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   Chapter 90 Stew The Porridge By Myself (Part One)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 6110

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

Along the way, Santosh kept thinking about the helplessness of Eva on the phone just now and he felt very sorry for her.

All the people who knew Eva knew that Jason was the most precious person to her. He was the flesh of her heart. This time, it must be something serious happened to him, so she made a call to Santosh helplessly.

Santosh was also very worried about Jason. Although Jason often went against him and seemed to be at daggers drawn with him, Santosh still liked Jason very much. He hoped that there would be nothing wrong with such a smart and lovely child!

Santosh thought of the crying and sobbing words of Eva and her helplessness. He wished he could fly to her side with wings.

Santosh was driving fast to the hospital.

In the hospital, Eva was sitting alone at the door of the operating room. It had been more than two hours since Jason was pushed into the operating room. She couldn't get any information about her son outside the room. Now she was suffering every minute and second.

Helplessness, despair, regret, all the negative emotions were like the tide, trying to drown Eva. She felt like a drowning person, unable to breathe.

Finally, Santosh arrived at the Municipal Hospital. He asked the nurse and rushed to the operating room on the third floor.

Standing at the door of the operating room, Santosh saw the delicate figure of Eva. She was huddling herself on the ground and kept trembling. Her face was pale now and full of ears. Her original clear and flexible eyes were now staring blankly at the operating room.

Santosh's heart ached terribly.

He walked over and squatted down to hug Eva. Only then did he find that her body was cold. Her lips had become purple.

Santosh quickly carried her to the bench. He took off his clothes and put them on Eva.

Eva looked b

oung boy had a strong reaction at a critical moment. He looked at him with new eyes and silently hoped that he wouldn't be in danger.

Eva kept blaming herself for not taking good care of her son. Santosh patiently comforted her and hoped that she would not be bothered by unnecessary problems.

Santosh had no choice but to change the topic.

"You haven't eaten anything since the accident, have you? Are you hungry? I'll go and buy something for you!" Santosh asked her.

How could Eva eat? She said that she was not hungry and refused him quickly. But Santosh didn't give her a chance to refuse him and hurried to buy something for her.

Jason had been sent to the operating room for more than five hours, but there was no news inside. The longer the time was, the more worried Eva would be.

After a while, Santosh came back with all kinds of food, which were all Eva's favorite ones, including dumplings with soup, shrimp dumplings, hot dogs, hamburgers, porridge and so on. All of them were placed in front of Eva so that she could choose whatever she liked.

Eva had no appetite at all. She took two bites of burger symbolically and then put it down. She smiled and told Santosh that she was full.

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