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   Chapter 127 I Want To Give Her A Surprise

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Santosh said calmly, "Miss Cathy, you're wrong. I didn't say that."

Cathy immediately added, "Your bathrobe is very beautiful."

Santosh was completely irritated. "Get out! Get out at once! If you want to play tricks again, don't blame me for being ruthless."

Cathy] snorted and walked out dejectedly.

Santosh slammed the door immediately.

Outside the door, Cathy was chuckling to herself. 'Sure enough, when I came, Santosh and Eva were talking on the phone. I came at the right time.'

'Ha-ha, I have achieved my real purpose. I just want to make Eva unhappy on the other end of the phone so as to sow discord between them.'

Santosh picked up the phone and continued, "Eva, it was a mistake just now. Cathy was confused."

On the other side of the phone, when Eva heard Cathy's voice, her heart skipped a beat. Later, she heard her saying with her charming gasp that it was Santosh who let her get into the room. Her heart had already been broken into pieces and she couldn't stop crying.

Then she heard from Santosh that it was just a mistake.

Tears kept rolling in her eyes, but Eva still tried her best to hold them back. She didn't want Santosh to know that she was heartbroken, so she pretended to be calm. "It's okay, honey. You don't have to explain it to me."

After a pause, Eva continued, "Although we haven't been together for a long time and the two of us don't get along well with each other, I know your character well. No matter what happens, I will choose to believe you."

"Eva, I love you. You have to believe me. The person I love in my life is only you. Nobody else means anything to me. "

Santosh must have sensed that something was wrong with Eva, so he also felt sorry for her.

"Eva, it's all my fault. You can blame me. Then I will feel better." Santosh added.

But after Eva said that she believed him, she didn't say anything more but just kept silent.

Eva didn't know what to say now.

It was unbearable for any woman if she was in this situation, and every woman would be suspicious and at a loss.

Santosh knew this feeling, so he stopped forcing Eva to speak.

Santosh heaved a sigh and felt guilty to Eva.

"Eva, don't cry. Lie down now. I know you won't be able to fall asleep tonight. It doesn't matter, baby. I won't hang up. Just put your phone on the pillow and I'll talk to you all the time."

"Okay," replied Eva. Then she obediently listened to Santosh's words and lay on the bed. She put the phone on the pillow and put it on speaker. She heard a calm and magnetic subwoofer softly speaking, as if he was singing.

"Eva, do you remember the first time we met?

"You still remember that you took me to the place where you and our son lived? That night, we had no place to sleep, so we hugged each other on the sofa and slept the whole night. Do you remember these things?"

"Eva, do you know how happy I found Jason was my son? At that time, when I transfused blood to Jason in the hospital, I found that my blood type was the same a

special ringtone for Santosh so that he could be different from others.

It was less than 10 o'clock when Santosh called her. Eva was a little confused, "Hello, why are you so early today?"

"Eva, I miss you so much. Things are finished early today, so I make a call to you. I can spend more time with you." The voice was still so familiar.

"Eva, how are you going today?"

Hearing what Santosh said, Eva felt sweet in her heart and said, "I'm a little tired. I've read the menu all day today and I have learned how to cook."

Santosh immediately said, "My wife is very good. If I come back, I must taste her cooking."

Hearing Santosh's words, Eva thought Santosh was coming back, so she asked excitedly, "Honey, are you coming back?"

"Not yet. At least next Monday."

Santosh said quietly as usual.

But what Eva didn't know was that since that night, Santosh had never had a sense of crisis. He had never thought that he would lose Eva one day.

That night, when Santosh was talking about what had happened in the past on the other end of the phone, Eva was just listening to him but she kept silent all the time. Santosh felt very sad. At that moment, he suddenly felt that if he lost Eva, he would be desperate. That kind of despair and helplessness in his heart was so upsetting, just like the phone line was cut off, and the cry could never be heard and responded at the other end of the phone.

Santosh felt sorry for what he had done to Eva. It was all his fault. If he hadn't taken Cathy with him to go on a business, such a thing wouldn't have happened. If he had been braver and didn't worry about his father's pressure, he wouldn't have made her sad.

All in all, it was his fault. Santosh put all the blame on him.

That night, after Eva fell asleep, Santosh suddenly wanted to see her and wanted to hold her in his arms. So, he sorted out the data overnight and told Cathy early on the second day that he was going to fly back tomorrow. Santosh wanted to give Eva a surprise.

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