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   Chapter 128 A Romantic Surprise

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 10408

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This was the first time that Santosh had lied to Eva, because he wanted to give her a surprise.

Eva was a little disappointed and she said to Santosh, "I thought you would come back soon."

"Honey, I'll call you as soon as I get off the plane next Monday." Santosh continued to tell the lie.

"Well, I'm going to pick you up. No one can stop me this time," said Eva. She was a little excited and happy now.

"Good night, honey."

"Good night."

Eva slept soundly at night. She dreamed that she was lying on Santosh]'s arm and felt warm.

After meeting the last partner on the second day, Santosh went straight to the airport and flew back in the afternoon.

As soon as Santosh got off the plane, he followed the steps he had carefully prepared.

However, Eva didn't know anything. She had been cleaning the house all day long.

Maybe it was because what Santosh said to her on the phone last night made her very happy, or perhaps it was because of the beautiful dream that she had last night, Eva was in good spirits all day

After a busy day, Eva felt a little tired, so she went to the small garden for a walk. She looked up at the sky and found that the sun had already set. The whole sky was like the traces of fire, and the setting sun was very beautiful.

Eva took a deep breath.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar ringtone.

Eva was confused and she picked up her phone.

"Hello, is that you, honey?"

"Eva, it's me. How are you going today? " Santosh asked.

Eva was shocked. After a short while, she still couldn't believe that the person on the other end of the phone was Santosh. "Honey, is that really you?"

Santosh smiled at the other end of the phone, "Little fool, do you think I'm a liar?"

Eva replied quickly, "No, no, no, honey, I just miss you so much."

"Eva, you come to our iron gate now. Is there someone to find you?"

"Who is looking for me?"

As soon as Eva walked out of the iron gate of the villa, she saw an unfamiliar person holding a box. Seeing that Eva was coming over, he waved at her. Eva walked over and the stranger asked her to take out the card from the box.

Eva picked up the piece of paper and the stranger ran away. It said, "Miss Eva, please follow the arrows on the ground."

Looking at the arrowhead on the ground, which was still the heart-shaped arrowhead of Cameron, Eva felt a little funny. She followed the arrowhead all the way to the opposite side of the road. There was a park across the road. When Santosh was at home, they took a walk in the park together. There was an ancient ginkgo tree in the park. At that time, she joked with Santosh, "Look at this age of the tree. It has lived for such a long time. Does it mean that our love will also be as long as the life of this tree? Our love will never disappear."

As soon as Eva crossed the street, she saw the ginkgo tree. The ginkgo tree was twined around by colorful bulbs, and it was shining with colorful lights which were very dazzling.

Walking through the ginkgo tree, she saw an open space. The ground was full of roses. The roses were in the shape of a

e two arrived at the school gate.

Since the time was not up, they sat in the car and chatted with each other. People coming and going looked at Santosh in the car and some of them screamed outside.

"Ah, the man is so handsome..."

Santosh closed the window at once.

"My handsome boy, wherever you go, there are a group of fans. What should I do now?" Eva deliberately frowned and pretended to be angry, ignoring Santosh's words.

"My wife is also so beautiful. I am worried that you will be taken away by others. It's not easy for me to find you back. How could I let you go so easily?" After the knock on the door of Cathy last time, Eva thought that Santosh was more and more good at sweet words, and he said those words so gently that she couldn't resist him every time.

Eva smiled and said, "Big fool, I was just kidding."

"Okay, I know."

Time was almost up. At this time, Eva saw her son walking out of the gate and looking around. After a short pause, he saw the familiar car shape and plate number.

When Santosh was not at home in the past, every time Jason went home on holiday, he would always take a bus back. But Eva was worried about him, so she would ask the driver to pick him up every time. So he was very familiar with the license plate of the car.

Seeing their son, Eva and Santosh got out of the car immediately and walked towards Jason together.

Jason's face lit up at the sight of Eva. He trotted towards her.

Jason asked happily, "Mommy, why are you here? It's the first time you've come to pick me up."

"It's him." Eva pointed at Santosh.

"You are here to pick me up, too? Haven't you gone on a business trip?"

Jason's attitude softened a little. After so many things, he felt that Santosh was really nice to him. And more importantly, he had a good relationship with Eva.

"Yes, I miss you, so I come to see you as soon as I come back."

Santosh didn't hide anything. He didn't care about what had happened in the past. In the face of his son's little rebellion, Santosh just thought it was a child's temper.

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