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   Chapter 89 Endless Blood

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 11367

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'What's wrong with the bus today?' 'Even if it is not stable at all, why does it always brake suddenly?' Jason felt strange and then he looked at the driver through the rearview mirror.

The driver looked very nervous, with a thick layer of sweat on his forehead. The sweat slid down from his temples to his chin and fell down. He was different from the driver in the past who was experienced in driving the bus. The bus driver today frowned tightly and stared straight ahead. He held the steering wheel with his hands trembling slightly.

Jason could tell that the bus driver was a new comer. It might be his first time to be on duty. Jason looked back at the people in the bus and then looked at the nervous new driver. He had an ominous premonition that something bad would happen.

Jason kept an eye on the driver on the road for fear that there would be some dangerous things. Fortunately, they were safe for several times.

Jason couldn't help asking him, "Uncle, why do you drive so unsteadily today? You have slammed the brakes on all the way. I've hit the billboard in front of me several times! "

The driver pretended to smile lightly and found an excuse for himself. "The road is too bumpy and the road is a little congested today. Many people don't obey the traffic rules, so the car can't drive steadily."

After saying that, the driver wiped the sweat on his forehead with his hands and grasped the steering wheel more tightly.

Jason still felt confused and he asked again, "Uncle, why haven't I seen you drive the bus before? You look unfamiliar!"

"How could it be? Maybe you didn't notice me before." The driver replied impatiently.

"Uncle, you..." Jason still wanted to get something from the driver, but the driver turned around and said seriously, "Little boy, don't disturb me. I am driving the car now. It's very dangerous!"

Since the driver had said so, and it was really dangerous to talk with him when he was driving, especially when he was a novice driver, Jason stopped speaking. He sat in his seat quietly.

'After this traffic light turn, I will arrive at the bus station. There should be no problem!'

Jason felt relaxed and leaned against the seat.

The tragedy happened at that moment. When the driver was turning a corner, a straight truck suddenly appeared. The driver was so scared at that time that he tightly stepped on the brake. However, due to the fact that the inertia of the car was too great, it was useless to step on the brake.

Jason heard the sharp sound of tires rubbing the ground, and then he saw an oncoming truck. At this critical moment, he rushed to the driver's seat and hit the steering wheel with all his strength. The bus passed the truck, hit the telephone pole on the roadside and stopped at last.

At the moment of hitting the telephone pole, the huge impact force caused Jason who was in the driver's seat to fly out and then hit the windshield.

A spider web-shaped crack appeared on the windshield. After hitting the windshield, Jason rebounded on the driver who was already dumbfounded.

Everything happened in such a short time. When people woke up from the dizziness of the collision, they were all slightly or seriously injured. They screamed in horror and cried to ask what happened just now.

Blood kept flowing out from Jason's forehead.

At this time, the driver finally came to his senses. He wr

thered around and discussed the future of Dolly with Santosh. When they were talking about the future cooperation project, Santosh's phone suddenly rang.

Santosh picked it up and found it was from Eva.

'Why does she make a call to me?' Santosh guessed the reasons in his mind.

"Sorry, it's an important call. I'll answer it." Santosh said apologetically.

"It's okay. Go ahead." The partners also expressed their understanding.

Santosh walked out of the meeting room and answered the phone

"Hello? What's the matter? " Santosh asked.

When Eva heard Santosh's voice, she burst into tears as if she had found an outlet to express her sadness.

Santosh's heart ached when he heard her cry. He wondered what on earth happened to make the strong minded Eva cry so helplessly.

Santosh realized that the situation might be very serious, so he calmed down and comforted Eva softly, "What's wrong? Tell me, what's the matter? Are you bullied? Or are there any other difficulties? Is there anything that I can help you? "

Eva kept sobbing and stammered, "Santosh... Santosh, come here quickly. I'm in the Municipal Hospital. Our son... Something bad happened to our son! "

Not until at that time did Santosh realize the seriousness of the matter. Then, he immediately called his secretary to tell her that he had to deal with an emergent thing and asked her to sincerely apologize to all the guests and partners present.

After finishing the works in the company, Santosh started the car and stepped hard on the accelerator, rushing to the Municipal Hospital.

The secretary went back and explained to the guests that Santosh was going to deal with an emergency and the meeting was over. Santosh's apology was conveyed by her as well.

Although the secretary said sincerely, the partners didn't think it acceptable.

The partners were a group of time-oriented people. Although the beginning of the meeting was not satisfactory, it was not bad for Santosh to make it up later.

But when those partners wanted to talk about the future cooperation of the company with Santosh during the break, he left without saying anything. The cooperators were very dissatisfied with this, thinking that it was a waste of time today, so they left angrily

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