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   Chapter 88 The Beginning Of The Thrilling Matter (Part Two)

Baby Genius: Dad, Where Are You By Qin Wei Characters: 5670

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The teacher wanted to test Jason's ability. So, the questions became more and more difficult. But Jason could answer them correctly all the time. In the end, the questions had already had some connection with the knowledge in middle school. Jason also just thought for a while and gave the correct answer.

When Jason was after school in the afternoon, Eva came to pick him up. She called to the office by the teacher.

After sitting down, Eva had thought that her son had made some mistakes at school and was thinking about how to apologize to the teacher.

However, before Eva could say anything, the teacher said, "I can't teach your son!"

Hearing the teacher's words, Eva stood in amazement. She asked carefully, 'What's going on? Does my son cause trouble?"

"No." Seeing that Eva had misunderstood the meanings, the teacher explained, "Your son is very smart. He knows much more than all the students in the class. In this case, we can't teach him anymore."

On their way home, Eva asked Jason, "The teacher says that your knowledge has reached the level of middle school. How do you learn it?"

Jason said in a relaxed tone, "I don't learn much. I just can read books and I get those knowledge." This time, Eva had known ideas. She couldn't let a seven-year-old child go to middle school, so she gave up the idea of letting her son go to school.

After dinner, Jason asked his mother to sit on the sofa and he had something to talk with her. Eva wiped her hands and sat down opposite Jason.

"Mom, I don't want to go to the tutoring class. I have already known all the things they teach in class. It's so boring. In fact, I'm interested in computer. If you want me to learn s

. Seeing that her son nodded his head and agreed, she went back to the study to draw the design.

Jason carried his schoolbag and went out as usual. 'The weather is so good today. I should go on a trip with my mother.' Jason thought in his mind.

Soon he arrived at the station.

There were already many people waiting for the bus at the station. After a while, the bus slowly drove to the stop.

The car stopped before it reached the platform. The door was opened slowly.

The people who were waiting for the bus were stunned for a while and then walked towards it.

'What's going on? Why does the bus stop before it arrives at the bus stop?' Jason thought to himself when he got on the bus.

Fortunately, there was an empty seat behind the driver. Jason quickly sat down and held the small bag on his laps.

The car started slowly.

Sitting in his seat, Jason recalled the course about code taught by his teacher yesterday. Suddenly, the bus stopped. Jason didn't have time to make a reaction and he rushed forward. Reflexively, he blocked his head with his arm and ran into the billboard in front of his seat.

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