's Position

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Looking at Eva who stood in front of him, Santosh's father couldn't stop thinking in his mind. 'Eva is not as good as Cathy in every aspect, and she has a child by her side. She is totally not a good match for my son. Cathy is much better than her in both family background and education. Why doesn't his son like Cathy?'

'No, I can't tolerate it. I have to make a match between Cathy and Santosh.'

Santosh hurried to break the silence, "Dad, I'll come to see you with Eva and Jace. Come here, Jace. Say hello to the grandpa."

Jason walked up to Santosh's father obediently and greeted, "Hello, grandpa!"

Looking at the boy named Jason in front of him, his father felt that he was very cute. He also had a feeling that the boy was a little like his son when he was a child.

Although Santosh's father was confused, he didn't ask them about the boy since Cathy was still beside him.

But when he heard the sweet voice of "Grandpa", his heart softened.

However, he had to pretend not to be soft-hearted. He looked at Cathy, who was standing there and looking at him expectantly.

With a serious look on his face, Santosh's father said to his son, "Santosh, I'm going to let you get engaged with Cathy tonight!"

Santosh showed his attitude and said, "Dad, I won't get married with Cathy at all."

"I only love Eva in my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with Eva and her son. We will love each other and live with each other for the rest of our lives. We will be together in this life and the next life.

I love her. I can't live without her. I will be together with her forever and raise Jason as our own son."

"Dad, please help us and let us be together. Don't force me to do something I don't like, and don't force me to accept those people I don't like."

Cathy was sad to hear what Santosh said. She asked unwillingly, "Santosh, do you hate me so much? Why can't I compete with Eva? ?

Why can't you see how good I am to you? Why do you always embarrass me like this?"

Santosh didn't even take a glance at Cathy. He only looked at Eva and said, "I only love her. I only have her in my eyes and my heart. There is no other place for anyone else."

Cathy was not reconciled at all when she heard the heartless words of Santosh. A sudden hatred rose in her heart.

She thought to herself, 'Nobody can get the things that I can't get.'

Cathy put on an aggrieved look and looked at Santosh's father with tearful eyes. "Uncle, you have to help me."

Santosh's father pressed Cathy's hand and said, "Cathy, don't worry. Uncle is here to help you. I won't let you be bullied."

After saying these words to Cathy, Santosh's father kept saying seriously, "Let's not talk about these things now. All the guests have arrived. Santosh, go to greet the guests. Don't be rude!"

Hearing his father's words, Santosh was about to take Eva to greet the guests, but his father stopped him and said, "Santosh, please ask Miss Eva and Jace to have a seat here."

Seeing that Santosh didn't want to let Eva stay, Cathy quickly said, "Yes, uncle is right. Miss Eva, you can stay here and have a rest. Look, Miss Eva, Jace

even if you don't want to. " "

Santosh replied his father loudly, "I only want her, and I don't want others. !" "

"And everyone knows how many tricks Cathy has played behind my back. I never mention it. If you insist on being so ruthless today, I can only tell them to all of the guests at present."

Santosh's father interrupted him, "I asked Cathy to do so. Are you sure you want to give up everything because of this woman called Eva?"

Everyone quieted down and wondered how Santosh would make the choice.

Santosh said without hesitation, "I'm going to marry her. I'm willing to give up everything for her."

Without waiting for his father to say anything, Santosh turned around and walked out with Eva and Jace.

Santosh's father was so angry now. He was a man of his word.

In front of all the guests, he announced, "From now on, Santosh is no longer the president of our company. All his credit cards will be stopped.

I'll cut off the father-and-son relationship as if I have never had this son."

After saying that, he held the stairs out of breath and looked at his son's resolute back.

All the guests made way for them to leave.

Standing on the stairs, Cathy looked at the backs of Santosh who held Eva's and Jason's hand. She called Santosh's name sadly, but Santosh didn't turn around.

The party ended in this way. Many guests saw this scene and bid farewell to Santosh's father.

Santosh's father was in a state of sadness and embarrassment. .

After seeing off all the guests, Cathy walked up to Santosh's father and said, "Uncle, are you sure that you want to cut off the father-and-son relationship with Santosh?

We can try to persuade him slowly."

"Cathy, don't worry. He is used to this kind of upper class life. All of a sudden, he has lost everything and he has to start all over again.

He can't tolerate the hard life. Just wait and see. I will let him come back and beg me. I want him to beg me to give him back everything. At that time, he will marry you!"

Cathy said happily, "Really? That's great. I'll wait for him to come back! "

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