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   Chapter 130 Caught Adultery In Bed

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 10294

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Eva tried to comfort Jason and she said, "You don't have to worry about this woman. Go back to your room and write your homework."

Jason reluctantly nodded his head and went back to his room.

Santosh was holding a glass of champagne, clinking glasses with some CEOs one by one. Cathy kept smiling behind Santosh and behaved like a dignified vase. Seeing that Santosh was almost drunk, Cathy walked to the table alone. She poured a glass of champagne and was doing something furtively.

It turned out that Cathy wanted to add some psychedelic drugs into the wine when Santosh was almost drunk. This drug was given to her by a friend of Cathy, who was a doctor.

The aphrodisiac was actually some kind of anesthetic on the nerves. As long as a little bit was added into the water, the person who drank it would be drowsy and have a poor consciousness, but it would not cause any harm or stimulation to the body.

The time of effect was short. It was just about four or five hours.

Cathy added some aphrodisiac into the champagne which she just poured and stirred it with a spoon. Then she asked a waiter to give this glass of champagne to him. She asked him to hold a plate later and walk to Santosh with this glass of champagne and then gave it to him.

After Cathy finished these things, she walked to Santosh and stood behind him. At this time, a big boss of a listed company came from a distance and was about to have a drink with Santosh. Cathy took a look at him and she knew that the time had come. So, she crooked her finger and then the waiter came over with the glass of champagne.

Santosh happened to have no wine in his hand, so he put down the glass and picked up the champagne on the plate. He chatted with the boss of the listed company for a while. And then, they clinked glasses and he drank the wine with psychedelic drugs.

Santosh didn't feel anything unusual for the time being. The drug didn't work so soon. The most important thing was that Santosh had been a little drunk now, so his vigilance slowly weakened.

After a while, Santosh said to Cathy, "I'm not feeling well. I have to go to the bathroom."

Cathy nodded her head and said, "Okay, I'll wait for you outside. If you have something to tell me, you can call me."

Santosh went into the bathroom for a long time and he didn't come out. Cathy guessed that the drug might take effect, so she immediately called the waiters to check it.

"Mr. Santosh must be drunk. He has been in the toilet for a long time and he hasn't come out yet. You have to go in and have a look."

"Yes, we will go to check it." Several waiters answered her. When they entered, they found that Santosh had fallen unconscious on the sofa in the bathroom.

In such a five star international hotel, there was usually a cubicle after entering the bathroom. There were sofa and tea table in it. It just gave the customers some room to have a rest and smoke.

Several waiters carried Santosh, who was sleeping on the sofa, out of the bathroom.

At the sight of Cathy, they asked her, "Mr. Santosh must b

d. Then Eva would leave Santosh disappointedly.

What Eva did really made Cathy surprised. But she couldn't care too much now.

Cathy cried out in pain, because she didn't wear anything. She covered her chest with one hand and touched her wound with the other. "Let go of me. You hurt me."

Regardless of her crying, Eva dragged her out of the door and grabbed Cathy's clothes. She threw them out with great force.

Then, Eva slapped hard on Cathy's face.

The sudden slap surprised Cathy.

But then she came to her senses. She stared at Eva with her big eyes, "You... How dare you hit me?"

Eva shouted in a loud voice, "You are the one who is beaten up. You always look like a seductress. Who do you think you have seduced? Let me tell you. Santosh will never like you. You have used so many means to separate us. Do you think your trick is very brilliant?

Pick up your rubbish and get out at once." After saying that, Eva slammed the door.

Cathy squatted down and picked up her coat. Then she put it on.

At this time, the customers on the same floor heard some noises outside and came out to see what was going on.

Cathy wanted to continue entangling with Eva, but she was naked now and there were so many people watching. She immediately wrapped up her coat and left in dejection.

It was almost the time for the drug to lose effect. Santosh heard a noise in his sleep. So, he opened his eyes slightly, but his head was still dizzy. He continued sleeping.

In the room, Eva hadn't calmed down for a long time. Thinking of her valiant scene just now, she also felt a lingering fear. Her whole body was still trembling.

Eva bit her lips tightly and burst into tears.

She collapsed to the ground and cried bitterly.

Eva didn't expect that after seeing what had happened just now, she didn't run away weakly. Instead, she rushed to pull Cathy out of the bed and gave Cathy a slap on her face.

But her heart ached, as if a needle had been stabbed into her heart. She felt painful and the pain last for a long time.

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